Finding the ''ONE'' in Radiance

Once upon a time, not that long ago this beauty blogger was able to walk out the front door without any spritz of perfume. She owned several perfumes but she never used them on a regular basis. She was always quite sensitive to smell, she was always left sneezy whenever she smelled the perfume of other people. In short, perfumes were her enemies as they irritated her nose. Perhaps it was also because she had never found ''The One'' scent that captured her. But fast forward to 2012, the beauty blogger has finally found her prince in Radiance by Britney Spears. It took a long time but at last they have found each other. ;)

It's true I have found my signature scent. For the last couple of months now, there has been only 1 perfume that I have sprayed all over me Radiance was love at first spritz. I remember falling inlove with the scent immediately after spraying it on. If before I could step out the front door and go about my daily business without wearing any perfume, now it's a complete different story.I feel naked without Radiance. It has become a part of my identity. Without it, I don't think I'm Diane. In a lot of ways the scent just captures what I'm all about. Beautiful, sweet,innocent, mild but it's no push over. If the situation requires it, it can stick up for itself. To put it simply it's not all sweet and sugar. While it's not overpowering to signal your arrival and presence in a room, it is still quite noticeable. It's for girls who are already sure of themselves,no longer seeking the attention for them to get notice.

The femine blend of red berries (yum), delicate flower petals and soft musk makes the scent so irresistable. Afterall I do have a sweet tooth problem. With notes of berries,tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom,iris and musk this perfume just oozes feminity.
The girly bottle covered in fake rhinestones is not for everybody but it ticks all of my boxes. I'm a girly girl at heart and unlike other girls, I'm easily pleased. Some see a tacky looking bottle when all I see is prettiness.

I can't get enough of this scent. Period. It's sweet and fruity without being over the top. It doesn't give me the headache I have come to expect in most perfumes. There's a right balance between the notes.

Overall a great everyday,easy to wear perfume and with so much love for it I have hailed it as my signature scent. I put it on without even thinking about it.  Don't you just love finding the ''ONE''? Oops I'm getting through my 50 ml quite quickly. ;)

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  1. Oh I remember spotted this perfume in TK Maxx last month and it was on sale! But there was no tester and I don't really like buying perfume blindly.
    but this must smell really nice, right? the bottle is pretty!


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