What it feels like to no longer be a red lipstick VIRGIN ;)

It's a well known fact that red lipsticks are intimidating. But no matter how much it illicits fear, there's just something about it that girls can't resist. Including me. Red lipsticks used to scare the hell out of me. I've always admired the girls who can wear the shade with such confidence that left me wondering where they got the confidence to rock such a bold look. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera make it look so effortless and easy to wear whereas it always had me running for the hills. But in the grand old age of 19 I have finally popped my red lipstick cherry and let me tell you, it feels SO good ;)

It's liberating. It set me free. I literally feel like I can be whoever I want to be, that I can conquer the world. I find that I take on a different persona, that I suddenly become a whole new person as soon as I swipe a red lipstick on. In a lot of ways I'm still me but a better version of myself. I say goodbye to the shy, innocent girl who is filled with nothing but insecurities and doubts and say hello to a more confident me. I embrace the new me. Losing my red lipstick virginity was a risk that paid off. I certainly have no regrets. I don't know what it is but whenever I put on a red lipstick I always feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If I had known it would feel like this I would have purchased my first red lipstick about a century ago.

Who knew it was so easy to go from being a girly, innocent girl to a full blown glamour-puss just with a quick coat of fire engine red? There's only 1 shade guaranteed to get you  attention with miminal effort. It's bold, it's bright, it's brave above all it's beautiful - RED. You can't get anymore glamourous and attractive with a red lipstick in your make-up bag.

Few things to remember when wearing a red lipstick:
1.) As a red lipstick is eye catching, attractive and bold enough on its own, the rest of the face should be kept simple and natural. A few coats of mascara, a little black eyeliner for drama is enough to complete the look. Let the lips be the centre of attention.

2.) To keep the look fresh, updated and young don't use lipliner and don't sculpt the color on. Use your ring finger instead to pat the color so you're able to control the intensity of the shade.

3.) The most important advice of all on how to rock the shade? Be confident. Forget about your insecurities and put on your biggest smile. Show a little bit of a bad girl attitude ( btw I don't mean for you to become a bitch. No one likes a bitch.) Just you know, show people they can't walk all over you.  Own the shade. Now let the whole world see you for who you truly are. A one hot girl ;)

Now where did I put my red lipstick?


Avon Ultra Color Rich Colordiasiac lipsticks

Summer is finally upon us and what better way to celebrate than digging inside your make-up collection to unearthen and unleash your bright lipsticks? There's just something about the sun that makes us all just a little bit more daring.And when a girl is looking for a bit more spice to add to her life you can't go wrong with a quick swipe of some daredevil shades. Today I shall share my experience with 2 lovely brights from Avon Colordiasiac lipstick line - Flirty Fuchsia and Red Hot Lips.

First of all how adorable are the names of these lipsticks? I'm a sucker for creative names. Flirty Fuchsia is a bright, vibrant hot pink shade with no shimmers while Red Hot Lips is an almost true red shade.In some lighting it comes up as a vibrant red while in other lighting it's leaning more towards a coral/light subtle orange. It contains these teeny tiny shimmers which are nearly invisible to the naked eye in the bullet. The shimmers are not offensive on the lips. They go almost undetected.You may see them but you certainly don't feel them. But for fans of matte shades stay well clear of these lipsticks as you won't like the  shimmers.

Both shades are very pigmented and definitely packs quite a color punch to brighten up any dull complexion. The pigmentation is intense, perfect for making a bold statement, for days you want to exude confidence, bravery and a I don't give a **** attitude. The pigmentation is just so impressive.Only 1 swipe is needed for the lipsticks to be opaque on my lips but as always I apply 2 swipes for an even distribution of the gorgeous shades, ensuring that I cover the parts I may have missed during my 1st application. Coverage depends of course on the number of coats you swipe on.

                                                               Flirty Fuchsia on my lips

                                                        Red hot lips on my lips

Application wise, these apply easily and smoothly. They're a bit more creamy  than my Kate Moss lipsticks. However, just like the Kate Moss lipsticks it's best to prepare the lips first with a quick lashing of lipbalm to ensure a smooth application. The lipsticks are light in texture and feels comfortable on my lips.They aren't as drying as the Kate Moss lipsticks but just like the Kate Moss lipsticks they feel drying as time goes by. Although make-up artists advises women to apply red lipsticks with lip brushes and to use a lipliner to prevent bleeding, the rebel in me refuses to conform. I just don't think it's necessary for Red Hot Lips because I have no previous problems with bleeding around the edges of my lips. I often apply it straight from the bullet.Yes I'm one brave lady. But in some days if I want to tone down the color I simply apply Red Hot Lips with my fingers. Does the job, quick and easy. ;)

While I adore how creamy and slightly shiny these lipsticks apply and look on my lips I have discovered that I prefer the appearance of these lipsticks on my lips as the intensity of the color gradually fades away, when it just gives my lips a stained appearance which I find is quite similiar to what I would get from a lip stain. I just think it's effortlessly sexy and simply stunning when worn with a white loose t-shirt and jeans. Oh so sexy ;)
 As for its staying power, the lipsticks normally last up to 4 to 5 hours. So pretty long lasting.

