New beauty purchases? Yes Please!

While most industries are struggling to keep their boats afloat in these tough economic/recession times, 1 industry continues to sail rather smoothly along- the beauty industry and as a beauty junkie it doesn't surprise me one little bit. New product purchases = Instant High. And my fellow beauty junkies will probably agree with me when I say that the high we get from acquiring new beauty products is VERY addictive, borderline obsession if left uncheck hence my weekly trip into Boots (drugstore).

I can seriously live happily inside Boots/ Superdrug for the rest of my life, playing with all the beauty goodies surrounding me. That is if my family and friends are allowed to visit me ocassionally. Imagine that? What dreams of beauty bloggers and junkies are made of. Times flies when I'm there, swatching to my heart's content.

Which brings me to today's post. I went over to London from August 1 to August 16. I had the best 2 weeks of my life there. Nothing major happened but spending the 2 weeks surrounded by my cute adorable cousins quickly reminded me of the fact that life is meant to be fun. As we grow older it becomes more difficult to find reasons to smile but seriously if you ever get to that point when you feel everything and everybody is against you ( I have my fair share of those days, trust me) try spend an entire day with kids surrounding you. Their positive, carefree outlook on life is so damn infectious like a disease but one I wouldn't mind catching. To summarise my 2 week stay with my aunt and her family : it was filled with nothing but laughter, smiles and some more laughter. The result? I went home with so many fun memories I will forever cherish and never forget. Summer 2012 has been so kind to me. What with my 6 week vacation in the Philippines and 2 weeks in The Uk. Who's the jetsetter? Me ;) Plus I felt so incredibly lucky to be in London during the Olympics 2012. The Greatest show on earth clearly made everyone a lot more friendlier and happier. The atmosphere everywhere I went was incredible. I couldn't put my finger on it but it was certainly nice to see everyone uniting together to support such talented athletes. Michael Phelps is a complete legend and my kind of guy. If you're reading this Michael, give me a call sometime. ( and no I'm not after the fame nor his golds. I just love him. :) )

Moving on. I went a little bit mad in Boots. Yes yes we have Boots in Ireland too but there was something in the air in the UK that left me wanting to spend all my moolah purchasing more make-up I don't really need. Plus there were great deals and offers to be had. I simply couldn't refrained myself. Positive outlook ladies and gents. :) Enough rambling ,let's get onto the good beautiful stuff.

Poundland finds
Ah good old Poundland. I found 2 gems there. A Revlon Nail Enamel in Possibilities- beautiful dusty pink nude and a freakin Stila SPF 30 Oil Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturiser in Dark (tan 01). Yes really a Stila product for a measly £1. Spell bargain? When I saw posts from other blogs featuring their Stila finds in Poundland I was dying with jealously. But on 1 fateful trip to a local Poundland I managed to get my manicured fingertips on a tinted moisturiser. I've never tried one before. I'm a foundation girl through and through but for days when I want little coverage this 1 will be useful. It was the last one left in the shop and when I swatched it, it blended so well into my skin. It was a great colour match. It gave a nice sheer dewy finish without irritating/itching my skin. I guess it was meant to be. :)

Victoria's Secret
When my aunt and I went to Westfield in Stratford City, we made a beeline for Victoria's Secret. Well we can't hardly just walk pass it without popping inside right? It'll be downright rude to ignore it. It'll be like ignoring a relative. My aunt was in the mood to buy all sorts of lotions and potions. I didn't plan on purchasing anything. I swear. But when my aunt asked me if I wanted anything, of course I didn't decline. So there I was, sniffing all the body mists in front of me, getting a headache in the process. Seriously me and perfume overload = 1 massive sneezy mess. But after smelling all the frogs I found my prince in the form of Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Mist. Oh lala as soon as I smelled it I knew it was the one. It smells really girly and of raspberries. <3

Have you ever wanted a beauty product so badly before you couldn't sleep at night because it wasn't in your arms? MUA Lovehearts lipbalm is a good example. Ever since I read posts about these when they were launched a couple of months ago I was like ''I HAVE TO GET MY HANDS ON THESE'' They looked and sounded like a complete must have for a lip product junkie like myself and for only £2 a pop ...gimme me some of that. Problem was these were so hard to find. I went to 4 different Superdrugs but to no avail. I was on the brick of giving up but I remained positive that 1 day I'll find them and I did- in Superdrug Crawley. Determination DOES pay off in the long run.

