A Whole Lotta Samples

Being a complete beauty junkie and aficionado a new make-up purchase is a sure fire way to bring a smile on my pretty face ;) and to instantly lift my mood (yes even on days I feel like the whole world is against me).I'm always on the look out for new products to try and purchase.But granted with my limited student budget, it's not always possible to buy everything on my wishlist. *Chanel Rouge Cocoshine in Flirt and Evasion when will you be mine??? So what's the next best thing I turn to,to satisfy my cravings for the high I get when I discover new wonderful, holy grail beauty products? That's where my beloved collection of samples come in to the rescue.

For the last couple of months I have started a new hobby and collection. I've recently gathered all the make-up, skin care and hair care product samples I received from magazines and with product pruchases. I decided to gather them all up and place them inside this old chocolate gift box. Who's the recycle queen/ earth friendly? That'll be me :)  I'm quite surprised at how fast my little stash of samples grew. I have a variety of skin/hair/make-up samples which basically means I'm spoiled for choice. :) So next time I'm too broke to purchase any beauty products I would just have a dig around my samples stash and hey presto
- all is well again in the land of beauty. ;)

 Hair care
                       Skin care

                                                     Samples I can't wait to try out
Some of the samples I'm super duper excited to try out include: Vera Wang Princess perfume, Chanel Perfection Lumiere and Rimmel Wake Me Up foundations and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion and some pretty Shiseido lipsticks.

Am I the only who collects samples? I doubt it. Do you have your own stash? Any product samples you have recently tried and love? I'm LOVING my 7.5ml sample size of Benefit Porefessional which I got free with Glamour uk July 2012 issue. Good thing I picked up 3 copies with Porefessionals . So much so I already have my eyes on the full size version which I'll be picking up as soon as my samples are all used up. Samples= HEAVEN.


Revlon Peach Nectar

The pastel shade saga continues.This time around Revlon Peach Nectar was lucky and pretty enough to have caught my eye so it ended up my shade of choice for my holiday nails. The lucky thing :) I was immediately attracted to it when I first  spotted it in my local Dealz( a shop that sells everything for the easy on the pocket price of 1.49 euro or less) because of its pretty color. Peach/Pink combined to create such a girly gorgeous sweet shade , good enough for my sweet tooth. I see the shade as a milky and creamy salmon light pink/peach shade.

Unlike Revlon Lilac Pastelle, I didn't have any problems applying Peach Nectar. The formula wasn't thin and watery like Lilac Pastelle instead it had the right balance. It was definitely a lot thicker but not thick enough to cause gloopiness. As with most pastel shades Peach Nectar was quite sheer with 1 coat but 4 coats later it had reached opacity and the prettiness of the shade was revealed. Drying time between each coat took 5 to 10 mins. As I write this it's Day 4 of me wearing this polish and unlike Lilac Pastelle (which btw lasted forever and a day on my nails, when I removed it there was hardly any visible chips) there are a couple of chips insight. But for only paying the uhmazinggg bargainous price of 1.49 I really don't mind ;)


The top jewellery / accessories picks from my collection

Before my obsession with beauty consumed my entire being, I was first and foremost an accessories kind of gal.I had the mentality ''the more the merrier'' hence my enormous collection of rings, bracelets,bangles,earrings and necklaces. If it's shiny, pretty,trendy and stylish I have to have it.From as long as I can remember I held on the belief that it's my choice of accessories which can either make or break an outfit.I knew that with the right one- I can easily transform an otherwise boring outfit to a more stylish ensemble. There was a time when I was really obsessed with accessories. From dangly earrings to hoop earrings which totally didn't flatter my round face (oh the horror and shame of remembering old times. *shudder* Sigh.) But you live and you learn continously right? :) Today is a bit of a different post.It's not beauty/make-up related but I couldn't resist sharing my gorgeous pieces wth readers of Slave To Vanity. They're just way too pretty to stay hidden.They deserve to shine and to receive some attention. :)

