The oh so feminine nails

When it comes to nail polish shades, I always believe that the brighter and colourful it is the better. Nothing can solve my bad days quicker than wearing a bright shade so loud, it sends my confidence level to new sky high limits. But now and again, a nailpolish shade comes into the picture which challenges my belief and changes the way I look at nailpolishes.

The nude look was something I had never gone to before. Perhaps it had something to do with my fear of ending up with mannequin hands. Revlon Nail Enamel in Endless Possibilities however took me by surprise. And what a wonderful surprise it was.

Aside from my Avon Nailwear Enamel in Viva Pink post here , Endless Possibilities has got to be one of the most interesting pink shades in my collection. While it doesn't look that interesting inside the bottle, on the nails it's pretty darn special. Endless Possibilities is (wait for it) a milky, creamy nude light dusky pink which looks a little like a salmon pink with a hint of brown thrown in the mix which makes this shade a must have in my opinion. It's far from being your average, boring shade. It looks really pretty in real life, instantly adding a touch of class and sophistication to my nails and all the while elongating my fingers too. It looks really flattering against my skintone and it's a shade that screams ladylike chic. So effortlessly stylish and timeless colour choice.

In terms of application, Endless Possibilities won me over. Fully expecting it to be 100% difficult, it surprised me that it wasn't streaky at all despite being a light shade. In fact it was easily buildable but all it took was 2 quick coats for the polish to turn opaque and then I was done. It contains tiny gold shimmers while inside the bottle but the shimmers don't transfer onto the nails. As for the pesky annoying chips, they revealed their ugly faces on Day 4. But without any top coats sure that's to be expected right? For only £1 in where else.. Poundland in the UK - this is a complete bargain find at its finest. Complete Beaut in my eyes.

Nude nails Yay or Nay?


  1. Anonymous30/8/12

    Just yesterday I picked up a Revlon polish in Poundworld, it wasn't this beauty though! xx

  2. Definitely Yay!! I'm so into nude nails ^_~


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