I wanted to go crazy with Sleek products because their products aren't easily available in Ireland. I really wanted to obsesses over their products but the truth is, it just didn't tickle my fancy. Nothing caught my eye except for the Pout Polishes which looks identical to the MUA Lovehearts lipbalm. A comparison post is in the works. The Pout Polishes Lip Conditioner are a lot more expensive at £4.49 each. I got Electro Peach because we all know how much I love peachy shades yes?

Need I say more? Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover is nothing but a nail polish remover but yet it had made its way around in loads of blogs. Featured in countless beauty blogs, this product is becoming a bit of a cult product isn't? Thoughts so far? For a lazy girl like myself who thinks nail polish removal is such a pain in the ass of a chore- this is a god sent product. Review soon to follow ;)

L'Oreal Paris goodies
L'Oreal. 1 brand I've never tried before but always wanted to and now I went from having 0 to 9 products (see below for the others). Ever since I first swatched  Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation in W3 Gold Linen - L'Oreal's latest foundation offering in Boots in the early days of its release I fell in love. I loved how it added radiance to my skin. It's safe to say that ever since then I never forgot it.  I always knew it was going to be mine and here we are. When I spotted the 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug on all L'Oreal cosmetics I knew it was the right time to splurge and try a couple of their products.

BB Creams always intrigued me. Was it really possible to own a product that has the benefits of skincare but leaves a make-up finish? It sure sounded quite impossible to me. I thought it was about time I explore the land of BB Creams with L'Oreal's version.  Nearly all drugstore brands have come up with their own version from Maybelline ( I need to try this by the sound of the many reviews I've read) to Boots very own line -17 cosmetics. Nude Magique BB Cream Bare Skin Beautifier in Medium Skintone - please be good to me. Let my risk pay off. Pretty please. For days I want to achieve the perfect nude skin look I'll reach for this instead of my foundations.

As for Waterproof Telescopic Mascara in Black, well since it's the mascara choice of my favourite blogger/ personal blogging hero or should I say heroine Vivianna I need to give it a try. She has raved about this mascara so much on her blog and videos. Since it's the only mascara she ever wears, it deserves atleast a try right? If it's good enough for her and all that :)

Some more L'Oreal goodies :)

The day after my splurge in Superdrug, I saw another great deal in Boots. If I spend £15 and above on any L'Oreal cosmetics I can receive a gift box filled with more L'Oreal products worth £24 in total. It was too good of an offer to refuse. Since a girl can't ever have too many blush I picked up Le blush Boise De Rose/ Rosewood which I think is the perfect rose blush for my medium skin tone. And since I'm becoming a bit of a foundation addict I picked up True Match foundation in N4 Beige. Great colour match. Just great :)

The beauty goodies included inside the free gift box I received :
  1. Color Riche 617 You are Worth it
  2. Color Riche 211 Opulent Pink
  3. Glam Shine Natural Glow 407 Magnetic Nude Glow lipgloss (love this.Perfect paired with brown smokey sultry eyes)
  4. Super Liner Luminizer in Black Diamonds for brown eyes
  5. 1 True match foundation sample sachet & 1 Nude Magique BB Cream sample sachet
Wonderful set of freebies huh? Thanks L'Oreal for this great gift with purchase.  So generous and kind of you. :)

OMG! I lost count on the number of times I've read reviews about Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Core Collection brush set. The Buffing Brush is a firm favourite among beauty bloggers for a flawless liquid/mineral foundation application. It has been hailed as a wonderful versatile brush.  Needless to say I was all over it like swim wear. A couple of weeks ago it was only on my make-up wishlist but now it's finally mine. MINE.  At £21.99 it isn't the cheapest. (I've finally invested on make-up brushes. Another beauty resolution of 2012 ticked off :) ) but it's so worth it. Will review it soon.

Saving the best purchase for last. ( who am I kidding? I love all my new purchases equally) but Benefit They're Real mascara deserves the spotlight as it's pretty special. Why? Not only has it been on my make-up wishlist for ages but it was my first ever Duty Free beauty purchase. Who knew it could be so much fun purchasing cosmetics at the airport? Great savings too. I've always wanted to try They're Real mascara because it sounded amazing and since Benefit claims that it is the UK's biggest selling mascara at the moment - I obviously need to try it out and see for myself what all the fuss is  about. Considering all the amazing reviews on this, I'm pretty confident I'll end up loving it too.  It normally retails for £18.50 but I got mine for £15.40 at Gatwick airport. Granted it's not a whole lot of saving but £3.10 is still £3.10. I'll take all the savings I can get. :)

That's it. Quite a lot I know but I'm a beauty addict afterall what else would you expect from me? ;) Don't judge.


