The top jewellery / accessories picks from my collection

Before my obsession with beauty consumed my entire being, I was first and foremost an accessories kind of gal.I had the mentality ''the more the merrier'' hence my enormous collection of rings, bracelets,bangles,earrings and necklaces. If it's shiny, pretty,trendy and stylish I have to have it.From as long as I can remember I held on the belief that it's my choice of accessories which can either make or break an outfit.I knew that with the right one- I can easily transform an otherwise boring outfit to a more stylish ensemble. There was a time when I was really obsessed with accessories. From dangly earrings to hoop earrings which totally didn't flatter my round face (oh the horror and shame of remembering old times. *shudder* Sigh.) But you live and you learn continously right? :) Today is a bit of a different post.It's not beauty/make-up related but I couldn't resist sharing my gorgeous pieces wth readers of Slave To Vanity. They're just way too pretty to stay hidden.They deserve to shine and to receive some attention. :)

Ever since I was a little girl I've been a huge fan of rings but somehow they never fit me. Thanks to my not so skinny fingers I find it hard to find rings that fit me. Sigh. However, these gorgeous rings luckily do. The first 2 on the left are from Primark and they're connector earrings and are adjustable, same as the 2 rings on the right. As for the turquoise ring it's from Primark which I got a couple of years ago.It's a complete beaut. It only fits my pinky finger but still looks great. The ring behind was from Miss Selfridge.It's a gorgeous delicate ring which looks quite vintage. It look stunning paired with some lace clothing. :) All together now ''cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it, if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it, don't be mad once you see that he want it, If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it'' I sing this song everytime I put on my rings.I guess I'm a weirdo?? ;)

Earrings are probably my favorite pieces to collect because unlike necklaces/bracelets/rings one size definitely fits all. I mean it's impossible to have ears that are too big for earrings right? Now that would be something. I feel slightly naked without any earrings on.It's kind of automatic that I reach for a pair. They're definitely an essential for me.Kind of like underwear I suppose ;)
Ah bracelets. Now this really add something to my outfits. It's the first piece of jewellery I reach for if I want to spice things up.I don't exactly know why.I just do. These 3 bracelets are my most reached for especially the charm bracelet in the front. I've lost count on the number of times I've worn it.I purchased it from Miss Selfridge -about a year ago for only 4.50 euro. It was a great investment. I think by now I got the value for my money but more. :) The bangles and butterfly pearl bracelet were both from Primark. I purchased them quite a long time ago. The butterfly always turn my wrist a green color but it's cheap jewellery.You get what you pay for. Not gonna complain. I just love how gorgeous these 3 pieces are individually or together. Oh so feminine and chic, so uber stylish ;)

I've really been into long necklaces and these 8 ( well the last 2 are not that long) are my go to pieces. Paired with a simple loose fitting top and skinny jeans these evokes that effortless style, just threw everything at the last minute look. Perfect finishing touch. I love how the pieces I chose have something different about them. Yes they're all pretty to look at but there's just something that sets them apart from each other. First 3 necklaces on the right were form Forever 21, the adorable camera and vintage looking piece were from So Chic and the last 3 were from Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge have really nice gorgeous pieces. Complete Beauts noh? ;)

For me there are no definite rules when it comes to wearing jewelleries.Well less is more definitely applies- you don't want to look like a christmas tree but it's important to have fun. Mixing and matching necklaces, rings,bracelets and earrings to suit any outfit and to fit your mood is the FUN part. So relax and enjoy the ride. ;)

Do you have any go to pieces? What's your favorite shop to buy your girly bits and pieces? You already know mine- Primark and Miss Selfridge. So spill below in the comments :)



  1. you have beautiful collection of accessories there!!
    I'm not really a necklace person,But other than necklace, I really like rings, earrings and bracelets. Buuuuut since my fingers are chunky chunky (lol), it's also not an easy task for me to find rings that fit well.
    For bracelets, I love charmbracelets and slim bangles that we can stack ;) and as far as the earrings go, I love big studded earrings, not really a fan of chandelier :)

  2. Your collection just rocks! Those are all lovely and stylish! Keep that fashionable spirit whether you are donning bangles or diamond rings!


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