Ever since I was a little girl I've been a huge fan of rings but somehow they never fit me. Thanks to my not so skinny fingers I find it hard to find rings that fit me. Sigh. However, these gorgeous rings luckily do. The first 2 on the left are from Primark and they're connector earrings and are adjustable, same as the 2 rings on the right. As for the turquoise ring it's from Primark which I got a couple of years ago.It's a complete beaut. It only fits my pinky finger but still looks great. The ring behind was from Miss Selfridge.It's a gorgeous delicate ring which looks quite vintage. It look stunning paired with some lace clothing. :) All together now ''cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it, if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it, don't be mad once you see that he want it, If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it'' I sing this song everytime I put on my rings.I guess I'm a weirdo?? ;)

Earrings are probably my favorite pieces to collect because unlike necklaces/bracelets/rings one size definitely fits all. I mean it's impossible to have ears that are too big for earrings right? Now that would be something. I feel slightly naked without any earrings on.It's kind of automatic that I reach for a pair. They're definitely an essential for me.Kind of like underwear I suppose ;)
Ah bracelets. Now this really add something to my outfits. It's the first piece of jewellery I reach for if I want to spice things up.I don't exactly know why.I just do. These 3 bracelets are my most reached for especially the charm bracelet in the front. I've lost count on the number of times I've worn it.I purchased it from Miss Selfridge -about a year ago for only 4.50 euro. It was a great investment. I think by now I got the value for my money but more. :) The bangles and butterfly pearl bracelet were both from Primark. I purchased them quite a long time ago. The butterfly always turn my wrist a green color but it's cheap jewellery.You get what you pay for. Not gonna complain. I just love how gorgeous these 3 pieces are individually or together. Oh so feminine and chic, so uber stylish ;)

I've really been into long necklaces and these 8 ( well the last 2 are not that long) are my go to pieces. Paired with a simple loose fitting top and skinny jeans these evokes that effortless style, just threw everything at the last minute look. Perfect finishing touch. I love how the pieces I chose have something different about them. Yes they're all pretty to look at but there's just something that sets them apart from each other. First 3 necklaces on the right were form Forever 21, the adorable camera and vintage looking piece were from So Chic and the last 3 were from Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge have really nice gorgeous pieces. Complete Beauts noh? ;)

For me there are no definite rules when it comes to wearing jewelleries.Well less is more definitely applies- you don't want to look like a christmas tree but it's important to have fun. Mixing and matching necklaces, rings,bracelets and earrings to suit any outfit and to fit your mood is the FUN part. So relax and enjoy the ride. ;)

Do you have any go to pieces? What's your favorite shop to buy your girly bits and pieces? You already know mine- Primark and Miss Selfridge. So spill below in the comments :)



Travel Make-up Picks

One of the most hardest and painful thing a human will ever have to do (aside from giving birth of course-not that I would know but you know :) ) is to make decisions and I for one loathe the time when I have to make a difficult choice which in my current situation concerns the make-up items which will accompany me to my home country- the Philippines  for a 6 weeks vacation which starts this week.How the hell was I suppose to choose? It was a dilemma.Sure the world will not stop turning and come to a halt if I forgot an essential but it will certainly have an impact of my face. - Yes it's my vanity speaking here. So while browsing through my humble make-up collection I held each product on my hand and asked myself the question ''Would I die without this in the Philippines? If the answer was yes it went straight inside my make-up bag.If no it went straight back in my make-up drawer.In the end I decided to bring the products I completely love, my beauty essentials, my personal beauty heroes if you will. It was really tempting to bring everything with me and as much as I would love that, it just ain't that practical you know?

But one thing is for sure though.The ''rejects'' which didn't make the final cut, which all remained in Ireland will probably be on my mind. I'll probably think about them constantly but hey like they say ''absence makes the heart grow fonder  I'm sure that I'll appreciate the rejects more as soon as I come back. Afterall you don't realise what you have til it's gone. Ok enough rambling and well known sayings here. Here are the beauty products that I decided to bring with me for my 6 weeks vacation. Yay! ;)


 It was very easy for me to choose the foundations I wanted to bring with me. Avon Cashmere Finish Foundation in Medium Beige aka my go to foundation and Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation in Shell were obvious, can't be without them choices. Both give a really natural looking finish, perfect for summer. And how can I forget my Avon Ideal Pressed Powder for setting my foundation in place?