The oh so feminine nails

When it comes to nail polish shades, I always believe that the brighter and colourful it is the better. Nothing can solve my bad days quicker than wearing a bright shade so loud, it sends my confidence level to new sky high limits. But now and again, a nailpolish shade comes into the picture which challenges my belief and changes the way I look at nailpolishes.

The nude look was something I had never gone to before. Perhaps it had something to do with my fear of ending up with mannequin hands. Revlon Nail Enamel in Endless Possibilities however took me by surprise. And what a wonderful surprise it was.

Aside from my Avon Nailwear Enamel in Viva Pink post here , Endless Possibilities has got to be one of the most interesting pink shades in my collection. While it doesn't look that interesting inside the bottle, on the nails it's pretty darn special. Endless Possibilities is (wait for it) a milky, creamy nude light dusky pink which looks a little like a salmon pink with a hint of brown thrown in the mix which makes this shade a must have in my opinion. It's far from being your average, boring shade. It looks really pretty in real life, instantly adding a touch of class and sophistication to my nails and all the while elongating my fingers too. It looks really flattering against my skintone and it's a shade that screams ladylike chic. So effortlessly stylish and timeless colour choice.

In terms of application, Endless Possibilities won me over. Fully expecting it to be 100% difficult, it surprised me that it wasn't streaky at all despite being a light shade. In fact it was easily buildable but all it took was 2 quick coats for the polish to turn opaque and then I was done. It contains tiny gold shimmers while inside the bottle but the shimmers don't transfer onto the nails. As for the pesky annoying chips, they revealed their ugly faces on Day 4. But without any top coats sure that's to be expected right? For only £1 in where else.. Poundland in the UK - this is a complete bargain find at its finest. Complete Beaut in my eyes.

Nude nails Yay or Nay?


The Underdog: Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara

If  ever Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara decided to compete at a mascara Olympics I reckon it'll blow its rivals/ fellow competitors out of the game straight away. If it competed in the race , it'll cross the finish line first. If it participated in the hurdles it'll jump the highest. If it decided to enter the boxing ring it'll throw the meanest punch.Why? Because it's blimmin awesome.

I know the jury is split when it comes to this mascara offering from Benefit. Others love it, others hate it. A quick stop at makeuppalley will reveal loads of negative reviews but I'm a solid member of its fan club. And why wouldn't I be when it has been so good to me?  I've said it before and I'll continue to say it products work differently for all of us. What may work wonders on me, may not work the same for you. I guess it's just a matter of beauty luck. And this time I got lucky. ;)

The Lowdown
First impressions:
The brush.Oh the enormous brush is such an attention seeker. With its huge size it's pretty unmisseable. It looks scary at first as if you'll poke yourself in the eye with it if you ever dared attempt to bring it close anywhere near your eyes. But this giant of a weapon looks like it'll provide jaw dropping results. It looks very promising in terms of adding volume to my sparse lashes.The even gap between the bristles looks like it'll be great for separating my lashes too.
Coat verdict:
1st coat was a little disappointing.It didn't seem to do anything for my lashes but 4 coats in and it's a  whole different story. After piling on the coats quickly but evenly my lashes went from blah to FAB. I said adios to invisible, thin lashes and hello to sexy, flirty lashes. With the help of the enormous brush my lashes were lengthened, volumized,  were a lot more fuller and lifted. It added a slight curl but it was more of a lift. The length it added to my lashes is satisfactory. It could have been better since my lashes are really short but it'll do. As for volume- it added quite a bit of that. I have really sparse lashes so it helped to make my lashes look like I have more than usual lying around. :)
The jet black formula easily helped to define my lashes.It dried really quickly, so quickly that you have to be quick when adding your coats because once it dries- another coat will hardly make any difference. Having said that it is quite buildable ( just act fast). It doesn't really smudge nor does it flake on me. There are days (but only seldom) when I find that it smudges under my eyes ever so slightly.But because of the huge brush I get small blobs of smudges on my eyelids during application if I'm not careful. You have to act fast but careful at the same time.

