Everyday make-up routine & my make-up bag staples

There are still a lot of things I either don't know or I'm not 100% completely sure about myself. But if there's 1 thing I am sure about- it's that I'm a creature of habit.I dislike and fear change. I like to stay in my comfort zone. I rarely break the rules. In short I'm a very boring person. I may be the girl who'll spend the rest of her life asking the question ''what if?'' on repeat but I don't see that changing anytime soon. This attitude of mine extends to my make-up routine. Everyday I wear the same look.There are days I'm ashamed to call myself a beauty blogger because I feel like it is my duty to experiment more, to create different looks on a daily basis but instead I stick to what I'm comfortable with. I'm a firm believer in the saying that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's one of the mottos I live by. It makes sense right? Why mess up thigs when I already know what looks good on me? Sure I may change the foundation I use each day depending on the amount of coverage I want to achieve and I may have no problems wearing bright lipsticks but for the most part my routine is set in stone.


For days when my face feels tight and when it looks dehydrated, I reach for my Clinique Moisture Surge.It instantly treats my thirsty dry skin. It's light in texture and its cream gel formula is a dream to apply and is literally the saviour of my skin. I only use it in emergencies. For days I wake up and suddenly spot a couple of dry patches on my face. I apply it 5 to 10 mins before my foundation and while it doesn't completely remove the dry patches, it reduces their appearance thus helping my foundation to glide and blend smoothly on my face. I would be lost without it.

For my foundation I've been switching between 2 amazing foundations. Avon MagiX Cashmere Finish Foundation in Medium Beige is fast becoming my go to foundation. It's my trusted foundation.Its liquid mousse formula blends easily on my skin.It blends like no other foundation has ever blended before. It feels incredibly light in texture thus I never feel like I'm wearing a foundation mask. It provides a light to medium coverage which looks natural and flawless. Medium Beige is the closest shade I've ever come across to matching my skin tone- about 95%.

My other foundation of choice for my everyday look? Avon Smooth Mineral Foundation in Shell. This powder foundation provides a light to medium coverage. It blends relatively easy on my skin. It provides a natural finish. It contains shimmers but luckily they don't transfer visibly on the skin. Why I love it so much? It's light enough that it serves another purpose in my routine. It can act as a concealer for my undereye dark circles. I just pat on an extra layer underneath my eyes and it always reduces the darkness around my eye area. :)

To set my foundation in place I lightly dust Avon Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder in Light Medium all over my face. Its texture is nice and light.It never looks cakey on me.It's one of the best beauty purchases I've made in 2012.

My bronzer of choice for everyday is Bourjois Paris Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder in 52. It's the perfect color for adding a natural glow on my face. I've been into contouring for the last couple of months now.I'm still far from being a contour expert and I'm still learning the proper technique to master contouring but for days I want to make a bit more of an effort I sweep this bronzer underneath my cheekbones. I sweep it from the top of my ears down towards my mouth but stopping half way through. All the while I'm sucking my cheeks in ie fish face to see where my cheekbones naturally lie. I make sure to blend carefully to avoid any harsh tell tale lines and voila instant sculpted cheek bones which can make Jennifer Lopez jealous. Maybe not but I certainly feel like a model whenever I contour. It instantly slims down my face and it makes it more defined. I also sweep the bronzer along my jawline, under my chin and down the side of my nose. High maintenance? Oh yes ;)

To add color on my face and to brighten my complexion in a flash I reach for 2 blushes although not at the same time obviously. :) Bourjois Paris 74 Rose Ambre is my go to blush. It's the most used blush in my small collection.It's a warm toned pink that tends to lean more towards being a light coral shade once applied. It looks great with just about any eye looks I create so it definitely deserves a spot in my daily routine. Then we have Avon True Color Blush in Russet - a warm peach apricot shade which looks quite scary in the pan but with a light hand I have nothing to worry about. It looks great on my skintone and up til now I'm still amazed by its ability to accentuate my cheekbones unlike any other blushes I own. For days I'm too lazy to contour I just grab Russet and hey presto instant cheekbones with minimal effort. Score :) Both blushes quickly blend evenly on my cheeks, perfect for everyday wear when I'm in the rush and can't spend too much time on my make-up.


Since March I've used only 1 palette and it's the palette which certainly doesn't need anymore introduction. Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'm still going to dedicate a whole post and write a review of it but for now all I can say is that this 12 eyeshadow palette consisting of neutral shades is to die for. It's such a great investment- well worth the 40 euro I spent on it. Considering the fact that I use this day in and day out. For a neutral lover, this is pure heaven. I'm still having a lot of fun combining the gorgeous shades together to create different smokey eye looks but my go to combination? Buck for my all over eyelid color followed by Smog as my crease color and finally for the finale, I use Darkhorse for my outer V shade. I've worn this combo so many times already that I can do it it my sleep and with my eyes closed. Ok that's impossible  but you know what I mean right?

Before the Naked Palette though I used the Avon True Color eyeshadow quad in Mocha Latte. A much more afforable option for fellow neutral lovers. The 4 eyeshadows are  equally as beautiful as the Naked eyeshadows but I must admit that upon acquiring the Naked Palette it took a place in the backseat to make the Naked Palette the centre of attention. But I must say, I love them equally as they're great for creating the perfect brown sultry smokey eye that I j'adore.

But before applying any eyeshadows I put on a primer first. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which came with my Naked palette. This is actually my very first primer and I already can't imagine my life without it. It really works. I just place 3 tiny dits on my eyelid, blend them in and wait for it to sink in which takes place in less than 5 secs and then like magic it makes my eyeshadow last for hours. It really prevents the eyeshadows from creasing and stops them from fading too soo. At midnight my smokey eye look the same as it did when I first applied it in the morning. Not kidding.

Mascara wise I use either Avon Supermagnify mascara or my beloved Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night mascara. If I want long separated natural lashes I go for Supermagnify but if I want a more dramatic look I reach for Rimmel Glam Eyes. This mascara is a holy grail product. It does everything I want my mascara to do.It lengthens and defines my lashes. For a lack of a better word it adds a vavavoom to my lashes ;) It's the only mascara that makes my lashes look luscious and seductive. I swear a few coats of this on and I instantly feel sexy. It does have a tendency to clump but it doesn't put me off this mascara. It's love, I tell you :)


By now I'd like to think that it's pretty obvious from the several lipstick reviews I've written here in Slave to Vanity that I have some serious love for lipsticks or lip products in general. I love them and they love me. I've been known to carry 5 to 6 lipsticks around (I don't know why either so don't ask. :) ) I love to experiment with different shades and finishees but 2 of my safe choices for everyday ie the lipsticks I wear the most? No brainer picks? Avon Glazewear Silky Shine in Peach Silk and my one and only 17 Mirrorshine in Belle. Both are subtle, pretty and very wearable lips shades. Perfect company to my daily brown smokey eye. Both provide a glossy/shine finish which never fails to bring a smile on my face.


  1. you look pretty !!! and you have naked original OMG!!! I'm thinking of buying the original too since I really like the naked2. I like the quality of urban decay eye shadow.
    great post, Diane!

  2. LOVED this post so much! So interesting to hear what you thought of the products individually x

  3. Flawless I have always wanted to get the chocolate bronzer jealous!

  4. I loved this post :) so detailed and now it has me wanting to try the Avon Cashmere finish foundation.. I think you have enabled me to make an Avon order actually!

    Also your post has made me realise that I need to get back into the habit of using my Naked palette again as I have stopped using it for some odd reason tut tut.

    Fee x


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