These lipsticks have a nice fruity scent which I can't quite put my finger on what they actually smell like. I'm smelling a hint of vanilla aswell but again my ability to identify scents correctly is a big fat 0. There's a reason why I don't review perfumes here in Slave to Vanity. :) Avon claims that the scent is meant to be seductive to entice the men in your life and that they won't be able to resist you. Right ok, I'm off now to find a guy to test this claim ;) Wish me luck. God I'm so funny at times. Not. :D


Avon Supermagnify mascara

Quick question. Do you have any beauty features you hate? Because I do.My stubborn lashes. I, Diane have finally accepted the fact that my stubborn lashes will forever be short and thin. It's what I like to call the curse of being an Asian. Seriously it's a curse. Why oh why wasn't I blessed with luscious,seductive lashes that other girls were luckily born with? Without mascara, my lashes are ugly. With a capital U. They may aswell be invisible. Let me share a not so funny story. 1 time while on the bus I spotted a guy a few inches from me having longer and prettier lashes than mine. True story. Like seriously what's up with that? He was a guy for a start.I'm the girl.I'm the one who's suppose to have prettier lashes. Needless to say I went home depressed after that. Nah just kidding ;) But still it is quite depressing right? But luckily for me mascaras were invented and always comes to my rescue. It's my prince while I'm the damsel in distress.

Speaking of mascaras there has only been 1 mascara I've been reaching for on a daily basis for the last couple of weeks now and so I think it's about time I wrote a review.Supermagnify mascara caught my eye for 2 reasons: 1) The price. At the time of purchase it only cost me 4 euro but it normally retails for 12 euro. 2.) The wand.The wand is unlike anything I've ever used and worked with before. It's a skinny wand with these tiny,short barely there bristles.It's definitely unique,not your typical average wand. At first glance it looked like it won't do much for my lashes. I had my doubts and concern but it turns out I have nothing to be concerned about.It works wonders for my lashes. The small bristles makes application very easy and precise. It evenly coats and grabs hold on all my lashes even the tiny ones I didn't know existed.

                                                  What the mascara looks like on my lashes
Right from the first coat it instantly elongated,lengthened and separated my lashes. Nothing to dramatic or mindblowing. Just a really nice,natural look for everyday. I do have to apply multiple coats to get the length I desire but even then it's still quite average. However, the great thing is that it doesn't have the tendency to clump despite piling on the coats. A clump free zone means it's very builable.Always a good news right? But you have to work fast as the formula dries quickly on the lashes, making it quite impossible to pile on more than 3 coats.Like the name suggests, this mascara magnifies my lashes and provides individual definition for my lashes.

I didn't find it particularly volumizing as Avon had claimed it to be. For me it mostly lengthens and defines- ensuring my lashes is a little less invisible but more noticeable.And when a mascara does that I can't ask for more.

It dries quickly so there's none of that there's a spider sitting on my lashes feeling I have felt after applying several mascaras in the past.Another reason I love this mascara? It doesn't irritate my eyes. I have really sensitive eyes.My eyes can suddenly go all watery and without any warning I may feel a slight painful sting. Always an unpleasant incident but I have not experienced that while wearing this mascara.

Overall a great everyday mascara that lengthens,defines,separates and is very light and comfortable to wear on my lashes. It's longlasting- can easily last up to 10- 12 hours.

This appears to be discontinued in the USA but it is still available to order in the latest Campaign 10 2012 here in Ireland/Uk.If this mascara is ever discontinued here I'm going to march over to the Avon HQ and protest. Not kidding. Well ok maybe I am but seriously Avon if you're reading this pls don't discontinue this as it's my go to everyday mascara. You don't want to make a girl cry right?. Yes? Got it? Good. :)


Finding the ''ONE'' in Radiance

Once upon a time, not that long ago this beauty blogger was able to walk out the front door without any spritz of perfume. She owned several perfumes but she never used them on a regular basis. She was always quite sensitive to smell, she was always left sneezy whenever she smelled the perfume of other people. In short, perfumes were her enemies as they irritated her nose. Perhaps it was also because she had never found ''The One'' scent that captured her. But fast forward to 2012, the beauty blogger has finally found her prince in Radiance by Britney Spears. It took a long time but at last they have found each other. ;)

It's true I have found my signature scent. For the last couple of months now, there has been only 1 perfume that I have sprayed all over me Radiance was love at first spritz. I remember falling inlove with the scent immediately after spraying it on. If before I could step out the front door and go about my daily business without wearing any perfume, now it's a complete different story.I feel naked without Radiance. It has become a part of my identity. Without it, I don't think I'm Diane. In a lot of ways the scent just captures what I'm all about. Beautiful, sweet,innocent, mild but it's no push over. If the situation requires it, it can stick up for itself. To put it simply it's not all sweet and sugar. While it's not overpowering to signal your arrival and presence in a room, it is still quite noticeable. It's for girls who are already sure of themselves,no longer seeking the attention for them to get notice.

