The Perfect Summer Polish

The weather is really hotting up isn't? I'm now back in Irish soils after my 6 week holiday in my homeland- The Philippines. I expected a colder weather when I arrived but much to my surprise the weather is kinda hot over here as well so it's perfect timing to write about my favourite summer nailpolish. My love affair with pastel nailpolishes is over, well for the meantime that is. I mean they still have a place in my heart but a girl needs a certain amount of room sometimes ya know? A break from wearing them on my nails will make my heart grow fonder . FACT.

Avon Nailwear Pro nailpolish in Viva Pink just screams summer to me. It's summer in a bottle. A gorgeous creamy hot  pink with blue understones running through it. Looks great with a tan and it's a color that never fails to add a much welcome spice to my otherwise rather boring life. I live such a fulfilling, exciting life. NOT. :) The flat brush makes for easy application, evenly coating my nails with just 2 quick strokes. Dries quickly, average drying time is 5 mins per coat and it dries with a semi glossy finish. It always applies evenly on my nails never requiring more than 2 coats. As for its wear time it typically lasts for 5 to 6 days before chips rears its ugly head in.  What color you see inside the bottle is what you get. No dilly dally here. Apart from the stunning pink color which btw, always reminds me of a lollipop ( therefore I have to refrain myself from sucking on my own fingers. Eww alert? :) ) the beautifully created formula is also a winner. Nailpolish application doesn't get any easier than this. Now where did I put my sunglasses? Cuz this beauty blogger is off to the beach. :)


  1. amazing colour!

    I absolutely adore your blog. The makeup is wonderful and I'll really love to try that out!

    Following u now via both Goggle + and blog lovin'. Follow me back if you like! ♥
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  2. Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment on my blog! That nail polish colour is beautiful. I don't care that it's Winter in Australia, I need a colour on my nails like that asap! :P xx

  3. I love Avon nail polishes. Their quality is so good & they last a long time too. This baby pink is beautiful. Would look great on a night out in summer with a fab tan!

  4. Such a beautiful color!! I always forget about Avon...

  5. This is sooo pretty. I need some Avon nail polishes!

    Fee x


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