Beauty resolutions 2012

Every year I make new year resolutions from the usual ''I'll eat more healthy foods.No more junk foods'' to strange ones such as ''I won't lose my temper when someone is chewing gum with their mouths wide open''.I've been there,done that. Every year I fail to keep my resolutions.I don't even know why I make them in the first place.I always vow to myself that I'll make loads of changes, that by the end of the year I'll be a better version of myself. The only pathetic excuse I could give? well sure there's always next year, but that's the thing we don't really know if there is a next year ahead for us.For all we know we won't even have tomorrow.Okay this is getting a bit depressing.This is a beauty blog so I'll stop now with the death talk. :)

Since I became a beauty junkie and blogger last year, today I decided to share with you all my beauty resolutions.I still have my personal resolutions that concerns me as a person and not the beauty junkie that I am but today I'm focusing more on the outside. The beauty changes I want to happen.I don't know if I'll be able to stick to some of them afterall like I said earlier I failed in the past but somehow deep inside my heart I think 2012 will de different. I'll be different.

Beauty resolution #1 Discard mascara every 4 months
I'm ashamed of myself that I even have to make this resolution.I have a tendency to keep all my mascaras past the 3 month shelf life because I can't bear to throw them away. I'm a college student.I don't use a gold spoon when I'm eating. I'm not made of money. Now I know that's not really a good excuse.I don't need someone to lecture me on how disgusting it is because my poor lashes will be contaminated with bacteria and will suffer as a result from eye infections. To overcome this problem I vow to use just 1 mascara in any given time so that when the 3 months is up it's hopefully all finished up and I could happily throw it away.

Beauty resolution #2 Invest in make-up brushes
I have brushes but let's just say I need better brushes.Flawless make-up starts with great quality tools because no matter how expensive your make-up is if you use cheap brushes well it'll be a waste.Since I don't have any expensive brushes I think investing in brushes from Mac and the Body Shop is necessary to ensure my make-up looks gorgeous all the time. They'll be expensive but they'll be worth it.Right?

Beauty resolution #3 Wash brushes regularly
Speaking of brushes, when I become a proud owner of several brushes from Mac I vow to always wash them regularly.Once a week to ensure they won't be contaminated with harmful microorganisms and dirt.

Beauty resolution #4 Take off my make-up every single night
Yes I'm one of those girls who *forget* to take off my make-up every night. The forgetting part is a huge fat lie. When my made up face hits my pillow at night I'm fully aware I still have foundation/mascara/eyeshadow and sometimes lipstick on my face but I often refuse to do anything about it.I'm lazy like that. Sigh.I do feel sorry for my pores.I really do so this year I promise to remove all my make-up before I catch up on my beauty sleep.

Beauty resolution #5 Pay more attention underneath all my make-up
To shorten this resolution to 1 word it would be :SKINCARE. I'm lucky that my face rarely misbehave.Except for my super dark undereye circles my face is almost flawless.I don't suffer from acne.* thank you God* . I'm obsessed with moisturizers but I need and want to broaden my horizons.I need to cleanse and exfoliate in 2012 because great skincare=gorgeous canvas for my make-up application.

Beauty resolution #6 Keep my make-drawer clean and tidy
I recently organised all my make-up and put them all in 1 make-up drawer.It feels great to know that they're all in a safe place and they're easily accessible whenever I'm going to do my make-up.I'm a messy kind of person by nature.My room often resembles a dump site. But I vow to keep my make-up drawer clean and tidy to prevent myself from going crazy. Plus it looks so beautiful seeing all my make-up together.It relieves my stress. :)

Beauty resolution #7 Choose and buy wisely
Finally having my make-up storage sorted out made me see with my own two eyes all the make-up I had accumulated in 2011. Apart from 1 or 2 items I LOVE my entire collection.It's not that big nor does it have any expensive make-up.I'm a drugstore girl through and through.Forever and always.But I wouldn't say no to Mac and Chanel products if someone wants to donate them to me *hint hint ;D * I don't like to live life with regrets so in 2012 I hope to do a complete research on a product first ie read lots and lots of product reviews on other beauty blogs before parting ways with my cash.Hey money is not easy to come by anymore.What with the recession and cut backs in the I hope to invest in some Mac products aswell. :)

Beauty resolution #8 Have fun!
Above all I want to have fun with all my make-up.I don't ever want to take it so seriously. A little mascara smudge under my eyes? No problem. A lipstick that doesn't really flatter my skintone? Well there's always another lipstick bullet. Basically what I'm trying to say is that make-up is not the be all and end all.Sure it's always nice to have flawless make-up that would make other girls envious of your skills and skin but relax it's only make-up.If you fail today well there's always tomorrow right? I vow to never stress about make-up well maybe I would if I found out I had lipstick on my teeth while talking to my crush.Talk about embarrassing.

I know it'll be a challenge for me to keep all of these promises.You know what they say ''old habits die hard'' but I believe with determination,motivation and perseverance I'll accomplish them. Good luck to me.
Stay happy,stay beautiful
Do any of you have any beauty resolutions? I'd love to hear them so pop them in the comments below or leave a link to your post.Would love to read them. :)
Happy New Year everyone.Stay safe,happy and wonderful in 2012.


  1. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!

  2. hahaha, can i copy your beauty resolutions for #1,2,3,5,6,7 okay basically all of the above! lolz..~ Me too, i don't DARE to throw away my mascaras away in just few months old..those were my babies..huhuhu..:'( and talk about cleaning my brushes...I do clean my every..hmm..once a...errmmm..ahmmm..okay fine, I don't quite remember when is the last time I clean my brushes...too lazy...(-__-)" ~

  3. Oh wow, you've just pointed out many things I should be doing - throwing away mascara after 4 months, cleaning my brushes and actually caring for my skin properly. I have no regime whatsoever.

    Hope you have a fantastic 2012.

    Laura x


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