Clump zone:

Before trying out this mascara for myself, I was really sceptical about Benefit's claim that this mascara doesn't clump. I was like ''really now?'' So needless to say I was excited to test this theory and while I can't 100% agree it's pretty accurate. Clumps are unavoidable if you have to layer on the coats and in this case 4 is the required coats to transform my lashes but the good thing is that it isn't so bad. It's not bad enough that it leaves you looking like you only have 2 lashes because they're all stuck, hugging each other. I just notice 1 or 2 lashes clumping together but my lashes still looked lush and relatively separated. *see the below photos for reference*

Lasting Power:

As for its lasting power I find that on me it lasts a solid 8 hours. After that it'll need touching up. My lashes look nicely defined all day but the lift it gives my lashes never lasts the entire day, hence why I'll suggest curling your lashes first for maximum impact, especially if you want to use it for night outs.

Overall verdict:

I love this mascara. It's far from being perfect. It certainly has its flaws but overall I'm quite happy and satisfied with the result I get when I use this. I'm happy with how it makes my lashes look. Would I recommend this? Yes but then again proceed with caution. I don't believe in not trying a product out just because you've read so many bad reviews about it. Because you never know it might work for you. It works beautifully on me, who's to say it won't do the same for you?

Trying out products even if they turn up to be complete duds is the fun part of beauty. But I'm not forcing anyone to try this.It's not as if I'm asking anyone to go out right now and buy this after reading my review but I hope it was useful for anyone considering of purchasing it.
Left side:no mascara  Right side: With Bad Gal Lash on my lashes ( can you see the major difference?)

 See how great it is? Love.

Side note: No matter what you do, don't cry while wearing this mascara. It will sting like crazy. For girls with eyes that tends to water quite a lot I won't recommend this mascara for the same reason. It will sting so much.  You've been warned. - I still love it though. Yes I'm a weirdo. haha :)
Have you tried Benefit Bad Gal Lash before? If yes what were your thoughts? Love it or hate it?  Spill :)


Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie

Because of my tendency to reach for and wear the same lipsticks over and over again, despite owning enough to be spoiled for choice, I decided to launch a new series here on my blog. The Lipstick Diaries is my way of sharing my lipsticks in my ever growing collection which unfortunately received very little to no love and attention from me. It's my little way of rectifying my mistake of ignoring these gorgeous shades. It's time to give them a taste of the spotlight even if it's only for a short time. Who knows maybe in the process of showcasing my unloved lipsticks I'll end up discovering new lipstick loves? Some I'll cherish wholeheartedly? Here's hoping anyway! :)

Left: x1 swipe, Right: x2 swipes

With Flash

Without flash

Raspberry Pie is one of those lipsticks that instantly makes you feel fully made up the minute it graces your lips. I can wear this gorgeous rich deep bright raspberry shade and feel like I have a face full of make-up. Certainly not a bad thing. Easy quick effort but leaves a massive impact. You see that's how a lazy girl like myself do the glamour look.

Who doesn't love a bit of Lip Butter? A bit of a cult product in the beauty blogging community since the day they were first launced. Everyone and their mother probably own atleast 1 and it wouldn't surprise me if I was right. The lip butter have a lot going for them. Gorgeous shades to choose from, lovely smooth texture and to top it all off, it comes in a sophisticated packaging. Need I say more?

Raspberry Pie goes on really smoothly like butter on a piece of toast. However, it wasn't as moisturising as I initially thought and hope it would be. Revlon claims that 94% of women found out that their lips were softer, smoother and instantly hydrated after applying the lip butters. Smoother? Yes. Hydrated? umm... Not so much. I belong in the 6% group of women who disagree but while its moisturising properties isn't up to scratch, Raspberry Pie is incredibly pigmented for what it is- a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid. The warm deep raspberry shade is intense and longwearing, lasting up to 5 hours on my lips with minimal drinking and eating. It leaves my lips with a healthy dose of shine too. 'Nuff said. :)

Ps. I had so much fun writing this post and I already can't wait to write #2 in the Lipstick Diaries. I hope other girls love reading it as much as I do.

What do you think about Revlon Lip Butters?Are they worth the hype? Join the debate below in the comments. :)


Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus

It seems like I have now jumped out of the pastel shades bandwagon completely and have made my way towards the dark side but with Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus being such a stunning interesting colour how could I not?

