The ultimate skin crimes you're committing Right Now! Part 2

Ultimate skin crime #4 : Inadequate consumption of water

The body is composed of 60% water but on any given day we lose this amount. All the body's processes requires water to function efficiently and effectively. The largest organ in our body (the skin FYI) requires hydration not only through water but also through moisturizers, lotions and creams. By drinking 1.5 to 2 litres a day it will help to detoxify the skin, promote circulation and it will hydrate your cells. Hydrated cells equals happy, glowy skin. It basically leads to natural radiance. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

Ultimate skin crime #5 : Unstable skin care routine

Unfortunately our skin differs from our hair in the sense that it requires a strict, stable skin care routine.While we can vary the products we use on a day to day basis on our hair and try as many hair care products to our hearts content, our skin requires a more established routine. First step? Recognise your skin type.Is it oily, dry, combination or sensitive? Second step? Purchase the suitable products for your skin type. The third step to great skin care? Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily like a good obedient girl :) Our skin needs to be able to breathe so keep the products you use as basic as possible. Avoid products that are too waxy or greasy. Don't forget to exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating is vital to remove the dead skin cells on our faces - but don't forget to be as gentle as you can and only increase the frequency of exfoliating once you are 100% sure that your skin can handle it. Go on our skin deserves a bit of spoiling and treatment once in a while :)

Most important lesson here? Don't immediately give up on a skin care product/routine if it doesn't lead to immediate improvements or produce any benefits to your skin. Be patient as it can take weeks for some products to reveal their often worth the wait results. Constantly yoyoing between products will not benefit your skin one bit.

Ultimate skin crime #6 : Popping/ squeezing pimples

Yes dear, pimples are annoying little unwanted visitors, rascals and creatures on our faces. Yes it's so tempting to squeeze them and pick at them but please leave them alone. Let mother nature take its course.She'll take care of it.By squeezing it, you're only making matters worse as you'll end up spreading bacteria on clean surfaces of your face, thus resulting in the development of more pimples which are often nastier.Plus you could end up with scars on your face- a constant reminder of your interference and stubborness. By the way, the less you interfere the more chance that your stubborn pimples will disappear on their own free will in a matter of days rather than sticking around up to 10 days for them to heal. Suddenly it all seems a little less tempting eh?

Ultimate skin crime #7 : Going to bed with a face full of makeup

Cough.Ahem. I should really practice what I preach. Ladies we all know not to sleep with full make-up on but sometimes our laziness gets in the way. The need for our beauty sleep always triumph over removing our make-up. Let's be honest. Your concern for the well-being of your skin is the last thing on your mind when you can barely keep your eyes open but please,please before you dream about Channing Tatum (insert the name of any hot actor here :D) take off your entire make-up and I mean EVERYTHING and please no cheating with make-up wipes which are totally bad for your skin. It is during the night when our skin regenerates.It's the time we should be allowing it to breathe and feed it nutrients. By leaving your make-up on you're clogging your pores with unnecessary and harmful chemicals. The result?  More pimples, unhealthy complexion and dull skin. Oh and do I have to mention just how disgusting it is? *hangs my head in shame*

So there we have it.The top 7 skin crimes we're all committing. I'm guilty of committing 4 of these. I won't admit which ones because I feel so ashamed of myself but researching,writing and putting this article together really made me realize the importance of taking better care of my skin starting NOW. Not tomorrow, next week, next month but NOW. The sooner I rectify my mistakes the better for my skin and the sooner I will reap the benefits. Glowy, gorgeous skin is totally within our reach by simply changing our habits. Care to join me? :)

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