Travel Make-up Picks

One of the most hardest and painful thing a human will ever have to do (aside from giving birth of course-not that I would know but you know :) ) is to make decisions and I for one loathe the time when I have to make a difficult choice which in my current situation concerns the make-up items which will accompany me to my home country- the Philippines  for a 6 weeks vacation which starts this week.How the hell was I suppose to choose? It was a dilemma.Sure the world will not stop turning and come to a halt if I forgot an essential but it will certainly have an impact of my face. - Yes it's my vanity speaking here. So while browsing through my humble make-up collection I held each product on my hand and asked myself the question ''Would I die without this in the Philippines? If the answer was yes it went straight inside my make-up bag.If no it went straight back in my make-up drawer.In the end I decided to bring the products I completely love, my beauty essentials, my personal beauty heroes if you will. It was really tempting to bring everything with me and as much as I would love that, it just ain't that practical you know?

But one thing is for sure though.The ''rejects'' which didn't make the final cut, which all remained in Ireland will probably be on my mind. I'll probably think about them constantly but hey like they say ''absence makes the heart grow fonder  I'm sure that I'll appreciate the rejects more as soon as I come back. Afterall you don't realise what you have til it's gone. Ok enough rambling and well known sayings here. Here are the beauty products that I decided to bring with me for my 6 weeks vacation. Yay! ;)


 It was very easy for me to choose the foundations I wanted to bring with me. Avon Cashmere Finish Foundation in Medium Beige aka my go to foundation and Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation in Shell were obvious, can't be without them choices. Both give a really natural looking finish, perfect for summer. And how can I forget my Avon Ideal Pressed Powder for setting my foundation in place?

A  summer look is not complete without a helping dose of bronzers to instantly give off a natral glow.My current 2 picks are Bourjois Paris Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder 52  and Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls. Both give me that beautiful sun kissed glow without making my face look like I dipped my face in a can of orange paint.No oompa loompa effects here.

Benefit's Porefessional - a lightweight gel that acts as a veil which smooths over my pores instantly making them less visible.


I opted for my adorable Bourjois blush pots in 74 Rose Ambre for great everyday flush of color and for days I want a little more glow I'll opt for 22 Tomette D'Or - a shimmery medium pinky peach.Avon True Color Blush in Russett also joined the blush party as I reach for this everytime I want to challenge my inner Kardashian. Perfect dark peach coral- the perfect finish to a brown smokey eye. The Bodyshop Lip and Cheek stain in 01 Rose Glow is also tagging along for the ride or should I say flight :) It's sexy flush in a bottle.Great for achieving an I just got out of the water after swimming ala a Baywatch girl flush of color.


To get sexy flirty luscious lashes I enlisted the help of my Benefit Bad Gal Lash with its enormous brush wand, Avon Supermagnify mascara with its skinny wand for easy application and my beloved Rimmel Glam Eyes Day to Night mascara for dramatic,full false looking lashes.

If I'm bothered enough to apply eyeshadows I'm going to reach for what else? But my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette with 10 gorgeous neutral shades and 2 not so neutral shades.Its got everything I need to create pretty brown smokey eye looks. Leaving this behind will prove that I'm insane which I'm totally not.So there :) And surely I couldn't leave my Urban Decay Primer potion behind, it's like leaving behind my underwear. Imagine the horror of that? Ok eww pls don't imagine.


 Now onto the lipsticks. Choosing what lipsticks to bring with me was painful. But I have to be sensible and mature about the whole situation.So in the end I brought 5 nude/sheer lipsticks and 4 brights. 9 lipsticks? 1 lips? Sure life is short so why not right? Better to be safe than sorry. Of course you have the usuals thrown in there. My Glazewear Silky Shine in Coral Bliss and Peach Silk are coming along as I seriously cannot get over their yummy peach scent and gorgeous shades. 17 Mirrorshine in Belle (my favorite lipstick of all time) is coming out to play aswell. It feels amazing on my lips and just gives my lips a sheer wash of nudish pick color. Avon Shine Attract in Guava and Avon Smooth Minerals lipstick in Crystal Coral were my last 2 choices. Again they provide a sheer wash of color, perfect for ''no make-up'' make-up days.

For days I want a bit more color I'm going to reach for my Avon Colordiasiac in Red Hot lips and Flirty Fuchsia -perfect vibrant brights with a lovely fruity scent. Kate Moss in 12 -for a stunning medium reddish orange with a candy scent. My 17 Mirrorshine in Peace is a great option aswell. It's a bit on the sheer side but that's why I love it so much.It's very buildable but I just love the sheer light coral wash of color it gives me.

Lipglosses wise I opted for 5. The only lipgloss for me ie my Mac Pro Longwear lipglass in Ready Or Not  was an immediate, don't even need to think about it choice. Great with the looks I create with my Naked palette. Revlon Colorburst lipglosses in Coral Reef and Shine That Pink were also very easy choices. Gorgeous expensive looking packaging plus beautiful shades- a MUST HAVE in my make-up bag. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Melonrageous qualified to be included in my travel make-up bag because of its stunning warm pink shade and its delicious melon scent. Clinique Superbalm in 10 Grapefruit luckily made the cut too. It's size is perfect for travelling.How could I resist that cute little thing?

By the time this post has been published I would have already landed in the Philippines. How I missed my beloved country. Like they say,there's no place like home and home is where the heart is. Does that apply here? You bet. Just because I'm going on vacation doesn't me I'm taking a break from blogging. I've prepared quite a few posts to keep any readers of Slave to Vanity entertained. I hope you enjoy reading the posts I have prepared. :) Now I'm off to tan. See you around and don't forget to regularly pop over here for all the latest beauty talk.

Much love,
Diane xxx


  1. Great post. I feel your pain. I find it hard enough trying to decide what to take if I stay away just one night! xx

  2. you def bring enough products to keep you looking pretty and polished there in phillipines! :D
    enjoy your holiday,Diane! I am so jealous that you are able to see your family / hometown there! I miss mine soooo much!

  3. I don't like packing for travel either. Very hard to choose the best products to bring. I like that Pore Professional by Benefit. I am at an age when I need to care for my pores.

  4. Some great pics hun, I really want to try the poreprofessional xxx

  5. Great Post, I love lots of the products you mentioned xxx


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