Current favorites (aka my travel essentials)

Who's the over- packer? That'll be me. I brought so much beauty products with me on my holiday to the Philippines but it turned out I only needed to bring a couple of products with me. Travel light? Pah! I don't know the meaning of those 2 words. :) For example I brought 9 lipsticks with me but only used 3 out of the nine. My reasoning behind it? to be on the safe side. Just in case I wanted to rock bright lips but in the end I opted for nude lips. Typical right? Is it just me? What is it with girls and packing? Why do we feel the need to haul around our entire wardrobe/make-up collection? In my defence I really thought I was going to use all of the stuff I brought with me. Honest. :) But surprisingly and much to my skin's luck I kept my make-up simple. There were even days I wore nothing at all. Nadah. Feeling quite proud of myself.

The hot climate in the Philippines probably played a role as to why I sported the ''no make-up make-up look day in day out on the days I was bothered enough to play around with beauty bits. Hot weather + face full of make-up = melt down disaster. Who wants that? Certainly not me so I kept it relatively simple with  the occasional smokey eye. I love me some smokey eye but apart from that, the rest of the face was kept fresh and simple as can be so let me dedicate a post to my travel essentials which needless to say are my current favourites as we speak. :)

For my base I reached for Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation in Shell.  This lightweight powder foundation always blends easily and never looks chalky on my skin. It doubles as a concealer for my undereye dark circles.Quickly dusted that all over my face followed by a light layer of Avon Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder in Light Medium under my eyes. As the Smooth Mineral foundation tends to highlight the tiny pores around my cheeks I listed the help of Benefit Porefessional  which is fast becoming my favorite and best beauty find of 2012. Yes I heart it that much. This is like my underwear. I need to wear it. A quick light dab of it over my pores reduces their appearance. A lightweight veil? I likey. A lot. :)

To vanish the dreaded double chin *oh dear :( * my beloved Bourjois Paris Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder came to my rescue. Lovely shade for contouring, never too orange/muddy + yummy chocolate scent? Oh la la I'm in heaven. For the first 3 weeks of my holiday I applied my everyday blush of choice- Bourjois Blush Pot in 74 Rose Ambre This beautiful peachy pink blush with hardly any shimmers has constantly been on my face since the day I bought it. It continues to be a firm favorite of mine but towards the latter part of my holiday I found myself seeking for a little change. I wanted a sun kissed look and much to my delight it didn't take any major brains to figure out what to replace it with. Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls gave me that sun kissed glow I desperately wanted. I applied it on my cheekbones as a blush but yet it still served its bronzing duty. It accentuated my cheekbones and therefore contoured my face. No need to draw a line under my sucked in cheekbones and blend it all in with all my might. Just simple, easy and quick contouring. :)

Eyes wise my Urban Decay Naked Palette is pretty much all I used.  As expected my safe and go to choice of Smog, Darkhorse and Buck was present on my eyes but what took me by surprise was how lazy I became towards playing with eyeshadows. My laziness brought Toasted towards my attention. Lightly dusted and blended- Toasted was a gorgeous, shimmery sultry brown all over lid shade. Several quick coats of Benefit Bad Gal Lask mascara (which makes my lashes thick and longer without the clumps) later and my eye make-up was sorted. Almost forgot to mention another great product I'm loving at the moment. How can I forget about my Urban Decay Primer Potion? Shame on me. *slaps my palm* It always works.With a small dab on this on my eyelid before applying my eyeshadows, I can relax with the knowledge and assurance that my eyeshadows will last on my lids up until the wee hours into the night.

For lips I only wanted 1 thing. Nude peachy pink shades. Revlon Superlustrous Lipgloss in 170 Coral Reef (can this be the ultimate summer lipgloss? I think so), 17 Mirrorshine in Belle (my favorite lipstick forever and ever) and Avon Shine Attract in Guava all ticked the nude peach pink box so they were luckily slathered on my lips. Equally beautiful everyday shades. But Coral Reef deserves an extra shout out since I practically reached for it everyday. What a lipgloss not a lipstick? And I call myself a lipstick junkie? Even I surprise myself sometimes. :)


  1. Hope you had a dandy time in the Philippines! :) Love what you brought...I don't think it's too much ha. Looks like the essential stuff and a few good lipsticks to me! <3

  2. Lovely favourites! The Bourjois blush and Rose Ambre have been on my wishlist for quite a while. I've also heard fantastic things about Bad Gal :) I have both Urban Decay Naked palettes and they're eyeshadow musts!

  3. I always find myself taking lots of make up items just to be on the safe side too when I go away, and I always end up only using a few things, typical! hehe. I love the variety in the Urban Decay naked palette, even though it's all neutral shades there are so many different looks to be created from the shades! Love the bourjois bronzer too, it smells amazing! xoxo


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