Holiday shopping haul- Fashion edition

It has been said countless times that diamonds are a girl's bestfriend but please allow me to paraphrase the uber famous phrase  by replacing diamonds with shopping. Shopping is a girl's bestfriend. Sounds a whole lot better doesn't it? Ok ok maybe not since diamonds ARE diamonds - I wouldn't mine owning 1 or 2 :) But my version has a certain ring to it doesn't it? Like most girls living on planet Earth I'm a proud shopoholic. One of my mantras in life? Shop til you drop. It's beyond ridiculous how happy a successful shopping trip makes me. I could literally waste the 24 hours of my day inside a mall, going from one store to the next and you won't ever hear me complain despite me hating the act of walking. Lazy bummer or wha'? ;) . (speaking of walking I bought 1 pair of flats.The state of my old ones would scare you.)

We have Forever 21 in Ireland now but the ones in The Philippines are 1,000,000 times better. I know they sell the same clothes but there's just something about the ones in The Philippines that leaves me wanting to burn a serious whole in my pocket. Not that I mind of course. ;) The clothes I got are all perfect for when I go back to University in September. Comfy, simply but oh so stylish and chic. LOVE everything I purchased. I got 2 crochet tops from different stores and 2 cardigans from Plains and Prints. And a fashion haul is not a fashion haul without some bags thrown into the mix for good ol' measure. I've wanted a satchel bag for CENTURIES and found 2 gorgeous Mulberry Alexa inspired versions.- my life right there :) Enough talking, here are the pics of my gorgeous all new pieces.

Crochet Tops

 Crochet tops used to scream granny like to me for some reason but both of these look young and pretty comfy. Perfect for lazy days in Uni. I personally love the light olive/green one.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this top from Willow Clothing at the Ramp I was like ''Yup.That's so UCD''- (the university I go to). It's one of those really loose tops which is super comfy to wear as you can move around freely.Love this kind of tops.


Not overly exciting but a complete wardrobe essential these are from Forever 21 and I LOVE 'em.They're skinny style jeans and the one on the right- the black one is actually my second pair. I wore my first pair on a daily basis until it's dying breath a couple of months ago. I was like a lost puppy when it started to fade and when holes started to appear in the inner thigh. My beloved jeans gave up on me. I was devasted but for less than 10 euro I can't complain. So as soon as I pop into Forever 21 I instantly grabbed a  hold on a replacement.- perfect fitting jeans which always makes me feel so skinny when I wear it.  CAN YOU SAY PERFECT?  ;)

Cardigans from Plains and Prints

Comfortable? Check. Practical? Check. Stylish? Oh yes it is. When I saw this in Plains and Prints I was all over it like a skin rash. It's just so ME.Looks effortlessly stylish just thrown on my body. Put my hair up in a messy bun, minimal make-up on my face and my Forever 21 jeans and tops- oh I like the sound of that :) Student attire completed. ;)

Sheer Tops/Sleeveless blouses from Forever 21

This sheer salmon pink sleeveless blouse with crochet peter pan collar = LOVE. Isn't it a complete BEAUT? :)

 Can you tell that I have a slight obsession with sheer tops at the moment? I just love the style. Very chic, sophisticated and damn right stylish. I equally love all my picks but the last one in pink with cute white detailed collar deserves a special mention. Such a pretty top isn't? By far my favorite out of the bunch and it'll probably be my most worn top of 2012. Can you blame me?

For someone who used to have a dress obsession I'm quite surprised I only purchased 1. Nothing really tickled my fancy expect for this lacy number from Forever 21. Love the salmon pink/peachy color. Throw in a cardigan and tights - I'll be good to go. :)

New shoes = one happy girl.I'm actually not one of those girls who adores shoes. I mean I don't mind shopping for 'em but let's  just say I'll be more excited to shop for some make-up . But I couldn't resist this gorgeous pair since it worked out to be only 6 euro.Plus it looks great with my F21 jeans and tops.


At long last I've found the perfect satchel bag for me. Not 1 but 2. I love it so much I picked it up in 2 different colors. The perfect size for my everyday bag when I'm in Uni. Fits all my notepads and my daily essentials. Looks great. I already can't wait to prance around all over the place with these gorgeous bags carried on the crook of my arm. Not at the same time obvs just the one which ever I chose to use that day.

And that is it for my Fashion haul. All in all a very successful shopping spree. I managed to fund this spree thanks to all the months and months of me saving before my trip so don't go around thinking I'm a spoiled brat because I'm not. And with my fantastic Grade Point Average(GPA) of 4.06 for my first year in Uni I think I deserved it after all of my hard work. Doncha' think so? :)

Ps. Of course I made some beauty purchases too and I'll be back with a Beauty Haul Post so for any beauty junkies out there keep your eyes peeled for that if you're interested.  Lots and lots of skin care bits as I have decided to investment on my skin at long last. ;)


  1. Nice haul! Now I miss shopping for clothes! Haha

  2. Ooh you got some lovely things! I adore the salmon forever 21 blouse, I'm head over heels for Peter pan collars! Xoxo

  3. Lovely collection x


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