Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses - Coral Reef & Shine That Pink

Lipglosses.Love them or hate them it can't be denied that they add fun to a make-up look. They add a little somethin' somethin' if you know what I mean. A lot more playful, less serious but super flirty cousins of lipsticks. Aside from bright lipsticks I always reach for lipglosses throughout the summer because they're more manageable, requiring little to no maintenance. They naturally fade away while lipsticks require careful monitoring because a faded lipstick is NOT a pretty sight (although my Avon Colordiasiac lipsticks from Avon fade beautifully, leaving a pretty stained appearance.) 2 of my summer lipglosses picks are from Revlon's Superlustrous line in Coral Reef and Shine That Pink.

Both shades are surprisingly quite pigmented for lipglosses. Coral Reef is a stunning creamy medium pinkish peach coral.Add a bit of bronzer and I'm ready for the beach. Beach  Goddess doens't get any easier or better than this.It doesn't apply as pigmented as it looked while inside the tube but still a pretty shade. Shine that Pink is a beautiful warm pink with shimmers. These were quite sheer on first swipe but they're totally buildable to give a medium coverage. Add 2 to 3 swipes and I'm satisfied.
Shine that Pink w/flash
Shine that Pink w/o flash
Coral Reef w/flash
Coral Reef w/o flash
The shimmers in Shine That Pink are subtle and gives the illusion of a fuller pout. Definitely ideal for ladies with thin lips. My lips are already full to begin with (thank God) but I find that these lipglosses made my lips look more fuller ie more pretty and more kissable. The shimmers are definitely lips friendly.Not an enemy to hate.They don't feel gritty at all.

The Chanel inspired packaging is oh so chic and sophisticated.These lipglosses look more expensive than they actually are. In my humble opinion they deserve a place in a department store next to the Chanel counters. Long lost sisters? Possibly. :)

Amazing pigmentation and packaging aside, I also love the texture of these lipglosses. The creamy, moisturising formula feels incredible on the lips, gliding effortlessly leaving a fuller pout with just the right amount of shine. Nothing too over the top. It makes my lips look ultra glossy without the stickiness I have come to expect with most lipglosses. The hyrating formula leads to intense moisture I cannot quite get over. Just a little tip though: exfoliate with a lipbalm first before applying these lipglosses to avoid accentuating any dryness on your lips and to prevent the lipglosses form clinging on dry patches. By exfoliating you would create a smooth surface for the lipgloss to adhere to, thus preventing them from sitting on the fine lines of the lips ( which I didn't do but see the above photos for reference. I've learned my lesson)

As with most lipglosses these lasted about 11/2 hours on my lips.There's no point complaining about the short lifetime. I actually prefer lipglosses that need constant reapplication but are not sticky rather than wearing a sticky lipgloss that lasts forever but feels tacky on my lips like my Mac Ready or Not lipglass- don't get me wrong though. I freakin love that lipgloss so much I hailed it as the only lipgloss for me. :) You can't have it all in life I guess.

What's your favorite summer lipgloss? Dish in the comments below. I'd love some recommendations.


  1. I have the 'shine that pink', and totally love it!

    I totally agree with you - lip glosses are perfect for summer!!

  2. Love these, I have Coral Reef also :) Shine that Pink is gorgeous :)


  3. pretty lip glosses! I'm not a fan of lip gloss, but I wear them pretty often in Summer. :D

  4. I'm loving both shades! really pretty ^_~

  5. omg. the colors looks amazing! *-* i want to buy the lipsticks <3
    thank you for thi review, sweetie. your blog is very interesting


  6. These colours are beaut! going to have t try out revlons lip range! heard good things xx


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