New beauty purchases? Yes Please!

While most industries are struggling to keep their boats afloat in these tough economic/recession times, 1 industry continues to sail rather smoothly along- the beauty industry and as a beauty junkie it doesn't surprise me one little bit. New product purchases = Instant High. And my fellow beauty junkies will probably agree with me when I say that the high we get from acquiring new beauty products is VERY addictive, borderline obsession if left uncheck hence my weekly trip into Boots (drugstore).

I can seriously live happily inside Boots/ Superdrug for the rest of my life, playing with all the beauty goodies surrounding me. That is if my family and friends are allowed to visit me ocassionally. Imagine that? What dreams of beauty bloggers and junkies are made of. Times flies when I'm there, swatching to my heart's content.

Which brings me to today's post. I went over to London from August 1 to August 16. I had the best 2 weeks of my life there. Nothing major happened but spending the 2 weeks surrounded by my cute adorable cousins quickly reminded me of the fact that life is meant to be fun. As we grow older it becomes more difficult to find reasons to smile but seriously if you ever get to that point when you feel everything and everybody is against you ( I have my fair share of those days, trust me) try spend an entire day with kids surrounding you. Their positive, carefree outlook on life is so damn infectious like a disease but one I wouldn't mind catching. To summarise my 2 week stay with my aunt and her family : it was filled with nothing but laughter, smiles and some more laughter. The result? I went home with so many fun memories I will forever cherish and never forget. Summer 2012 has been so kind to me. What with my 6 week vacation in the Philippines and 2 weeks in The Uk. Who's the jetsetter? Me ;) Plus I felt so incredibly lucky to be in London during the Olympics 2012. The Greatest show on earth clearly made everyone a lot more friendlier and happier. The atmosphere everywhere I went was incredible. I couldn't put my finger on it but it was certainly nice to see everyone uniting together to support such talented athletes. Michael Phelps is a complete legend and my kind of guy. If you're reading this Michael, give me a call sometime. ( and no I'm not after the fame nor his golds. I just love him. :) )

Moving on. I went a little bit mad in Boots. Yes yes we have Boots in Ireland too but there was something in the air in the UK that left me wanting to spend all my moolah purchasing more make-up I don't really need. Plus there were great deals and offers to be had. I simply couldn't refrained myself. Positive outlook ladies and gents. :) Enough rambling ,let's get onto the good beautiful stuff.

Poundland finds
Ah good old Poundland. I found 2 gems there. A Revlon Nail Enamel in Possibilities- beautiful dusty pink nude and a freakin Stila SPF 30 Oil Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturiser in Dark (tan 01). Yes really a Stila product for a measly £1. Spell bargain? When I saw posts from other blogs featuring their Stila finds in Poundland I was dying with jealously. But on 1 fateful trip to a local Poundland I managed to get my manicured fingertips on a tinted moisturiser. I've never tried one before. I'm a foundation girl through and through but for days when I want little coverage this 1 will be useful. It was the last one left in the shop and when I swatched it, it blended so well into my skin. It was a great colour match. It gave a nice sheer dewy finish without irritating/itching my skin. I guess it was meant to be. :)

Victoria's Secret
When my aunt and I went to Westfield in Stratford City, we made a beeline for Victoria's Secret. Well we can't hardly just walk pass it without popping inside right? It'll be downright rude to ignore it. It'll be like ignoring a relative. My aunt was in the mood to buy all sorts of lotions and potions. I didn't plan on purchasing anything. I swear. But when my aunt asked me if I wanted anything, of course I didn't decline. So there I was, sniffing all the body mists in front of me, getting a headache in the process. Seriously me and perfume overload = 1 massive sneezy mess. But after smelling all the frogs I found my prince in the form of Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Mist. Oh lala as soon as I smelled it I knew it was the one. It smells really girly and of raspberries. <3

Have you ever wanted a beauty product so badly before you couldn't sleep at night because it wasn't in your arms? MUA Lovehearts lipbalm is a good example. Ever since I read posts about these when they were launched a couple of months ago I was like ''I HAVE TO GET MY HANDS ON THESE'' They looked and sounded like a complete must have for a lip product junkie like myself and for only £2 a pop ...gimme me some of that. Problem was these were so hard to find. I went to 4 different Superdrugs but to no avail. I was on the brick of giving up but I remained positive that 1 day I'll find them and I did- in Superdrug Crawley. Determination DOES pay off in the long run.

I wanted to go crazy with Sleek products because their products aren't easily available in Ireland. I really wanted to obsesses over their products but the truth is, it just didn't tickle my fancy. Nothing caught my eye except for the Pout Polishes which looks identical to the MUA Lovehearts lipbalm. A comparison post is in the works. The Pout Polishes Lip Conditioner are a lot more expensive at £4.49 each. I got Electro Peach because we all know how much I love peachy shades yes?

