Avon Shine Attract lipstick - Guava

If Dior have their Addict lipsticks, Chanel have their Rouge Cocoshine lipsticks, L'oreal have their Caresse lipsticks and Revlon have their uber famous lip butters, my beloved Avon is not far behind with their version of a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid in the form of their latest lipstick collection - Shine Attract lipsticks.Being a fan of lipstick/lipgloss hybrids it certainly attracted me.The whole idea of an outer hydrating gel with added vitamin E encircling the lipstick color and its promises of bathing my lips with moisture was enough to leave me drooling buckets. :)

 The Shine Attract lipsticks comes in 10 shades varying from your barely nude,pinks and even a red shade. I picked up Guava because I've been loving nudish lips paired with bronze/neutral smokey eyes. It's basically the uniform for my face. ;) I would describe Guava as my lips but with a slight addition of shine. Since it's a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid, pigmentation is not mind blowing.It just gives my lips a soft, sheer, barely noticeable wash of nudish peach color.

It applies and feels like a lipbalm on my lips.Very moisturising. The outer gel covering makes application  0 effort.Seriously you can apply this in your sleep. It doesn't pull,tug on your lips but glides like an iceskate on :D It feels very comfortable putting it on and I often find myself running the lipstick back and forth on my lips because it's quite addictive. Give it a go for yourself so you'll understand what I'm talking about. I'm definitely a big fan of its formula.

With a name Shine Attract, one would expect quite a bit of shine with this lipstick but one would be disappointed. While the formula wins over my heart, the lack of shine has slightly disappointed me.As I mentioned above it gives a slight shine but definitely not enough to justify its name. However, don't get me wrong. I much prefer the degree of shine of this lipstick rather than over the top shine one would get from lashing on a tin of Vaseline non stop. But based on some swatches I've seen of the other shades in the Shine Attract range, I do think that the level of shine and pigmentation differs from 1 shade to another.

The only downside to this lipstick aside from the lack of shine is the staying power but it doesn't come as a surprise since it is a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid. It lasts between 30 to 1 hour, quite frustrating but because application requires 0 effort on my part- I don't mind :)

I got mine for 6.50 euro but it normally retails at 12 euro but since Avon have fabulous offers from 1 brochure to another, you don't have to wait too long for it to be 1/2 price again. I would highly recommend this for fans of lipstick and lipgloss hybrids. Well for that price, what do you have to lose? ;) I already have my eyes on purchasing Happy Pink and Passion Red. My addiction with lipsticks must stop ASAP but I'm having fun.That's all that matters right? Never mind the fact that I'm constantly broke to fund my beauty addiction.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone considering of choosing Guava or any other shades in the Shine Attract range.


  1. So purdyyyy <3 never tried one of these!

  2. sosososooss pretty!! love it max! ^_^!


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