A  summer look is not complete without a helping dose of bronzers to instantly give off a natral glow.My current 2 picks are Bourjois Paris Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder 52  and Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls. Both give me that beautiful sun kissed glow without making my face look like I dipped my face in a can of orange paint.No oompa loompa effects here.

Benefit's Porefessional - a lightweight gel that acts as a veil which smooths over my pores instantly making them less visible.


I opted for my adorable Bourjois blush pots in 74 Rose Ambre for great everyday flush of color and for days I want a little more glow I'll opt for 22 Tomette D'Or - a shimmery medium pinky peach.Avon True Color Blush in Russett also joined the blush party as I reach for this everytime I want to challenge my inner Kardashian. Perfect dark peach coral- the perfect finish to a brown smokey eye. The Bodyshop Lip and Cheek stain in 01 Rose Glow is also tagging along for the ride or should I say flight :) It's sexy flush in a bottle.Great for achieving an I just got out of the water after swimming ala a Baywatch girl flush of color.


To get sexy flirty luscious lashes I enlisted the help of my Benefit Bad Gal Lash with its enormous brush wand, Avon Supermagnify mascara with its skinny wand for easy application and my beloved Rimmel Glam Eyes Day to Night mascara for dramatic,full false looking lashes.

If I'm bothered enough to apply eyeshadows I'm going to reach for what else? But my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette with 10 gorgeous neutral shades and 2 not so neutral shades.Its got everything I need to create pretty brown smokey eye looks. Leaving this behind will prove that I'm insane which I'm totally not.So there :) And surely I couldn't leave my Urban Decay Primer potion behind, it's like leaving behind my underwear. Imagine the horror of that? Ok eww pls don't imagine.


 Now onto the lipsticks. Choosing what lipsticks to bring with me was painful. But I have to be sensible and mature about the whole situation.So in the end I brought 5 nude/sheer lipsticks and 4 brights. 9 lipsticks? 1 lips? Sure life is short so why not right? Better to be safe than sorry. Of course you have the usuals thrown in there. My Glazewear Silky Shine in Coral Bliss and Peach Silk are coming along as I seriously cannot get over their yummy peach scent and gorgeous shades. 17 Mirrorshine in Belle (my favorite lipstick of all time) is coming out to play aswell. It feels amazing on my lips and just gives my lips a sheer wash of nudish pick color. Avon Shine Attract in Guava and Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Crystal Coral were my last 2 choices. Again they provide a sheer wash of color, perfect for ''no make-up'' make-up days.

For days I want a bit more color I'm going to reach for my Avon Colordiasiac in Red Hot lips and Flirty Fuchsia -perfect vibrant brights with a lovely fruity scent. Kate Moss in 12 -for a stunning medium reddish orange with a candy scent. My 17 Mirrorshine in Peace is a great option aswell. It's a bit on the sheer side but that's why I love it so much.It's very buildable but I just love the sheer light coral wash of color it gives me.

Lipglosses wise I opted for 5. The only lipgloss for me ie my Mac Pro Longwear lipglass in Ready Or Not  was an immediate, don't even need to think about it choice. Great with the looks I create with my Naked palette. Revlon Colorburst lipglosses in Coral Reef and Shine That Pink were also very easy choices. Gorgeous expensive looking packaging plus beautiful shades- a MUST HAVE in my make-up bag. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Melonrageous qualified to be included in my travel make-up bag because of its stunning warm pink shade and its delicious melon scent. Clinique Superbalm in 10 Grapefruit luckily made the cut too. It's size is perfect for travelling.How could I resist that cute little thing?

By the time this post has been published I would have already landed in the Philippines. How I missed my beloved country. Like they say,there's no place like home and home is where the heart is. Does that apply here? You bet. Just because I'm going on vacation doesn't me I'm taking a break from blogging. I've prepared quite a few posts to keep any readers of Slave to Vanity entertained. I hope you enjoy reading the posts I have prepared. :) Now I'm off to tan. See you around and don't forget to regularly pop over here for all the latest beauty talk.

