Maybelline Lip Smooth Colorbloom lipbalms - A Beautiful Magic Trick?

As far as gimmicky products go, I'm a complete sucker. Lipbalms that promises to change and adapt its color to suit my skintone once it comes into contact with my lips? Gime me some of that, please thanks ;)

The concept behind these lipbalms is nothing new nor is it unique. Other brands came out with their own versions, way before Maybelline. I can't think of 1 brand right off the top of my head but nevertheless it's still impressive. Maybelline's offerings are my current obsessions so to speak ;). The idea is that once the white balm touches my lips, it would create a sheer pink/peach colour but it's not just any colour- but my very own shade. One that suits my skintone and thus I can honestly say that it is made to measure. It reacts with the chemicals found on your lips, therefore the transformation of the shade will vary from 1 girl to another.

Packaging wise, these get a massive thumbs up from me.I don't tend to comment on a product's packaging as I genuinely believe it is what's inside that counts but I can't help but rave about the packaging of these lipbalms a tiny bit as I love it so much. Not only are they small (handy for touch ups/tossing it inside my make-up bag) adorable and colourful to look at but it's so practical and hygienic. Unlike other balms which mostly come in a very unhygienic tins/pots, you know the ones were you need to dip your finger in and out (all those germs being transmitted. eeughh!) these come in a nice handy little tube were all you have to do is twist it, to get the lipbalm out. So much better right?

Out of the 2, Pink Blossom is noticeably more pigmented. From the very first moment it graces my lips, it transforms to a stunning subtle bright fuchsia pink. It applies quite sheer at first but it is buildable. I also find that as time progresses the colour deepens  a little bit more, leaving a beautiful wash of sheer pink on my lips. - TO DIE FOR. I always find myself staring at my lips infront of mirrors when I have it on. Peach Blossom on the other hand is definitely a lot less pigmented. It offers a certain amount of colour but not a whole lot. On my lips it turns to a muted beautiful soft peach. Think my lips but with added shine. They both leave my lips looking glossy with just the right amount of shine, nicely plump and healthy looking.

Pink Blossom

Peach Blossom

Now for the most important factor of all- its moisturising property. Afterall I'm talking about lipbalms. With ingredients like Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil these sound promising. While on the lips they feel really moisturising and hydrating. They feel comfortable on the lips. I consider these lipbalms as the novelty kind more than anything else because while they moisturise my lips it won't ever reach the extent when it will remedy dry chapped lips. As the lipbalm wears off, I no longer find them hydrating. If like me you have normal lips with the occassional small dry patches- then these will make a great lipbalm for you but if you have severe dry uncomfortable chapped/cracked lips, look for a more nourishing lipbalm. Having said all of that my lips do feel softer and smoother than what I'm normally used to when I reach for these babies. :)

Another factor but not so important that won me over? The scent. These lipbalms have a lovely fruity berry scent courtesy of the listed ingredient- Blueberry Fruit Extract. It smells so delicious but unfortunately it doesn't linger on for too long. About 10 mins or so.

Unfortunately these are not easily available in Ireland and the Uk. As far as I know Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom  Lipbalms are only sold in Asian countries. And for the life of me I have no idea why. These are great and I have a feeling that if ever they released it over here it'll be a major hit along the same lines of Revlon Lip Butters. Maybelline are you reading this? Get a move on and bring the butts of these lipbalms over here in Ireland quick smart.. These were under 2 euro each. Cheap and cheerful :) But if ever you get a chance to try them out make sure you do. I'm gutted I only purchased 1 of each when I was in the Philippines. Based on my daily usage of these it won't be long before I reach the end of 'em. Men that's always the case with beloved beauty finds eh? :)

Going back to my question in my post title: Are these lipbalms a beautiful magic trick? Yuss they are. they really are. ;)


The Bronzed Sun-Kissed look

The bronzed sun kissed look is a firm favourite of mine and just about every other girl's too. It's uber popular and is easily one of the most worn make-up look. It's just so stunning. Radiance glow, sun kissed cheeks, shimmery eyes and nude peachy/coral lips . Oh my make-up God. So so beautiful. Drop dead goddess worthy look. What's not to love? But surprisingly just a couple of months ago I didn't give any toss about bronzers. I didn't give any care in the world about it. When I heard the word bronzer before, it automatically conjured up an image of oompa loompas in my mind. A vile too orange of a complexion. A look I'll never want to achieve. The horror of it all. Eughh.

