Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus

It seems like I have now jumped out of the pastel shades bandwagon completely and have made my way towards the dark side but with Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus being such a stunning interesting colour how could I not?

Piccadilly Circus is one of those shades which will confuse and amaze you both at the same time. Far from being your typical purple shade, it's without a doubt a statement shade. Piccadilly Circus is such a difficult shade to describe but I'll try anyway. To me Piccadilly Circus sits somewhere between being a raspberry and a blackberry shade. It's certainly not as dark as your average blackberry (it's not even black) but it's certainly not light enough to be a true raspberry shade. It sits somewhere in between and that my fellow beauty junkies is what I like about this shade. Is it pink? Is it purple? Is it red? Well honey it's all 3.This multidimentional shade is as interesting as its name- Piccadilly Circus. It changes depending on the lighting of your current location. In some it leans towards being a deep raspberry shade with a hint of red while in some cases it leans more towards being a light purple shade, while sometimes it looks a lot like a full on red. Told ya it was interesting. :)

So we already know that the colour is both beautiful and unique in its own right but how about its application? Is it as impressive? Yuss it is. It's A+. Why can't all polishes apply as easily and evenly as Piccadilly Circus? It went on without any trouble. It went opaque with 1 coat, another coat wasn't essential but out of old habit I just added another coat to be on the safe side and to seal the gorgeous shade. 5 mins was all it took for each of the coat to dry completely.

Now it's not 100% perfect as while it was easy to apply, taking a photograph of it to show its true shade proved to be quite a challenge. I've never encountered as much problems with a single product before in all of my previous product pictorials. My camera refused to pick up the true shade.No matter what angle, lighting I used.I can't capture the gorgeous shade in all of its glory.I tried hard though and the photos above are close enough but it doesn't give justice to such a gorgeous colour.

I love the colour, I love its formula for being so darn easy to apply. Have I already mentioned how much I love this nailpolish? So darn awesome. Nails Inc you legends. Keep on winning my heart with your gorgeous shades.

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  1. Anonymous31/8/12

    love the color of this nail polish :X

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    XOxO, Lorena


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