Much love,
Diane xxx


Ciate - Purple Sherbet

My love affair with pretty pastel shades continues and just in case you're wondering- our relationship  is going very strong and smooth sailing. A few bumps here and there but we're doing great. :) Next up to take centre stage? My newly acquired Ciate nailpolish in Purple Sherbet which came free with my Marie Claire July 2012 magazine. I've always been a huge fan of Ciate nailpolishes ever since I picked up my very first bottle which also came free with Marie Claire. I have 3 now and let me just say it sure doesn't stop there. The cute black bow on the bottles gets me everytime. It's frankly too cute for its own good.

Without flash

With flash 

Purple Sherbet is a creamy medium lilac. You can really see its blue undertone. It's a gorgeous color, perfect for summer.This polish is a living proof that not all pastel shades apply streaky and a pain the butt.It certainly doesn't live up to its bad reputation. In this case it couldn't be any more easier. The polish is excellently formulated. Having the right balance between being thin and thick. Not too watery and transparent nor is it too thick/gloopy. From my past experiences with Nails Inc Peach Sorbet and Revlon Lilac Pastelle (both pastel shades), I expected to run into a few problems on the horizon with application but much to my surprise and delight this polish actually behaved liked a true gentleman causing me no troubles at all. The flat brush deposited the right amount of polish, quickly covering each of my nails with 2 swipes. Like with most pastel nailpolishes Purple Sherbet applied quite sheerly at first but it's definitely buildable. It required 4 coats to reach opacity and for it to look like the shade inside the bottle. Quite frustrating and at times it gets tiring but since drying time per coat is approximately 5 to 7 mins it doesn't take that long to finish your manicure. I just love how effortless it went on my nails. Despite several coats, the polish remained nice and even on my nails.It never reached the gate of gloppyville. (Hallelujah) :D

As I mentioned above the design of the bottle is pure perfection. The cute small black bow nicely situated on the bottle is a nice,adorable touch. It definitely sets Ciate apart from other nailpolishes. In short Ciate nailpolish bottles are unique and distinctive.It's easy to distinguish it from its competitors. It's definitely the most beautiful bottle of polish I've ever since.I personally believe that it's Ciate's USP. For those who didn't/doesn't study Business it means unique selling point, don'cha know? :)
Because of the curved of the bottle, this polish sits very comfortably on my hands while I paint my nails.

So many beauty bloggers have raved about Essie nailpolishes again and again and while I can't dismiss the fact that Essie have gorgeous range of shades to choose from (hello Essie Absolutely Shore, Fiji and Ballet Slippers. I have my eyes on you gorgeous beauties. :) ) but for me? Ciate is where its at. Gorgeous adorable bottle with pretty shades to choose from aswell. Never mind the Essie bandwagon.I'm jumping on the Ciate bandwagon instead. Who's with me? :)


Everyday make-up routine & my make-up bag staples

There are still a lot of things I either don't know or I'm not 100% completely sure about myself. But if there's 1 thing I am sure about- it's that I'm a creature of habit.I dislike and fear change. I like to stay in my comfort zone. I rarely break the rules. In short I'm a very boring person. I may be the girl who'll spend the rest of her life asking the question ''what if?'' on repeat but I don't see that changing anytime soon. This attitude of mine extends to my make-up routine. Everyday I wear the same look.There are days I'm ashamed to call myself a beauty blogger because I feel like it is my duty to experiment more, to create different looks on a daily basis but instead I stick to what I'm comfortable with. I'm a firm believer in the saying that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's one of the mottos I live by. It makes sense right? Why mess up thigs when I already know what looks good on me? Sure I may change the foundation I use each day depending on the amount of coverage I want to achieve and I may have no problems wearing bright lipsticks but for the most part my routine is set in stone.


For days when my face feels tight and when it looks dehydrated, I reach for my Clinique Moisture Surge.It instantly treats my thirsty dry skin. It's light in texture and its cream gel formula is a dream to apply and is literally the saviour of my skin. I only use it in emergencies. For days I wake up and suddenly spot a couple of dry patches on my face. I apply it 5 to 10 mins before my foundation and while it doesn't completely remove the dry patches, it reduces their appearance thus helping my foundation to glide and blend smoothly on my face. I would be lost without it.