Piccadilly Circus is one of those shades which will confuse and amaze you both at the same time. Far from being your typical purple shade, it's without a doubt a statement shade. Piccadilly Circus is such a difficult shade to describe but I'll try anyway. To me Piccadilly Circus sits somewhere between being a raspberry and a blackberry shade. It's certainly not as dark as your average blackberry (it's not even black) but it's certainly not light enough to be a true raspberry shade. It sits somewhere in between and that my fellow beauty junkies is what I like about this shade. Is it pink? Is it purple? Is it red? Well honey it's all 3.This multidimentional shade is as interesting as its name- Piccadilly Circus. It changes depending on the lighting of your current location. In some it leans towards being a deep raspberry shade with a hint of red while in some cases it leans more towards being a light purple shade, while sometimes it looks a lot like a full on red. Told ya it was interesting. :)

So we already know that the colour is both beautiful and unique in its own right but how about its application? Is it as impressive? Yuss it is. It's A+. Why can't all polishes apply as easily and evenly as Piccadilly Circus? It went on without any trouble. It went opaque with 1 coat, another coat wasn't essential but out of old habit I just added another coat to be on the safe side and to seal the gorgeous shade. 5 mins was all it took for each of the coat to dry completely.

Now it's not 100% perfect as while it was easy to apply, taking a photograph of it to show its true shade proved to be quite a challenge. I've never encountered as much problems with a single product before in all of my previous product pictorials. My camera refused to pick up the true shade.No matter what angle, lighting I used.I can't capture the gorgeous shade in all of its glory.I tried hard though and the photos above are close enough but it doesn't give justice to such a gorgeous colour.

I love the colour, I love its formula for being so darn easy to apply. Have I already mentioned how much I love this nailpolish? So darn awesome. Nails Inc you legends. Keep on winning my heart with your gorgeous shades.


The NO MORE lipstick challenge

A sudden realisation came over me as I organised my make-up stash to fit into my newly purchase arcylic storage. It was a light bulb moment. I Diane simply have too many lipsticks in my collection. Way too many for a girl with 1 set of lips to own. Yes I'm a lipstick junkie but even I know when enough is enough.I have accumulated so much that I'm left wondering how the hell am I suppose to get through them all when I haven't even finish a single tube. I let my addiction spiral out of control and get the better of me.

In my desire to collect lipsticks in all the different colours of the rainbow I somehow lost my sanity. A bit dramatic I know but the truth all the same. Looking back now- I knew where I went wrong. Somewhere along the way I stopped buying because I needed them but purchased simply for the sake of it and it was my poor innocent wallet which suffered the beating as a result. And I wondered why I always had 0 euro under my name. Duh Diane it's because of your inability to say no to pretty gorgeous mouth watering shades.

And so I came up with a brilliant idea.- yeah I like to complement myself a lot. :D The No More lipstick challenge was born. And what does this challenge entail? What are the rules? Its rather simple actually. While rooting through my stash I unearthed 4 gorgeous lipsticks which unfortunately had been forgotten about. As my stash grew they were put aside to make room for new lippies. And to be honest I really feel bad about it. I mistreated them , didn't give them even 1/2 of the love that they rightfully deserve so in the bid to make it up to them  I'm now allowing them to come out and play and to finally see the light of day.
 The Four unloved lipsticks of mine: (from left to right) Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact in Fuchsia Fun, Avon Ultra Clour Rich in Sparkling Peach, Avon Smooth Mineral in Apricot Glow and Pro to Go lipstick in Rose Sorbet. - can you see how unloved they are? Fuchsia Fun broke because I just didn't take good care of it. SO MUCH PRODUCT LEFT TO GET THROUGH. ARGHH!

*wait for it,wait for it.* I, Diane of legal age is announcing that from this day forward I'll no longer allow myself to purchase another lipstick bullet until the 4 lipsticks featured in this post are all used up.

A bit drastic for me but I have no other choice. I vow to use the 4 lipsticks as much as I can so that I'll use them up more quickly. But luckily for me I have great choice between them.2 pinks and 2 peachy/browny shade. I can't see any problems with coordinating these with my daily minimal make-up look. I can easily alternate between them depending on the look I'm going for. I'm still allowing my to use my other lipsticks but only once a week. For the remaining days throughout the week I can only reach for these 4 lipsticks. And only these.
From left to right: Fuchsia Fun, Sparkling Peach, Apricot Glow and Rose Sorbet

Fuchsia Fun: is a light fuchsia with a slight semi glossy finish

Sparkling Peach :now this shade is gorgeous. When I swatched it, I fell inlove with it. How can I forget this stunning peach colour? Like seriously how? It's one of the most prettiest medium peach with a hint of coral lipstick that I've ever seen. I can already see this becoming one of my favourites down the line. Only worst bit about it? It smells awful like plastic. Eurgh! Still a pretty shade though.

