The ultimate skin crimes you're committing Right Now! Part 1

For most of us maintaining our skin in tip top condition is a number 1 priority. After all who wants to suffer from acne, oily and dry skin right? Beauty bloggers know the importance of having great skin because great skin = gorgeous, flawless canvas for our make-up. But while we have good intentions we're only humans bound to make mistakes. But this is where I step in and point out the errors of our ways. I'm also guilty of some of these crimes. Granted you've probably heard some of these skin crimes for the billionth time already and I know I'll probably sound like a broken record but I bet you still continue to do them anyway. Like they say old habits die hard. It's no harm to remind ourselves of the ultimate crimes we're all committing against our skin. It is only through knowledge, can people rectify their mistakes. Agree?

     Ultimate skin crime #1 : Smoking

By now I'd like to think that everyone already knows the danger associated with smoking, how terrible it is for our health. Not only does it lead to all sorts of complications such as heart diseases but smoking is also harming our skin now and in the near future. Regularly smoking for the next 5 to 10 years will lead to the development of wrinkles around your mouth, undereye dark circles and a not so pretty uneven pigmentation. Dull, greyish complexions are common in smokers because of the toxins being consumed orally. Why? As tobacco constricts our blood vessels it reduces the blood flow to the skin resulting in grey and unhealthy looking skin. So put down that cigarette and start noticing the improvements to your skin and the benefits of quitting such a horrible habit.

Ultimate skin crime #2 : Removing essential oils

Having greasy, oily skin and acne are major problems for many girls and everyday you're faced with the temptation to use harsh, astringent products which all promise you one thing - dry oil free face with continuous use. But stop right there sweetie. Because while using creams to dry out pimples is okay if you don't do it that often, regular use of drying pimple creams will result in the removal of naturally occuring essential oils found on your skin. The removal of these essential oils will only cause your skin to become greasier to compensate for the loss of oil. Overdrying can aggravate your pimples, causing inflammation and prolonging its recovery. So what should a girl do at this point?  Purchase products which are created specifically for your skin type eg a light moisturiser and a gentle toner. When using these products. make sure to apply them on your entire face to avoid any dry patches and dull skin.

Ultimate skin crime #3 : Not using SPF/ sunscreen

Everyone knows the danger of over exposure to sun rays right? If not there are 2 words which could easily highlight the dangerous implications of UVA, UVB and UVC rays - Skin Cancer. Ring any bells? However, the majority of us still go about our daily business without adequate protection from the harmful rays. But the truth of the matter is, we need to use SPF Yes even in those days when the sun refuses to come out and continues to play a hide and seek game like a lunatic. With or without the sun, the UV rays can create havoc within our skin. So do your skin and future self a favor by choosing beauty products with added SPF. A lot of cosmetics available from foundations, lipsticks to blushes contains SPF so no excuses you hear? ;) Sunscreen protects our skin against age spots and skin dehydration. Burnt, damaged skin is not a good look now or in the near future. Oh ps. if you have acne,it's best to avoid the sun as much as you can because it can ripen your breakouts (pretty gross right?) thus making them worse.

*Images used within this post are solely for illustration purposes only and were all taken from google images. I do not own the photos.I will never  claim ownership of these photos. Credit is given where credit is due. :)
*The information, facts discussed in this article were acquired by me through an extensive amount of research on the topic. I'm not claiming to be an expert on skin care. I'm just a beauty blogger who wants to share the knowledge she acquires throughout her lifetime. ;)


  1. Great post!!! Well done!! Great info, its really imp not to take such things for granted!!

  2. Ah I love the tip for oily skin and I hope that younger girls take note. As someone slightly older (27) I jest, and a sufferer of oily skin I have always been keen to grab the most potent facial products to dry that oil up but it has taken me a while to realise this has been doing more harm than good. I now tend to favour towards more moisturising products such as the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and using toners and moisturisers specifically for my skin type and let me tell you I can def see an improvement in the amount of oil being produced you could say my skin has almost balanced itself now.


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