The femine blend of red berries (yum), delicate flower petals and soft musk makes the scent so irresistable. Afterall I do have a sweet tooth problem. With notes of berries,tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom,iris and musk this perfume just oozes feminity.
The girly bottle covered in fake rhinestones is not for everybody but it ticks all of my boxes. I'm a girly girl at heart and unlike other girls, I'm easily pleased. Some see a tacky looking bottle when all I see is prettiness.

I can't get enough of this scent. Period. It's sweet and fruity without being over the top. It doesn't give me the headache I have come to expect in most perfumes. There's a right balance between the notes.

Overall a great everyday,easy to wear perfume and with so much love for it I have hailed it as my signature scent. I put it on without even thinking about it.  Don't you just love finding the ''ONE''? Oops I'm getting through my 50 ml quite quickly. ;)


Avon Shine Attract lipstick - Guava

If Dior have their Addict lipsticks, Chanel have their Rouge Cocoshine lipsticks, L'oreal have their Caresse lipsticks and Revlon have their uber famous lip butters, my beloved Avon is not far behind with their version of a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid in the form of their latest lipstick collection - Shine Attract lipsticks.Being a fan of lipstick/lipgloss hybrids it certainly attracted me.The whole idea of an outer hydrating gel with added vitamin E encircling the lipstick color and its promises of bathing my lips with moisture was enough to leave me drooling buckets. :)

 The Shine Attract lipsticks comes in 10 shades varying from your barely nude,pinks and even a red shade. I picked up Guava because I've been loving nudish lips paired with bronze/neutral smokey eyes. It's basically the uniform for my face. ;) I would describe Guava as my lips but with a slight addition of shine. Since it's a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid, pigmentation is not mind blowing.It just gives my lips a soft, sheer, barely noticeable wash of nudish peach color.

It applies and feels like a lipbalm on my lips.Very moisturising. The outer gel covering makes application  0 effort.Seriously you can apply this in your sleep. It doesn't pull,tug on your lips but glides like an iceskate on :D It feels very comfortable putting it on and I often find myself running the lipstick back and forth on my lips because it's quite addictive. Give it a go for yourself so you'll understand what I'm talking about. I'm definitely a big fan of its formula.

With a name Shine Attract, one would expect quite a bit of shine with this lipstick but one would be disappointed. While the formula wins over my heart, the lack of shine has slightly disappointed me.As I mentioned above it gives a slight shine but definitely not enough to justify its name. However, don't get me wrong. I much prefer the degree of shine of this lipstick rather than over the top shine one would get from lashing on a tin of Vaseline non stop. But based on some swatches I've seen of the other shades in the Shine Attract range, I do think that the level of shine and pigmentation differs from 1 shade to another.

The only downside to this lipstick aside from the lack of shine is the staying power but it doesn't come as a surprise since it is a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid. It lasts between 30 to 1 hour, quite frustrating but because application requires 0 effort on my part- I don't mind :)

I got mine for 6.50 euro but it normally retails at 12 euro but since Avon have fabulous offers from 1 brochure to another, you don't have to wait too long for it to be 1/2 price again. I would highly recommend this for fans of lipstick and lipgloss hybrids. Well for that price, what do you have to lose? ;) I already have my eyes on purchasing Happy Pink and Passion Red. My addiction with lipsticks must stop ASAP but I'm having fun.That's all that matters right? Never mind the fact that I'm constantly broke to fund my beauty addiction.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone considering of choosing Guava or any other shades in the Shine Attract range.


Kate Moss lipsticks

Kate Moss. The woman has legions of girls following every fashion related moves she makes. Her undeniable style is worshipped and admired by fashionistas world wide. Aspiring models wish they could achieve the same success as her in the modelling world and guys wish they could be with her. As for me? Not so much. I mean I have nothing against the woman. I don't hate her but let's just say I'm not her biggest fan. Um do you guys remember when she famously said that ''nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? '' Um say what now? Anorexic much? But the beauty addict and blogger in me couldn't ignore her not so new endeavour. To celebrate her 10 years of partnership with Rimmel and as the face of the brand she released her very first lipstick collection last year in the second half of 2011. And before I knew it, I have added 2 lipsticks to my ever growing lipstick collection. How did that happen eh? ;)

The lipsticks are housed in simple,black bullets with the Rimmel crown symbol on top of the cap along with Kate's signature.It's sleek and sturdy. I have no major complaints about the packaging however, considering it's Kate Moss aka the style queen we're talking about here surely she could have made the packaging more attractive,stylish and pretty? But I suppose it's what's inside the packaging that counts right? Apart from the packaging I was slightly disappointed in the lack of creative names for each individual lipsticks. 05 and 12? Really? Rimmel could have done so much better.