Apricot Glow: is the brownish version of Sparkling Peach. It's a brownish peach.

Rose Sorbet: looks so much like Fuchsia Fun in person, it's fuchsia fun's older sister. A medium warm pink.

All these lipsticks contain shimmers and as a rule I don't like lipsticks which contain shimmers but the shimmers in these lipsticks are all subtle and helps to make my lips look more fuller.

Any bets on how long I'll last while participating in my No More lipstick challenge? Go on I don't mind. Make your bets now! haha :) I'm determined to succeed though. I'm taking this seriously.  Wish me luck yeah? I'll need it.

PS. I'm still allowing myself to purchase lip glosses/ lip balm and lip stains and oh I'm making an exception for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick since I made a promise that I'll pick up at least 1 before 2012 draws to a close. A promise is a promise. I don't make promises just to break 'em. Excuses, Excuses huh? :D


Holiday shopping haul - Beauty Edition

As promised here is the beauty  edition of my holiday haul I made in the Philippines. A shopping spree is never complete without some beauty bits added into the mix right? As a 100% beauty junkie I'm always game to try out new products. I was actually quite refrained much to my purse's delight. I could have spend a lot more and bought more stuff but I was quite good. I decided to behave like a little obedient girl and only handed in my hard earned cash for products I really wanted to try and know I'll end up using on a daily basis.

At long last I've finally invested in my skin. It was about time too. In the 1 1/2 years I've been beauty obsessed I was hell bent on concentrating on make-up products paying little to no attention to skin care products. They just didn't float my boat you know? But if you cast your mind back to my beauty resolutions for 2012 post click here, one of my resolutions was to pay more attention to skin care and low and behold I finally did. I also want to thank Vivianna as she inspired me to finally take the plunge in the world of skin care products. Now I didn't purchase the products she talks about so well on her blog but nevertheless she left me wanting to invest in my skin.

I decided to dip my toes into an unknown territory. I never heard about The Face Shop before. I didn't see that many reviews on other beauty blogs when I went to research about my possible purchases but I decided to just jump right in and take the bullet. For risks often pays off in the long run. Now that I think about it I love the fact that The Face Shop is not that popular with other bloggers because I love trying out brands that other people haven't heard/raved about before. Yes I like to set trends not follow it. But that is what's so exciting about beauty products. Trying new products from new brands you've never tried before and ending up finding a true gem of a product. Let me introduce you to The Face Shop. It is the bestselling Korean beauty brand which provides cosmetics, skin care,hair care and body/nail products at really affordable prices. It has over 900 stores in 19 countries worldwide.

The brand's main philosophy is ''beauty by nature'' and each of their products is formulated with the finest natural ingredients using the most sophisticated technology. The Face Shop is keen to provide organic products that provide nourIshing and revitalizing benefits for the skin. The Faceshop also states that their products are comparable to the high-end beauty brands without the high-end prices.

Phew! What a mouthful. Sounds like an amazing brand right?  As soon as I stepped my foot inside the store I knew I was home. I knew right there and then it'll be the store where I'll go absolutely crazy for their skin care. I didn't know where to start as there were tons of products to choose from. You could say I was like a child in a candy factory. I ended up picking 6 skin care items but I could've bought the entire store.( if only I was as rich as Ivanka Trump)

Here are my picks:
Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

Smells lovely.I haven't tried this yet but this rich cream looks promising. :)

Herb Day Cleansing Cream - Aloe
Because one cleansing cream is not enough I purchased another one. This cream has ALOE? Count me in. Aloe is one of the key ingredients which helps to hydrate dry skin and since I have really dry skin this will suit my skin care needs. ;) Smells lush.

Herb Day Cleansing Foam in Acerola and Aloe

Another cleansing product but hey you can't ever have enough. ;) I've used the Aloe one a couple of times now and I have to say I love it already. Again it suits my skin and it promises to hydrate skin even after cleansing. It's a smooth light cream that foams up really well to remove dirt and other impurities on my face. My skin always feel nice and fresh after each use. Side note: You only need a small amount as it forms a foam really well.

