Ciate - Purple Sherbet

My love affair with pretty pastel shades continues and just in case you're wondering- our relationship  is going very strong and smooth sailing. A few bumps here and there but we're doing great. :) Next up to take centre stage? My newly acquired Ciate nailpolish in Purple Sherbet which came free with my Marie Claire July 2012 magazine. I've always been a huge fan of Ciate nailpolishes ever since I picked up my very first bottle which also came free with Marie Claire. I have 3 now and let me just say it sure doesn't stop there. The cute black bow on the bottles gets me everytime. It's frankly too cute for its own good.

Without flash

With flash 

Purple Sherbet is a creamy medium lilac. You can really see its blue undertone. It's a gorgeous color, perfect for summer.This polish is a living proof that not all pastel shades apply streaky and a pain the butt.It certainly doesn't live up to its bad reputation. In this case it couldn't be any more easier. The polish is excellently formulated. Having the right balance between being thin and thick. Not too watery and transparent nor is it too thick/gloopy. From my past experiences with Nails Inc Peach Sorbet and Revlon Lilac Pastelle (both pastel shades), I expected to run into a few problems on the horizon with application but much to my surprise and delight this polish actually behaved liked a true gentleman causing me no troubles at all. The flat brush deposited the right amount of polish, quickly covering each of my nails with 2 swipes. Like with most pastel nailpolishes Purple Sherbet applied quite sheerly at first but it's definitely buildable. It required 4 coats to reach opacity and for it to look like the shade inside the bottle. Quite frustrating and at times it gets tiring but since drying time per coat is approximately 5 to 7 mins it doesn't take that long to finish your manicure. I just love how effortless it went on my nails. Despite several coats, the polish remained nice and even on my nails.It never reached the gate of gloppyville. (Hallelujah) :D

As I mentioned above the design of the bottle is pure perfection. The cute small black bow nicely situated on the bottle is a nice,adorable touch. It definitely sets Ciate apart from other nailpolishes. In short Ciate nailpolish bottles are unique and distinctive.It's easy to distinguish it from its competitors. It's definitely the most beautiful bottle of polish I've ever since.I personally believe that it's Ciate's USP. For those who didn't/doesn't study Business it means unique selling point, don'cha know? :)
Because of the curved of the bottle, this polish sits very comfortably on my hands while I paint my nails.

So many beauty bloggers have raved about Essie nailpolishes again and again and while I can't dismiss the fact that Essie have gorgeous range of shades to choose from (hello Essie Absolutely Shore, Fiji and Ballet Slippers. I have my eyes on you gorgeous beauties. :) ) but for me? Ciate is where its at. Gorgeous adorable bottle with pretty shades to choose from aswell. Never mind the Essie bandwagon.I'm jumping on the Ciate bandwagon instead. Who's with me? :)


  1. perfect shade for summer!!

  2. this is absolutely a pretty shade! really similar to Essie nice is nice or lilacism..
    I loooove Essie polishes as they have nice quality and the price is still affordable..
    I've never tried any ciate polish, though I've been interested to try for so long!

  3. oh my! I loved the shade!! its so pretty! Thanks for sharing ^_~


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