A Whole Lotta Samples

Being a complete beauty junkie and aficionado a new make-up purchase is a sure fire way to bring a smile on my pretty face ;) and to instantly lift my mood (yes even on days I feel like the whole world is against me).I'm always on the look out for new products to try and purchase.But granted with my limited student budget, it's not always possible to buy everything on my wishlist. *Chanel Rouge Cocoshine in Flirt and Evasion when will you be mine??? So what's the next best thing I turn to,to satisfy my cravings for the high I get when I discover new wonderful, holy grail beauty products? That's where my beloved collection of samples come in to the rescue.

For the last couple of months I have started a new hobby and collection. I've recently gathered all the make-up, skin care and hair care product samples I received from magazines and with product pruchases. I decided to gather them all up and place them inside this old chocolate gift box. Who's the recycle queen/ earth friendly? That'll be me :)  I'm quite surprised at how fast my little stash of samples grew. I have a variety of skin/hair/make-up samples which basically means I'm spoiled for choice. :) So next time I'm too broke to purchase any beauty products I would just have a dig around my samples stash and hey presto
- all is well again in the land of beauty. ;)

 Hair care
                       Skin care

                                                     Samples I can't wait to try out
Some of the samples I'm super duper excited to try out include: Vera Wang Princess perfume, Chanel Perfection Lumiere and Rimmel Wake Me Up foundations and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion and some pretty Shiseido lipsticks.

Am I the only who collects samples? I doubt it. Do you have your own stash? Any product samples you have recently tried and love? I'm LOVING my 7.5ml sample size of Benefit Porefessional which I got free with Glamour uk July 2012 issue. Good thing I picked up 3 copies with Porefessionals . So much so I already have my eyes on the full size version which I'll be picking up as soon as my samples are all used up. Samples= HEAVEN.


  1. i love samples & i too have a stash of samples, to try out whenever i feel like.

  2. Wow you have so many samples! :) I love collecting samples and trying them out, especially when it comes to foundations! x

  3. I LOVE SAMPLES!! lol
    I think, we need samples before we decide whether we're buying the product or not. Esp. on skin care and foundation. everytime I wanna buy foundation, I always try to get samples first and try it for few days before deciding to buy or not to buy

  4. Yay for samples :) The Shiseido one looks great :) I am the same I really love collecting samples to try out - such a fun thing to do!!


  5. Super agree on this post!! I love samples too! I've wanted to try Murad's product but the price is pretty steep so I don't want to purchase the full size just yet. Gladly, the SA there was generous enough to provide me lots of samples just so I could try them out!! I am a samples addict to..hehe ^_~

  6. Oh my gosh you have some amazing samples! How do you get so many amazing ones?

    Also, I awarded you the Liebster Award, you can check it out on my blog:

  7. over the last few days i literally can't stop going on sample websites and ordering some! the best website i've found so far is:
    ordered loads, can't wait for them to come :D
    love your blog, just read about 8 pages of it all at once;)

  8. I thought I had a few beauty samples, but you have tonnes!!
    I try and get as many free samples as I can, always good to try out new things :)

    I've been loving the porefessional sample from the magazine last month too, I'm debating whether to buy the full price one or not, hmmm.

    Just found your blog, now following!

    Maybe you could check out my blog too?
    Laura xx


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