The lipsticks applied smoothly,easily and evenly on my lips.They look creamy for awhile after each application but eventually go on to feel quite drying as time goes by. I don't have any dry patches on my lips but I have a feeling that these lipsticks will accentuate any dryness as the lipsticks have a tendency to settle into the fine lines on lips.So girls with dry,chapped lips will definitely need to be careful. I would advice girls with chapped lips to moisturise first with a lipbalm before applying these lipsticks to avoid any problems with application and the appearance of the lipsticks on your lips.

The pigmentation of these lipsticks is excellent. The lipsticks are both bright and vibrant, perfect for summer. 05 is a medium pink with blue and light purple undertone.It's a bit unusual. It's definitely not your average Barbie pink shade.As for 12, it's a bright reddish orange/coral with some light brown undertone. I would describe it as a ''look at me'' shade. It's not one for the faint-hearted. Wearing the shade requires major confidence. Both lipsticks only required 1 swipe to show up on my lips but I always put on another layer just to ensure the color is distributed evenly on my lips.

                                                                   No 5 on my lips

                                                                         No 12 on my lips

The lipsticks typically lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Overtime the brightness and the intensity gradually reduces.

My favorite thing about the lipsticks? Their yummy,irresistable sweet scent. Imagine a lipstick smelling like a candy/sweet. Well imagine no more as these lipsticks have a scent that is so similiar to sweets. According to my little brother it smells like Skittles and I totally agree. Speaking of Skittles which one is your fave? Mine is Sour Skittles. #yummy. But like my beloved Avo Glazewear Silky Shine lipsticks, the scent doesn't linger on for too long. Approx 15 to 20 mins. The scent is not overpowering or offensive.

If I didn't know better and if I didn't know that these were lipsticks, I would have taken a bite out of them and devoured them in record breaking time. I swear the scent that encircles the lipsticks make them good enough to eat. #sweettoothproblem ;)

Warning: Do not and I repeat do not apply these lipsticks if you're in any way hungry and pls keep them away from innocent, playful children. You know how children will pop anything and everything colorful insight. ;)


Be seductive with No 7 Devil's Delight

Quick question. What's the  #1 nail polish shade you instantly reach for when everything in your life is such a mess? When your confidence level is on an all time low? Me? There's only 1 color I immediately think about and reach for- RED. In all its bloodsucking glory. There's just no other color like it, such a classic shade that practically matches everything in my wardrobe. Even Olivia Palermo aka my style crush is a major fan. And who am I to disagree with her?

The last red nailpolish I purchased was No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Devil's Delight. After reading countless praises for No 7 nailpolishes I decided to try one using my No 7 7.50 euro voucher so the polish ended up costing me a mere 2 euro.Out of all the nailpolishes I could have chosen I was mostly drawn to Devil's Delight because it looked like a true red inside the bottle. I've been searching high and low for a true red nailpolish and I have to say this polish comes pretty close.

Its formula has the right balance between being thin and thick. It's not thin enough to be streaky and it's not thick enough to cause gloopiness. It's pretty much perfect BUT and this is a big but, I found out that this polish is prone to little scratch marks while in the process of drying which I suppose is common in nailpolishes but with this nailpolish it remains to be slightly prone to scratches despite completing drying time. Case in point? When I accidently knocked my thumb on a table, it immediately left a mark,despite me thinking it was completely dry. Surprise.Surprise.Just my luck eh? ;) Drying time was average- about  20-30 mins or so.

No 7 claims that it's a pigment rich color, quick drying and has an ultra gloss finish. While I agree that it's very pigmented, as I already mentioned above it's a true red shade and that it dries more quickly than my other nailpolishes, I can't fully agree that it has an ultra gloss finish. I didn't find it particularly glossy. It did have a bit of a shine but a gloss finish? I don't think so. For fans of shiny nailpolishes look elsewhere as you certainly need to add a top coat above this polish, a step I was too lazy to perform. :P

However, I am a massive fan of the nail brush. It's a brush I have not encountered before. It's not your typical brush. The brush is flatter and wider that other brushes which makes application such a breeze.It quickly covered my nails with color with 2 swipes per nail. For that reason, this nailpolish can count me as a fan- just for the brush alone. :)