Avon Ultra Color Rich Colordiasiac lipsticks

Summer is finally upon us and what better way to celebrate than digging inside your make-up collection to unearthen and unleash your bright lipsticks? There's just something about the sun that makes us all just a little bit more daring.And when a girl is looking for a bit more spice to add to her life you can't go wrong with a quick swipe of some daredevil shades. Today I shall share my experience with 2 lovely brights from Avon Colordiasiac lipstick line - Flirty Fuchsia and Red Hot Lips.

First of all how adorable are the names of these lipsticks? I'm a sucker for creative names. Flirty Fuchsia is a bright, vibrant hot pink shade with no shimmers while Red Hot Lips is an almost true red shade.In some lighting it comes up as a vibrant red while in other lighting it's leaning more towards a coral/light subtle orange. It contains these teeny tiny shimmers which are nearly invisible to the naked eye in the bullet. The shimmers are not offensive on the lips. They go almost undetected.You may see them but you certainly don't feel them. But for fans of matte shades stay well clear of these lipsticks as you won't like the  shimmers.

Both shades are very pigmented and definitely packs quite a color punch to brighten up any dull complexion. The pigmentation is intense, perfect for making a bold statement, for days you want to exude confidence, bravery and a I don't give a **** attitude. The pigmentation is just so impressive.Only 1 swipe is needed for the lipsticks to be opaque on my lips but as always I apply 2 swipes for an even distribution of the gorgeous shades, ensuring that I cover the parts I may have missed during my 1st application. Coverage depends of course on the number of coats you swipe on.

                                                               Flirty Fuchsia on my lips

                                                        Red hot lips on my lips

Application wise, these apply easily and smoothly. They're a bit more creamy  than my Kate Moss lipsticks. However, just like the Kate Moss lipsticks it's best to prepare the lips first with a quick lashing of lipbalm to ensure a smooth application. The lipsticks are light in texture and feels comfortable on my lips.They aren't as drying as the Kate Moss lipsticks but just like the Kate Moss lipsticks they feel drying as time goes by. Although make-up artists advises women to apply red lipsticks with lip brushes and to use a lipliner to prevent bleeding, the rebel in me refuses to conform. I just don't think it's necessary for Red Hot Lips because I have no previous problems with bleeding around the edges of my lips. I often apply it straight from the bullet.Yes I'm one brave lady. But in some days if I want to tone down the color I simply apply Red Hot Lips with my fingers. Does the job, quick and easy. ;)

While I adore how creamy and slightly shiny these lipsticks apply and look on my lips I have discovered that I prefer the appearance of these lipsticks on my lips as the intensity of the color gradually fades away, when it just gives my lips a stained appearance which I find is quite similiar to what I would get from a lip stain. I just think it's effortlessly sexy and simply stunning when worn with a white loose t-shirt and jeans. Oh so sexy ;)
 As for its staying power, the lipsticks normally last up to 4 to 5 hours. So pretty long lasting.

These lipsticks have a nice fruity scent which I can't quite put my finger on what they actually smell like. I'm smelling a hint of vanilla aswell but again my ability to identify scents correctly is a big fat 0. There's a reason why I don't review perfumes here in Slave to Vanity. :) Avon claims that the scent is meant to be seductive to entice the men in your life and that they won't be able to resist you. Right ok, I'm off now to find a guy to test this claim ;) Wish me luck. God I'm so funny at times. Not. :D


  1. Impressive staying power. Both colors are pretty, but the fucshia is my favorite.

  2. Wow they're gorgeous! Avon is so hit and miss that i always wait until i see reviews before i purchase, but i think i might have to make a cheeky buy of these!!

  3. pretty bold colours! I like the fuschia better but I'm not sure whether I could pull it off, since it looks like it has blue undertone?
    Btw, I wish you all the best looking for the guy to test the seductive scent ! ;p

  4. loved them both, pretty bold but really pretty! ^_^~

  5. Anonymous30/5/12

    ohhh my god that pink one! i need it i need it!!X


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