Need I say more? Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover is nothing but a nail polish remover but yet it had made its way around in loads of blogs. Featured in countless beauty blogs, this product is becoming a bit of a cult product isn't? Thoughts so far? For a lazy girl like myself who thinks nail polish removal is such a pain in the ass of a chore- this is a god sent product. Review soon to follow ;)

L'Oreal Paris goodies
L'Oreal. 1 brand I've never tried before but always wanted to and now I went from having 0 to 9 products (see below for the others). Ever since I first swatched  Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation in W3 Gold Linen - L'Oreal's latest foundation offering in Boots in the early days of its release I fell in love. I loved how it added radiance to my skin. It's safe to say that ever since then I never forgot it.  I always knew it was going to be mine and here we are. When I spotted the 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug on all L'Oreal cosmetics I knew it was the right time to splurge and try a couple of their products.

BB Creams always intrigued me. Was it really possible to own a product that has the benefits of skincare but leaves a make-up finish? It sure sounded quite impossible to me. I thought it was about time I explore the land of BB Creams with L'Oreal's version.  Nearly all drugstore brands have come up with their own version from Maybelline ( I need to try this by the sound of the many reviews I've read) to Boots very own line -17 cosmetics. Nude Magique BB Cream Bare Skin Beautifier in Medium Skintone - please be good to me. Let my risk pay off. Pretty please. For days I want to achieve the perfect nude skin look I'll reach for this instead of my foundations.

As for Waterproof Telescopic Mascara in Black, well since it's the mascara choice of my favourite blogger/ personal blogging hero or should I say heroine Vivianna I need to give it a try. She has raved about this mascara so much on her blog and videos. Since it's the only mascara she ever wears, it deserves atleast a try right? If it's good enough for her and all that :)

Some more L'Oreal goodies :)

The day after my splurge in Superdrug, I saw another great deal in Boots. If I spend £15 and above on any L'Oreal cosmetics I can receive a gift box filled with more L'Oreal products worth £24 in total. It was too good of an offer to refuse. Since a girl can't ever have too many blush I picked up Le blush Boise De Rose/ Rosewood which I think is the perfect rose blush for my medium skin tone. And since I'm becoming a bit of a foundation addict I picked up True Match foundation in N4 Beige. Great colour match. Just great :)

The beauty goodies included inside the free gift box I received :
  1. Color Riche 617 You are Worth it
  2. Color Riche 211 Opulent Pink
  3. Glam Shine Natural Glow 407 Magnetic Nude Glow lipgloss (love this.Perfect paired with brown smokey sultry eyes)
  4. Super Liner Luminizer in Black Diamonds for brown eyes
  5. 1 True match foundation sample sachet & 1 Nude Magique BB Cream sample sachet
Wonderful set of freebies huh? Thanks L'Oreal for this great gift with purchase.  So generous and kind of you. :)

OMG! I lost count on the number of times I've read reviews about Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Core Collection brush set. The Buffing Brush is a firm favourite among beauty bloggers for a flawless liquid/mineral foundation application. It has been hailed as a wonderful versatile brush.  Needless to say I was all over it like swim wear. A couple of weeks ago it was only on my make-up wishlist but now it's finally mine. MINE.  At £21.99 it isn't the cheapest. (I've finally invested on make-up brushes. Another beauty resolution of 2012 ticked off :) ) but it's so worth it. Will review it soon.

Saving the best purchase for last. ( who am I kidding? I love all my new purchases equally) but Benefit They're Real mascara deserves the spotlight as it's pretty special. Why? Not only has it been on my make-up wishlist for ages but it was my first ever Duty Free beauty purchase. Who knew it could be so much fun purchasing cosmetics at the airport? Great savings too. I've always wanted to try They're Real mascara because it sounded amazing and since Benefit claims that it is the UK's biggest selling mascara at the moment - I obviously need to try it out and see for myself what all the fuss is  about. Considering all the amazing reviews on this, I'm pretty confident I'll end up loving it too.  It normally retails for £18.50 but I got mine for £15.40 at Gatwick airport. Granted it's not a whole lot of saving but £3.10 is still £3.10. I'll take all the savings I can get. :)

That's it. Quite a lot I know but I'm a beauty addict afterall what else would you expect from me? ;) Don't judge.


  1. Wow you got some fab goodies! :)
    The blush looks like a gorgeous colour and I have been meaning for such a long time to pick up some more RT brushes, you have just reminded me! :) x

  2. So many goodies! I'm still on my makeup diet so I'm living vicariously through you. :P I always tend to spend more when I'm on holiday too - when is the next time you're going to be there, yaknow? :P I can't wait till the Bourjois nail polish remover comes to Australia, it sounds great xx

  3. wow! huge hauls you got here! and the all the products are so interesting! I'm so curious with the Loreal BB, can't wait for your review on this. Hope it'll be good ^_~

  4. Oh how I miss the Loreal Telescopic. Ive had the Clean Definition version as one of my HG mascaras then L'oreal in the Philippines decided to pull it out.
    Oh..I'm tearin' up :,(
    I horribly miss it.


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