Avon Supermagnify mascara

Quick question. Do you have any beauty features you hate? Because I do.My stubborn lashes. I, Diane have finally accepted the fact that my stubborn lashes will forever be short and thin. It's what I like to call the curse of being an Asian. Seriously it's a curse. Why oh why wasn't I blessed with luscious,seductive lashes that other girls were luckily born with? Without mascara, my lashes are ugly. With a capital U. They may aswell be invisible. Let me share a not so funny story. 1 time while on the bus I spotted a guy a few inches from me having longer and prettier lashes than mine. True story. Like seriously what's up with that? He was a guy for a start.I'm the girl.I'm the one who's suppose to have prettier lashes. Needless to say I went home depressed after that. Nah just kidding ;) But still it is quite depressing right? But luckily for me mascaras were invented and always comes to my rescue. It's my prince while I'm the damsel in distress.

Speaking of mascaras there has only been 1 mascara I've been reaching for on a daily basis for the last couple of weeks now and so I think it's about time I wrote a review.Supermagnify mascara caught my eye for 2 reasons: 1) The price. At the time of purchase it only cost me 4 euro but it normally retails for 12 euro. 2.) The wand.The wand is unlike anything I've ever used and worked with before. It's a skinny wand with these tiny,short barely there bristles.It's definitely unique,not your typical average wand. At first glance it looked like it won't do much for my lashes. I had my doubts and concern but it turns out I have nothing to be concerned about.It works wonders for my lashes. The small bristles makes application very easy and precise. It evenly coats and grabs hold on all my lashes even the tiny ones I didn't know existed.

                                                  What the mascara looks like on my lashes
Right from the first coat it instantly elongated,lengthened and separated my lashes. Nothing to dramatic or mindblowing. Just a really nice,natural look for everyday. I do have to apply multiple coats to get the length I desire but even then it's still quite average. However, the great thing is that it doesn't have the tendency to clump despite piling on the coats. A clump free zone means it's very builable.Always a good news right? But you have to work fast as the formula dries quickly on the lashes, making it quite impossible to pile on more than 3 coats.Like the name suggests, this mascara magnifies my lashes and provides individual definition for my lashes.

I didn't find it particularly volumizing as Avon had claimed it to be. For me it mostly lengthens and defines- ensuring my lashes is a little less invisible but more noticeable.And when a mascara does that I can't ask for more.

It dries quickly so there's none of that there's a spider sitting on my lashes feeling I have felt after applying several mascaras in the past.Another reason I love this mascara? It doesn't irritate my eyes. I have really sensitive eyes.My eyes can suddenly go all watery and without any warning I may feel a slight painful sting. Always an unpleasant incident but I have not experienced that while wearing this mascara.

Overall a great everyday mascara that lengthens,defines,separates and is very light and comfortable to wear on my lashes. It's longlasting- can easily last up to 10- 12 hours.

This appears to be discontinued in the USA but it is still available to order in the latest Campaign 10 2012 here in Ireland/Uk.If this mascara is ever discontinued here I'm going to march over to the Avon HQ and protest. Not kidding. Well ok maybe I am but seriously Avon if you're reading this pls don't discontinue this as it's my go to everyday mascara. You don't want to make a girl cry right?. Yes? Got it? Good. :)


  1. this post is so me, Diane!
    my lashes are PATHETIC,yes with all those capitals.
    even my bf has long and curly lashes. yes life sucks sometimes. lol
    I have never tried any Avon product, but this mascara sounds promising. And I like the super skinny and straight wand. must be easy in application!

  2. Wow! this seems like a super nice mascara!! No spider legs at all! loves~ I just I can still find this online! thanks for sharing ^_^~

  3. Would love to try this. I have problems with my lashes too.


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