For my foundation I've been switching between 2 amazing foundations. Avon MagiX Cashmere Finish Foundation in Medium Beige is fast becoming my go to foundation. It's my trusted foundation.Its liquid mousse formula blends easily on my skin.It blends like no other foundation has ever blended before. It feels incredibly light in texture thus I never feel like I'm wearing a foundation mask. It provides a light to medium coverage which looks natural and flawless. Medium Beige is the closest shade I've ever come across to matching my skin tone- about 95%.

My other foundation of choice for my everyday look? Avon Smooth Mineral Foundation in Shell. This powder foundation provides a light to medium coverage. It blends relatively easy on my skin. It provides a natural finish. It contains shimmers but luckily they don't transfer visibly on the skin. Why I love it so much? It's light enough that it serves another purpose in my routine. It can act as a concealer for my undereye dark circles. I just pat on an extra layer underneath my eyes and it always reduces the darkness around my eye area. :)

To set my foundation in place I lightly dust Avon Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder in Light Medium all over my face. Its texture is nice and light.It never looks cakey on me.It's one of the best beauty purchases I've made in 2012.

My bronzer of choice for everyday is Bourjois Paris Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder in 52. It's the perfect color for adding a natural glow on my face. I've been into contouring for the last couple of months now.I'm still far from being a contour expert and I'm still learning the proper technique to master contouring but for days I want to make a bit more of an effort I sweep this bronzer underneath my cheekbones. I sweep it from the top of my ears down towards my mouth but stopping half way through. All the while I'm sucking my cheeks in ie fish face to see where my cheekbones naturally lie. I make sure to blend carefully to avoid any harsh tell tale lines and voila instant sculpted cheek bones which can make Jennifer Lopez jealous. Maybe not but I certainly feel like a model whenever I contour. It instantly slims down my face and it makes it more defined. I also sweep the bronzer along my jawline, under my chin and down the side of my nose. High maintenance? Oh yes ;)

To add color on my face and to brighten my complexion in a flash I reach for 2 blushes although not at the same time obviously. :) Bourjois Paris 74 Rose Ambre is my go to blush. It's the most used blush in my small collection.It's a warm toned pink that tends to lean more towards being a light coral shade once applied. It looks great with just about any eye looks I create so it definitely deserves a spot in my daily routine. Then we have Avon True Color Blush in Russet - a warm peach apricot shade which looks quite scary in the pan but with a light hand I have nothing to worry about. It looks great on my skintone and up til now I'm still amazed by its ability to accentuate my cheekbones unlike any other blushes I own. For days I'm too lazy to contour I just grab Russet and hey presto instant cheekbones with minimal effort. Score :) Both blushes quickly blend evenly on my cheeks, perfect for everyday wear when I'm in the rush and can't spend too much time on my make-up.


Since March I've used only 1 palette and it's the palette which certainly doesn't need anymore introduction. Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'm still going to dedicate a whole post and write a review of it but for now all I can say is that this 12 eyeshadow palette consisting of neutral shades is to die for. It's such a great investment- well worth the 40 euro I spent on it. Considering the fact that I use this day in and day out. For a neutral lover, this is pure heaven. I'm still having a lot of fun combining the gorgeous shades together to create different smokey eye looks but my go to combination? Buck for my all over eyelid color followed by Smog as my crease color and finally for the finale, I use Darkhorse for my outer V shade. I've worn this combo so many times already that I can do it it my sleep and with my eyes closed. Ok that's impossible  but you know what I mean right?

Before the Naked Palette though I used the Avon True Color eyeshadow quad in Mocha Latte. A much more afforable option for fellow neutral lovers. The 4 eyeshadows are  equally as beautiful as the Naked eyeshadows but I must admit that upon acquiring the Naked Palette it took a place in the backseat to make the Naked Palette the centre of attention. But I must say, I love them equally as they're great for creating the perfect brown sultry smokey eye that I j'adore.

But before applying any eyeshadows I put on a primer first. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which came with my Naked palette. This is actually my very first primer and I already can't imagine my life without it. It really works. I just place 3 tiny dits on my eyelid, blend them in and wait for it to sink in which takes place in less than 5 secs and then like magic it makes my eyeshadow last for hours. It really prevents the eyeshadows from creasing and stops them from fading too soo. At midnight my smokey eye look the same as it did when I first applied it in the morning. Not kidding.