Rice Water Bright Rice Cleansing Water

This is my version of the uber popular Bioderma Crealine Solution ie the product that has been featured on many beauty blogs. I haven't tried Bioderma before but have always wanted to so when I saw this cleansing water I immediately snatched it up. Haven't tried it yet but I'm rather excited. Who knew a bit of water cleasing solution will one day excite me like this. Ha! #beautybloggertrait The only thing I'm a bit iffy about is the spray bottle as I don't like wasting product.I'm afraid to go near this product when I'm not even planning of putting it on because with a simple touch, some of the water solution escapes. I'm planning to use this as the final step in my skin care regime at night to freshen up my face and in the morning for a quick lift. How lurvely. :)

Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Remover

I love my smokey eyes and bright lips and sometimes it can be a little difficult to remove them. Actually there are times I sleep with eye make-up on because I love how they look. Not very hygienic I know but I can't help it. So to break that habit I bought this remover. Only tried it on my lips so far and I have to say I'm quite impressed already. The solution looks a lot like milk and feels incredibly light against my lips. The only thing I hate? The taste. I didn't lick my lips while using this but I could still taste it. Works wonders though. Will report back with a full in depth review of course. :)

The Bodyshop's Aloe Calming Toner

This was a last minute purchase. I purchased this the day before I headed back to Ireland.I don't know why but I just really wanted to purchase a toner and so I picked this as it has Aloe and it's suitable for my sensitive skin. It promises to comfort, condition and purify without irritating.After reading reviews online I found out that girls are split when it came to this toner. Some say that it irritated their skin despite the product only having 6 ingredients. Some say it was literally like water and not worth the money but I have to disagree for now. I've tried it twice already and it always comforted my skin leaving it nicely clean and fresh. I guess it's one of those products which you either love or hate. I love it anyway :)


 Make-up wise as you can see I was only interested in lip products.I love my lip products.I really do so is it any surprise that I only purchased lip products? I think not. I mostly bought lip products from Maybelline. We have Maybelline in Ireland but the ones I bought where only sold in Asian countries and the USA. I've wanted the Baby Lips lipbalm for ages and while going through the counter some more lip products caught my attention. There's a certain lip balm addiction going on here as I not only picked up 3 Maybelline lipbalms I also spotted and bought 2 O.N.E. Naturales by: Charade Shea My lips Shea Butter Lip Balm.- long name or wha?  It was buy 1 get one free. I never heard about the brand before but the product sounded really nice and useful especially during winter when my lips tend to dry out more.

Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in CR 31

I was attracted to the Water Shine Pure lipstick line as I've been loving lipstick/lipgloss hybrids but while this is one leans more towards being a lipstick duh it is a lipstick it's still a pretty colour. CR 31 is a beautiful warm pink which I think is still wearable for everyday. It has a bit of a shine. not a whole lot but the color pay off is amazing :) I love the crisp light blue silvery bullet.Looks classy.

Lip Smooth Color Bloom lip balm in Pink Blossom and Peach Blossom
Saw this. Loved it. Bought it. It was that easy. I'm a sucker for gimmicky products and so the color changing concept sold these lip balms to me. Basically the idea behind these lipbalms is that once applied, the color after coming into contact with your lips will transform into an individual shade that'll suit your skintone.  Time will tell if it works on my lips.

Baby Lips lip balm in Smoothing Cherry

Need I say more?  Heard so many incredible things about these lip balms so I had to pick one up. It'll be rude not to. The promise of instant 8 hr Moisture rejuvenated in a week sounded like a claim I wanted to prove if it was the real deal or not.It's the beauty blogger in me.

Fruity Jelly lipgloss in Mad About Melon
Bought this simply because it had melon in its name. Melon is my favourite fruit and if a lipgloss tasted like one well I simply must have it now don't I?

These will be my heroes during winter. Roll on winter because dry lips have nothing on these lip balms. After all it claims to provide lip smacking goodness to nourish and care for your precious lippies in a pot.

And because I needed new storage and I've wanted acrylic  for my makeup storage for a long time I bought these:
These are much cheaper than Muji. For the price of a 2 drawer storage I got these 4 different types. Complete bargain and at the time of purchase it was extra 10% off. Score 1 for me!

So there we have it. I spent some serious amount on beauty but hey it was worth it. If it makes me happy and beautiful- it's alright with me. But now I'm broke. Oh well. So with all my new cleansing skin care bits I no longer have any excuses for not taking off my make-up. Turns out I'll finally be able to stick to my beauty resolutions for 2012. Love it ;)