The NO MORE lipstick challenge

A sudden realisation came over me as I organised my make-up stash to fit into my newly purchase arcylic storage. It was a light bulb moment. I Diane simply have too many lipsticks in my collection. Way too many for a girl with 1 set of lips to own. Yes I'm a lipstick junkie but even I know when enough is enough.I have accumulated so much that I'm left wondering how the hell am I suppose to get through them all when I haven't even finish a single tube. I let my addiction spiral out of control and get the better of me.

In my desire to collect lipsticks in all the different colours of the rainbow I somehow lost my sanity. A bit dramatic I know but the truth all the same. Looking back now- I knew where I went wrong. Somewhere along the way I stopped buying because I needed them but purchased simply for the sake of it and it was my poor innocent wallet which suffered the beating as a result. And I wondered why I always had 0 euro under my name. Duh Diane it's because of your inability to say no to pretty gorgeous mouth watering shades.

And so I came up with a brilliant idea.- yeah I like to complement myself a lot. :D The No More lipstick challenge was born. And what does this challenge entail? What are the rules? Its rather simple actually. While rooting through my stash I unearthed 4 gorgeous lipsticks which unfortunately had been forgotten about. As my stash grew they were put aside to make room for new lippies. And to be honest I really feel bad about it. I mistreated them , didn't give them even 1/2 of the love that they rightfully deserve so in the bid to make it up to them  I'm now allowing them to come out and play and to finally see the light of day.
 The Four unloved lipsticks of mine: (from left to right) Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact in Fuchsia Fun, Avon Ultra Clour Rich in Sparkling Peach, Avon Smooth Mineral in Apricot Glow and Pro to Go lipstick in Rose Sorbet. - can you see how unloved they are? Fuchsia Fun broke because I just didn't take good care of it. SO MUCH PRODUCT LEFT TO GET THROUGH. ARGHH!

*wait for it,wait for it.* I, Diane of legal age is announcing that from this day forward I'll no longer allow myself to purchase another lipstick bullet until the 4 lipsticks featured in this post are all used up.

A bit drastic for me but I have no other choice. I vow to use the 4 lipsticks as much as I can so that I'll use them up more quickly. But luckily for me I have great choice between them.2 pinks and 2 peachy/browny shade. I can't see any problems with coordinating these with my daily minimal make-up look. I can easily alternate between them depending on the look I'm going for. I'm still allowing my to use my other lipsticks but only once a week. For the remaining days throughout the week I can only reach for these 4 lipsticks. And only these.
From left to right: Fuchsia Fun, Sparkling Peach, Apricot Glow and Rose Sorbet

Fuchsia Fun: is a light fuchsia with a slight semi glossy finish

Sparkling Peach :now this shade is gorgeous. When I swatched it, I fell inlove with it. How can I forget this stunning peach colour? Like seriously how? It's one of the most prettiest medium peach with a hint of coral lipstick that I've ever seen. I can already see this becoming one of my favourites down the line. Only worst bit about it? It smells awful like plastic. Eurgh! Still a pretty shade though.

Apricot Glow: is the brownish version of Sparkling Peach. It's a brownish peach.

Rose Sorbet: looks so much like Fuchsia Fun in person, it's fuchsia fun's older sister. A medium warm pink.

All these lipsticks contain shimmers and as a rule I don't like lipsticks which contain shimmers but the shimmers in these lipsticks are all subtle and helps to make my lips look more fuller.

Any bets on how long I'll last while participating in my No More lipstick challenge? Go on I don't mind. Make your bets now! haha :) I'm determined to succeed though. I'm taking this seriously.  Wish me luck yeah? I'll need it.

PS. I'm still allowing myself to purchase lip glosses/ lip balm and lip stains and oh I'm making an exception for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick since I made a promise that I'll pick up at least 1 before 2012 draws to a close. A promise is a promise. I don't make promises just to break 'em. Excuses, Excuses huh? :D


  1. I also have too many lipsticks. I'm still dying to get a Mac one though!

  2. This is such a good idea! Oh my I don't know why i never thought of this simple ideea!? haha I have so many but never use!


  3. I love this idea.I also NEED to have another few beauty product, even though I have so many unopened ones or ones that I've used only once or twice


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