Mascara wise I use either Avon Supermagnify mascara or my beloved Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night mascara. If I want long separated natural lashes I go for Supermagnify but if I want a more dramatic look I reach for Rimmel Glam Eyes. This mascara is a holy grail product. It does everything I want my mascara to do.It lengthens and defines my lashes. For a lack of a better word it adds a vavavoom to my lashes ;) It's the only mascara that makes my lashes look luscious and seductive. I swear a few coats of this on and I instantly feel sexy. It does have a tendency to clump but it doesn't put me off this mascara. It's love, I tell you :)


By now I'd like to think that it's pretty obvious from the several lipstick reviews I've written here in Slave to Vanity that I have some serious love for lipsticks or lip products in general. I love them and they love me. I've been known to carry 5 to 6 lipsticks around (I don't know why either so don't ask. :) ) I love to experiment with different shades and finishees but 2 of my safe choices for everyday ie the lipsticks I wear the most? No brainer picks? Avon Glazewear Silky Shine in Peach Silk and my one and only 17 Mirrorshine in Belle. Both are subtle, pretty and very wearable lips shades. Perfect company to my daily brown smokey eye. Both provide a glossy/shine finish which never fails to bring a smile on my face.


The ultimate skin crimes you're committing Right Now! Part 2

Ultimate skin crime #4 : Inadequate consumption of water

The body is composed of 60% water but on any given day we lose this amount. All the body's processes requires water to function efficiently and effectively. The largest organ in our body (the skin FYI) requires hydration not only through water but also through moisturizers, lotions and creams. By drinking 1.5 to 2 litres a day it will help to detoxify the skin, promote circulation and it will hydrate your cells. Hydrated cells equals happy, glowy skin. It basically leads to natural radiance. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

Ultimate skin crime #5 : Unstable skin care routine

Unfortunately our skin differs from our hair in the sense that it requires a strict, stable skin care routine.While we can vary the products we use on a day to day basis on our hair and try as many hair care products to our hearts content, our skin requires a more established routine. First step? Recognise your skin type.Is it oily, dry, combination or sensitive? Second step? Purchase the suitable products for your skin type. The third step to great skin care? Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily like a good obedient girl :) Our skin needs to be able to breathe so keep the products you use as basic as possible. Avoid products that are too waxy or greasy. Don't forget to exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating is vital to remove the dead skin cells on our faces - but don't forget to be as gentle as you can and only increase the frequency of exfoliating once you are 100% sure that your skin can handle it. Go on our skin deserves a bit of spoiling and treatment once in a while :)

Most important lesson here? Don't immediately give up on a skin care product/routine if it doesn't lead to immediate improvements or produce any benefits to your skin. Be patient as it can take weeks for some products to reveal their often worth the wait results. Constantly yoyoing between products will not benefit your skin one bit.

Ultimate skin crime #6 : Popping/ squeezing pimples

Yes dear, pimples are annoying little unwanted visitors, rascals and creatures on our faces. Yes it's so tempting to squeeze them and pick at them but please leave them alone. Let mother nature take its course.She'll take care of it.By squeezing it, you're only making matters worse as you'll end up spreading bacteria on clean surfaces of your face, thus resulting in the development of more pimples which are often nastier.Plus you could end up with scars on your face- a constant reminder of your interference and stubborness. By the way, the less you interfere the more chance that your stubborn pimples will disappear on their own free will in a matter of days rather than sticking around up to 10 days for them to heal. Suddenly it all seems a little less tempting eh?

