The Underdog: Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara

If  ever Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara decided to compete at a mascara Olympics I reckon it'll blow its rivals/ fellow competitors out of the game straight away. If it competed in the race , it'll cross the finish line first. If it participated in the hurdles it'll jump the highest. If it decided to enter the boxing ring it'll throw the meanest punch.Why? Because it's blimmin awesome.

I know the jury is split when it comes to this mascara offering from Benefit. Others love it, others hate it. A quick stop at makeuppalley will reveal loads of negative reviews but I'm a solid member of its fan club. And why wouldn't I be when it has been so good to me?  I've said it before and I'll continue to say it products work differently for all of us. What may work wonders on me, may not work the same for you. I guess it's just a matter of beauty luck. And this time I got lucky. ;)

The Lowdown
First impressions:
The brush.Oh the enormous brush is such an attention seeker. With its huge size it's pretty unmisseable. It looks scary at first as if you'll poke yourself in the eye with it if you ever dared attempt to bring it close anywhere near your eyes. But this giant of a weapon looks like it'll provide jaw dropping results. It looks very promising in terms of adding volume to my sparse lashes.The even gap between the bristles looks like it'll be great for separating my lashes too.
Coat verdict:
1st coat was a little disappointing.It didn't seem to do anything for my lashes but 4 coats in and it's a  whole different story. After piling on the coats quickly but evenly my lashes went from blah to FAB. I said adios to invisible, thin lashes and hello to sexy, flirty lashes. With the help of the enormous brush my lashes were lengthened, volumized,  were a lot more fuller and lifted. It added a slight curl but it was more of a lift. The length it added to my lashes is satisfactory. It could have been better since my lashes are really short but it'll do. As for volume- it added quite a bit of that. I have really sparse lashes so it helped to make my lashes look like I have more than usual lying around. :)
The jet black formula easily helped to define my lashes.It dried really quickly, so quickly that you have to be quick when adding your coats because once it dries- another coat will hardly make any difference. Having said that it is quite buildable ( just act fast). It doesn't really smudge nor does it flake on me. There are days (but only seldom) when I find that it smudges under my eyes ever so slightly.But because of the huge brush I get small blobs of smudges on my eyelids during application if I'm not careful. You have to act fast but careful at the same time.

Clump zone:

Before trying out this mascara for myself, I was really sceptical about Benefit's claim that this mascara doesn't clump. I was like ''really now?'' So needless to say I was excited to test this theory and while I can't 100% agree it's pretty accurate. Clumps are unavoidable if you have to layer on the coats and in this case 4 is the required coats to transform my lashes but the good thing is that it isn't so bad. It's not bad enough that it leaves you looking like you only have 2 lashes because they're all stuck, hugging each other. I just notice 1 or 2 lashes clumping together but my lashes still looked lush and relatively separated. *see the below photos for reference*

Lasting Power:

As for its lasting power I find that on me it lasts a solid 8 hours. After that it'll need touching up. My lashes look nicely defined all day but the lift it gives my lashes never lasts the entire day, hence why I'll suggest curling your lashes first for maximum impact, especially if you want to use it for night outs.

Overall verdict:

I love this mascara. It's far from being perfect. It certainly has its flaws but overall I'm quite happy and satisfied with the result I get when I use this. I'm happy with how it makes my lashes look. Would I recommend this? Yes but then again proceed with caution. I don't believe in not trying a product out just because you've read so many bad reviews about it. Because you never know it might work for you. It works beautifully on me, who's to say it won't do the same for you?

Trying out products even if they turn up to be complete duds is the fun part of beauty. But I'm not forcing anyone to try this.It's not as if I'm asking anyone to go out right now and buy this after reading my review but I hope it was useful for anyone considering of purchasing it.
Left side:no mascara  Right side: With Bad Gal Lash on my lashes ( can you see the major difference?)

 See how great it is? Love.

Side note: No matter what you do, don't cry while wearing this mascara. It will sting like crazy. For girls with eyes that tends to water quite a lot I won't recommend this mascara for the same reason. It will sting so much.  You've been warned. - I still love it though. Yes I'm a weirdo. haha :)
Have you tried Benefit Bad Gal Lash before? If yes what were your thoughts? Love it or hate it?  Spill :)

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  1. I absolutely love this mascara too! I just wish it weren't quite so expensive! xo


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