Kate Moss lipsticks

Kate Moss. The woman has legions of girls following every fashion related moves she makes. Her undeniable style is worshipped and admired by fashionistas world wide. Aspiring models wish they could achieve the same success as her in the modelling world and guys wish they could be with her. As for me? Not so much. I mean I have nothing against the woman. I don't hate her but let's just say I'm not her biggest fan. Um do you guys remember when she famously said that ''nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? '' Um say what now? Anorexic much? But the beauty addict and blogger in me couldn't ignore her not so new endeavour. To celebrate her 10 years of partnership with Rimmel and as the face of the brand she released her very first lipstick collection last year in the second half of 2011. And before I knew it, I have added 2 lipsticks to my ever growing lipstick collection. How did that happen eh? ;)

The lipsticks are housed in simple,black bullets with the Rimmel crown symbol on top of the cap along with Kate's signature.It's sleek and sturdy. I have no major complaints about the packaging however, considering it's Kate Moss aka the style queen we're talking about here surely she could have made the packaging more attractive,stylish and pretty? But I suppose it's what's inside the packaging that counts right? Apart from the packaging I was slightly disappointed in the lack of creative names for each individual lipsticks. 05 and 12? Really? Rimmel could have done so much better.

The lipsticks applied smoothly,easily and evenly on my lips.They look creamy for awhile after each application but eventually go on to feel quite drying as time goes by. I don't have any dry patches on my lips but I have a feeling that these lipsticks will accentuate any dryness as the lipsticks have a tendency to settle into the fine lines on lips.So girls with dry,chapped lips will definitely need to be careful. I would advice girls with chapped lips to moisturise first with a lipbalm before applying these lipsticks to avoid any problems with application and the appearance of the lipsticks on your lips.

The pigmentation of these lipsticks is excellent. The lipsticks are both bright and vibrant, perfect for summer. 05 is a medium pink with blue and light purple undertone.It's a bit unusual. It's definitely not your average Barbie pink shade.As for 12, it's a bright reddish orange/coral with some light brown undertone. I would describe it as a ''look at me'' shade. It's not one for the faint-hearted. Wearing the shade requires major confidence. Both lipsticks only required 1 swipe to show up on my lips but I always put on another layer just to ensure the color is distributed evenly on my lips.

                                                                   No 5 on my lips

                                                                         No 12 on my lips

The lipsticks typically lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Overtime the brightness and the intensity gradually reduces.

My favorite thing about the lipsticks? Their yummy,irresistable sweet scent. Imagine a lipstick smelling like a candy/sweet. Well imagine no more as these lipsticks have a scent that is so similiar to sweets. According to my little brother it smells like Skittles and I totally agree. Speaking of Skittles which one is your fave? Mine is Sour Skittles. #yummy. But like my beloved Avo Glazewear Silky Shine lipsticks, the scent doesn't linger on for too long. Approx 15 to 20 mins. The scent is not overpowering or offensive.

If I didn't know better and if I didn't know that these were lipsticks, I would have taken a bite out of them and devoured them in record breaking time. I swear the scent that encircles the lipsticks make them good enough to eat. #sweettoothproblem ;)

Warning: Do not and I repeat do not apply these lipsticks if you're in any way hungry and pls keep them away from innocent, playful children. You know how children will pop anything and everything colorful insight. ;)


  1. really great shades!!

  2. I also really love this lipsticks! I have 2 of them , #01 and #08 ;D
    and now I want #05 too, because it looks sooo pretty on you!

  3. Great colors. I want these now. I really appreciate the simple packaging. So Kate Moss!
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  4. really pretty shades!! ^_^~

  5. Very pretty shades, the first shade looks lovely on your lips. x


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