Holiday shopping haul - Beauty Edition

As promised here is the beauty  edition of my holiday haul I made in the Philippines. A shopping spree is never complete without some beauty bits added into the mix right? As a 100% beauty junkie I'm always game to try out new products. I was actually quite refrained much to my purse's delight. I could have spend a lot more and bought more stuff but I was quite good. I decided to behave like a little obedient girl and only handed in my hard earned cash for products I really wanted to try and know I'll end up using on a daily basis.

At long last I've finally invested in my skin. It was about time too. In the 1 1/2 years I've been beauty obsessed I was hell bent on concentrating on make-up products paying little to no attention to skin care products. They just didn't float my boat you know? But if you cast your mind back to my beauty resolutions for 2012 post click here, one of my resolutions was to pay more attention to skin care and low and behold I finally did. I also want to thank Vivianna as she inspired me to finally take the plunge in the world of skin care products. Now I didn't purchase the products she talks about so well on her blog but nevertheless she left me wanting to invest in my skin.

I decided to dip my toes into an unknown territory. I never heard about The Face Shop before. I didn't see that many reviews on other beauty blogs when I went to research about my possible purchases but I decided to just jump right in and take the bullet. For risks often pays off in the long run. Now that I think about it I love the fact that The Face Shop is not that popular with other bloggers because I love trying out brands that other people haven't heard/raved about before. Yes I like to set trends not follow it. But that is what's so exciting about beauty products. Trying new products from new brands you've never tried before and ending up finding a true gem of a product. Let me introduce you to The Face Shop. It is the bestselling Korean beauty brand which provides cosmetics, skin care,hair care and body/nail products at really affordable prices. It has over 900 stores in 19 countries worldwide.

The brand's main philosophy is ''beauty by nature'' and each of their products is formulated with the finest natural ingredients using the most sophisticated technology. The Face Shop is keen to provide organic products that provide nourIshing and revitalizing benefits for the skin. The Faceshop also states that their products are comparable to the high-end beauty brands without the high-end prices.

Phew! What a mouthful. Sounds like an amazing brand right?  As soon as I stepped my foot inside the store I knew I was home. I knew right there and then it'll be the store where I'll go absolutely crazy for their skin care. I didn't know where to start as there were tons of products to choose from. You could say I was like a child in a candy factory. I ended up picking 6 skin care items but I could've bought the entire store.( if only I was as rich as Ivanka Trump)

Here are my picks:
Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

Smells lovely.I haven't tried this yet but this rich cream looks promising. :)

Herb Day Cleansing Cream - Aloe
Because one cleansing cream is not enough I purchased another one. This cream has ALOE? Count me in. Aloe is one of the key ingredients which helps to hydrate dry skin and since I have really dry skin this will suit my skin care needs. ;) Smells lush.

Herb Day Cleansing Foam in Acerola and Aloe

Another cleansing product but hey you can't ever have enough. ;) I've used the Aloe one a couple of times now and I have to say I love it already. Again it suits my skin and it promises to hydrate skin even after cleansing. It's a smooth light cream that foams up really well to remove dirt and other impurities on my face. My skin always feel nice and fresh after each use. Side note: You only need a small amount as it forms a foam really well.

Rice Water Bright Rice Cleansing Water

This is my version of the uber popular Bioderma Crealine Solution ie the product that has been featured on many beauty blogs. I haven't tried Bioderma before but have always wanted to so when I saw this cleansing water I immediately snatched it up. Haven't tried it yet but I'm rather excited. Who knew a bit of water cleasing solution will one day excite me like this. Ha! #beautybloggertrait The only thing I'm a bit iffy about is the spray bottle as I don't like wasting product.I'm afraid to go near this product when I'm not even planning of putting it on because with a simple touch, some of the water solution escapes. I'm planning to use this as the final step in my skin care regime at night to freshen up my face and in the morning for a quick lift. How lurvely. :)

Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Remover

I love my smokey eyes and bright lips and sometimes it can be a little difficult to remove them. Actually there are times I sleep with eye make-up on because I love how they look. Not very hygienic I know but I can't help it. So to break that habit I bought this remover. Only tried it on my lips so far and I have to say I'm quite impressed already. The solution looks a lot like milk and feels incredibly light against my lips. The only thing I hate? The taste. I didn't lick my lips while using this but I could still taste it. Works wonders though. Will report back with a full in depth review of course. :)

The Bodyshop's Aloe Calming Toner

This was a last minute purchase. I purchased this the day before I headed back to Ireland.I don't know why but I just really wanted to purchase a toner and so I picked this as it has Aloe and it's suitable for my sensitive skin. It promises to comfort, condition and purify without irritating.After reading reviews online I found out that girls are split when it came to this toner. Some say that it irritated their skin despite the product only having 6 ingredients. Some say it was literally like water and not worth the money but I have to disagree for now. I've tried it twice already and it always comforted my skin leaving it nicely clean and fresh. I guess it's one of those products which you either love or hate. I love it anyway :)


 Make-up wise as you can see I was only interested in lip products.I love my lip products.I really do so is it any surprise that I only purchased lip products? I think not. I mostly bought lip products from Maybelline. We have Maybelline in Ireland but the ones I bought where only sold in Asian countries and the USA. I've wanted the Baby Lips lipbalm for ages and while going through the counter some more lip products caught my attention. There's a certain lip balm addiction going on here as I not only picked up 3 Maybelline lipbalms I also spotted and bought 2 O.N.E. Naturales by: Charade Shea My lips Shea Butter Lip Balm.- long name or wha?  It was buy 1 get one free. I never heard about the brand before but the product sounded really nice and useful especially during winter when my lips tend to dry out more.

Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in CR 31

I was attracted to the Water Shine Pure lipstick line as I've been loving lipstick/lipgloss hybrids but while this is one leans more towards being a lipstick duh it is a lipstick it's still a pretty colour. CR 31 is a beautiful warm pink which I think is still wearable for everyday. It has a bit of a shine. not a whole lot but the color pay off is amazing :) I love the crisp light blue silvery bullet.Looks classy.

Lip Smooth Color Bloom lip balm in Pink Blossom and Peach Blossom
Saw this. Loved it. Bought it. It was that easy. I'm a sucker for gimmicky products and so the color changing concept sold these lip balms to me. Basically the idea behind these lipbalms is that once applied, the color after coming into contact with your lips will transform into an individual shade that'll suit your skintone.  Time will tell if it works on my lips.

Baby Lips lip balm in Smoothing Cherry

Need I say more?  Heard so many incredible things about these lip balms so I had to pick one up. It'll be rude not to. The promise of instant 8 hr Moisture rejuvenated in a week sounded like a claim I wanted to prove if it was the real deal or not.It's the beauty blogger in me.

Fruity Jelly lipgloss in Mad About Melon
Bought this simply because it had melon in its name. Melon is my favourite fruit and if a lipgloss tasted like one well I simply must have it now don't I?

These will be my heroes during winter. Roll on winter because dry lips have nothing on these lip balms. After all it claims to provide lip smacking goodness to nourish and care for your precious lippies in a pot.

And because I needed new storage and I've wanted acrylic  for my makeup storage for a long time I bought these:
These are much cheaper than Muji. For the price of a 2 drawer storage I got these 4 different types. Complete bargain and at the time of purchase it was extra 10% off. Score 1 for me!

So there we have it. I spent some serious amount on beauty but hey it was worth it. If it makes me happy and beautiful- it's alright with me. But now I'm broke. Oh well. So with all my new cleansing skin care bits I no longer have any excuses for not taking off my make-up. Turns out I'll finally be able to stick to my beauty resolutions for 2012. Love it ;)


  1. wow I'm very jealous of the storage holders! :)

  2. Is the face shop related to the body shop? The rice water line looks interesting! :)

  3. Lovely hauls!! I've tried the rice water line and i love it ^_~

  4. Ooh you got some super lovely things! xo

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