Be seductive with No 7 Devil's Delight

Quick question. What's the  #1 nail polish shade you instantly reach for when everything in your life is such a mess? When your confidence level is on an all time low? Me? There's only 1 color I immediately think about and reach for- RED. In all its bloodsucking glory. There's just no other color like it, such a classic shade that practically matches everything in my wardrobe. Even Olivia Palermo aka my style crush is a major fan. And who am I to disagree with her?

The last red nailpolish I purchased was No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Devil's Delight. After reading countless praises for No 7 nailpolishes I decided to try one using my No 7 7.50 euro voucher so the polish ended up costing me a mere 2 euro.Out of all the nailpolishes I could have chosen I was mostly drawn to Devil's Delight because it looked like a true red inside the bottle. I've been searching high and low for a true red nailpolish and I have to say this polish comes pretty close.

Its formula has the right balance between being thin and thick. It's not thin enough to be streaky and it's not thick enough to cause gloopiness. It's pretty much perfect BUT and this is a big but, I found out that this polish is prone to little scratch marks while in the process of drying which I suppose is common in nailpolishes but with this nailpolish it remains to be slightly prone to scratches despite completing drying time. Case in point? When I accidently knocked my thumb on a table, it immediately left a mark,despite me thinking it was completely dry. Surprise.Surprise.Just my luck eh? ;) Drying time was average- about  20-30 mins or so.

No 7 claims that it's a pigment rich color, quick drying and has an ultra gloss finish. While I agree that it's very pigmented, as I already mentioned above it's a true red shade and that it dries more quickly than my other nailpolishes, I can't fully agree that it has an ultra gloss finish. I didn't find it particularly glossy. It did have a bit of a shine but a gloss finish? I don't think so. For fans of shiny nailpolishes look elsewhere as you certainly need to add a top coat above this polish, a step I was too lazy to perform. :P

However, I am a massive fan of the nail brush. It's a brush I have not encountered before. It's not your typical brush. The brush is flatter and wider that other brushes which makes application such a breeze.It quickly covered my nails with color with 2 swipes per nail. For that reason, this nailpolish can count me as a fan- just for the brush alone. :)


If you have any questions relating to a product please don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to answer them. I'd always try to reply as promptly as I can. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate and read every single one of them. Have a beautiful day ahead of you, beautiful :)