I always knew bronzers can reap so many benefits. With the right application skills, bronzers can instantly add warmth and dimension to the face. When lightly dusted where the sun naturally hits the face ie the top of cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin, it can give you a healthy radiance complexion. Matte bronzers can contour, sculpt the face to instantly slim down the nose, chubby cheeks and hide double chins. It can literally hide a magnitude of sins while shimmering bronzers provide a golden glow to the skin. But having said all of that I still ignored bronzers like the proper rebel that I am, wasn't overly keen and fuss about them. However, fast forward to the present day and 3 bronzers later currently in my collection I can no longer imagine my life without them.

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder started my newly found love for bronzers. Ever since my first taste I had never looked back. Now that's not to say I wear bronzers on a regular basis. To be quite honest I only reach for it on the rare occasions when I want to look more polish and when I want to put a bit more effort into my make-up. I'm incredibly lazy okay? :)  Right now I'm still  trying to master the art of contouring but I'm getting there albeit slowly but surely. After all a girl can't ever rush perfection. Practice makes perfect.

I've recently found a new bronzer love in Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls which had made the process of achieving that gorgeous sun kissed glow that much easier. I've been loving it so much throughout the entire summer, so much so I gathered up enough courage to churn out my face (not for the first time but it's always daunting and scary putting up my face for all to see) to show you its bronzey goodness. You're welcome :)

The Look:
To add a touch of radiance to my dull skin I opted for 1 of my newly acquired foundation purchases L'Oreal Lumi Magique in W3 Gold Linen.  Even though I've only tried it once - I have to say I'm already inlove with it. How on earth did I managed to live without it? It gives this beautiful radiance to my skin, it provides a light, natural looking coverage without ever masking my true skin. I'll go far as to say that to me it's my skin but better. Way better. Miles better.
Up next I swept a healthy, just the right amount of Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls on my cheeks for that sun-kissed glow. This product just works. It sculpts the cheekbones, adds the right amount of colour without ever looking too orange or muddy. When the pearls are swirled together , it creates the perfect shade for achieving that bronze look without looking OTT.  hmmm. My bronze hero. ;)
For the eyes I decided to skip my usual Buck/Smog/Darkhorse smokey eye. This look is all about the bronze cheeks and I wanted to keep the focus on that. A smokey eye will look too heavy for my liking so instead I just applied a soft wash of Toasted from the Urban Decay Naked Palette all over the lid.  Toasted has been my go to eyeshadow shade lately. A beautiful medium shimmery pinky brown, that when worn on its own is good enough for me.  Blends beautifully too. Ahh. How I love you Toasted. Several lashings of No 7 Lash Adapt mascara on my lashes later and that's my eye make-up sorted.
Now for the lips, I applied L'Oreal Glam Shine 407 Magnetic Nude Glow. It's a gorgeous colour for a lipgloss but I quickly found out that worn on its own it washed me out slightly so I decided to add several layers of MUA Lovehearts lipbalm in Kiss Me on top of it. And it was a match made in lip heaven. Kiss Me is a bright coral and it sealed off the look perfectly.

And voila that's my interpretation /version of the famous bronze sun-kissed look. I love the look so much that even if it's no longer summer I'll continue to wear the look. My personal bronze goddess icon? Kim Kardashian. That woman knows how to rock the look. Hurrah to the bronzing gods :)

And now for some Lols, here's a candid snapshot of yours truly:  taken by my brother while I was looking at mirror, totally unprepared. :) Don't say I don't treat you.