Ultimate skin crime #7 : Going to bed with a face full of makeup

Cough.Ahem. I should really practice what I preach. Ladies we all know not to sleep with full make-up on but sometimes our laziness gets in the way. The need for our beauty sleep always triumph over removing our make-up. Let's be honest. Your concern for the well-being of your skin is the last thing on your mind when you can barely keep your eyes open but please,please before you dream about Channing Tatum (insert the name of any hot actor here :D) take off your entire make-up and I mean EVERYTHING and please no cheating with make-up wipes which are totally bad for your skin. It is during the night when our skin regenerates.It's the time we should be allowing it to breathe and feed it nutrients. By leaving your make-up on you're clogging your pores with unnecessary and harmful chemicals. The result?  More pimples, unhealthy complexion and dull skin. Oh and do I have to mention just how disgusting it is? *hangs my head in shame*

So there we have it.The top 7 skin crimes we're all committing. I'm guilty of committing 4 of these. I won't admit which ones because I feel so ashamed of myself but researching,writing and putting this article together really made me realize the importance of taking better care of my skin starting NOW. Not tomorrow, next week, next month but NOW. The sooner I rectify my mistakes the better for my skin and the sooner I will reap the benefits. Glowy, gorgeous skin is totally within our reach by simply changing our habits. Care to join me? :)


The ultimate skin crimes you're committing Right Now! Part 1

For most of us maintaining our skin in tip top condition is a number 1 priority. After all who wants to suffer from acne, oily and dry skin right? Beauty bloggers know the importance of having great skin because great skin = gorgeous, flawless canvas for our make-up. But while we have good intentions we're only humans bound to make mistakes. But this is where I step in and point out the errors of our ways. I'm also guilty of some of these crimes. Granted you've probably heard some of these skin crimes for the billionth time already and I know I'll probably sound like a broken record but I bet you still continue to do them anyway. Like they say old habits die hard. It's no harm to remind ourselves of the ultimate crimes we're all committing against our skin. It is only through knowledge, can people rectify their mistakes. Agree?

     Ultimate skin crime #1 : Smoking

By now I'd like to think that everyone already knows the danger associated with smoking, how terrible it is for our health. Not only does it lead to all sorts of complications such as heart diseases but smoking is also harming our skin now and in the near future. Regularly smoking for the next 5 to 10 years will lead to the development of wrinkles around your mouth, undereye dark circles and a not so pretty uneven pigmentation. Dull, greyish complexions are common in smokers because of the toxins being consumed orally. Why? As tobacco constricts our blood vessels it reduces the blood flow to the skin resulting in grey and unhealthy looking skin. So put down that cigarette and start noticing the improvements to your skin and the benefits of quitting such a horrible habit.

Ultimate skin crime #2 : Removing essential oils

Having greasy, oily skin and acne are major problems for many girls and everyday you're faced with the temptation to use harsh, astringent products which all promise you one thing - dry oil free face with continuous use. But stop right there sweetie. Because while using creams to dry out pimples is okay if you don't do it that often, regular use of drying pimple creams will result in the removal of naturally occuring essential oils found on your skin. The removal of these essential oils will only cause your skin to become greasier to compensate for the loss of oil. Overdrying can aggravate your pimples, causing inflammation and prolonging its recovery. So what should a girl do at this point?  Purchase products which are created specifically for your skin type eg a light moisturiser and a gentle toner. When using these products. make sure to apply them on your entire face to avoid any dry patches and dull skin.

Ultimate skin crime #3 : Not using SPF/ sunscreen

Everyone knows the danger of over exposure to sun rays right? If not there are 2 words which could easily highlight the dangerous implications of UVA, UVB and UVC rays - Skin Cancer. Ring any bells? However, the majority of us still go about our daily business without adequate protection from the harmful rays. But the truth of the matter is, we need to use SPF Yes even in those days when the sun refuses to come out and continues to play a hide and seek game like a lunatic. With or without the sun, the UV rays can create havoc within our skin. So do your skin and future self a favor by choosing beauty products with added SPF. A lot of cosmetics available from foundations, lipsticks to blushes contains SPF so no excuses you hear? ;) Sunscreen protects our skin against age spots and skin dehydration. Burnt, damaged skin is not a good look now or in the near future. Oh ps. if you have acne,it's best to avoid the sun as much as you can because it can ripen your breakouts (pretty gross right?) thus making them worse.

*Images used within this post are solely for illustration purposes only and were all taken from google images. I do not own the photos.I will never  claim ownership of these photos. Credit is given where credit is due. :)
*The information, facts discussed in this article were acquired by me through an extensive amount of research on the topic. I'm not claiming to be an expert on skin care. I'm just a beauty blogger who wants to share the knowledge she acquires throughout her lifetime. ;)