No 7 Lash Adapt mascara

No 7 Lash Adapt is one of those purchases I had made solely because of all the great reviews I've read online written about it. Whenever I saw the results it gave to the lashes of other girls I was blown away. Most girls' lashes were full, seductive, lengthened and defined so brilliantly I just had to see for myself if it'll do the same job for me. Ah the blogging hype- I know all too well. Enough rambling here are my thoughts on this mascara. :)

The Lowdown
First impressions:

The brush is your typical brush. It's nothing special. There aren't a lot of things to say about it except that the bristles are evenly spaced out, giving the impression that it'll be great for defining and separating. It looks like it'll be great for evenly coating my lashes with product. Because it's a bit on the fat side it looks like it'll be great for adding volume too. As the size of the brush is not as big as Benefit Bad Gal , I don't have to worry that it'll end up getting everywhere  it isn't suppose to be in ie eyelids and below.

Coat Verdict:

Right from the 1st coat it added some length and instantly defined my lashes. On the second coat it thickened my sparse lashes, adding some badly needed volume. With the 3rd coat my lashes were a lot more fuller and volumized. As for the 4th coat (the farthest I'll go) it left me with vavoom lashes, full and sexy without looking too clumpy. My lashes were lifted too to a certain extent.


Normally when I have to pile on the coats to my desired effect, I find it quite uncomfortable at times because either it starts to get really clumpy or the formula dries too quickly. Meaning I can't add another coat as it won't make any difference anymore. However, with Lash Adapt I didn't encounter the same problem almost to a fault. I found it really buildable as it doesn't dry that quickly but the downside? My lashes feel slightly wet during application.It doesn't really bother me that much but I feel that I should take a note of it.Because of the gentle and quite thin formula it glides comfortably on my lashes. I never have to tug on my lashes perhaps because of a certain ingredient. It contains Jojoba oil which promises to condition and moisturise ,leaving your lashes soft. I can easily layer the coats with no problem. I also find that despite having 4 coats my lashes never feel stiff like they would be if I applied another mascara. Instead they feel quite gentle and soft to touch.

Clump zone:

The best selling point of this mascara is perhaps the brand's claim that you can add up to 6 coats without your lashes clumping together. Now since I have really short, thin lashes I always find myself piling on the coats for every mascara I've tried. It's a must. And as much as I wanted to agree with No 7 I just can't. I stopped at 4 coats as while it wasn't overly clumpy, I did see 1 or 2 lashes sticking together much like my experience with Benefit Bad Gal. I could have added another layer but aside from it being too much for daytime I had a strong feeling that my lashes will start to really clump together, if I dared pass the 4 coat territory. Plus it would've been borderline tarantula lashes. - definitely not something I'm looking for. *shudder*

Lasting Power:

It's incredibly longwearing. I find that on my lashes, it lasts the whole day - roughly around 10 hours.  The fullness appearance of my lashes gradually reduces throughout the day but my lashes are always nicely defined all day. It did transfer a little bit on my eyelids and it slightly smudged under my eyes but no flaking to report whatsoever.

Overall verdict:

More than anything else this is a definitely a great volumising mascara for girls like me with sparse lashes. It really makes your lashes look fuller with a couple of coats. It did add decent length to my lashes but I wouldn't really recommend this for girls who are looking for a lengthening mascara. The wand easily grabs hold on all of my lashes, evenly coating them from root to tip. It always deposits the right amount of product on my lashes.

It's also worth mentioning that this is by far the EASIEST mascara to remove out of all the ones I've tried and reviewed. So far! Despite multiple coats it never requires a posh eye make-up remover. Good ol' free water will do the job nicely. Requiring only 3 to 4 gentle quick swipes to remove it all. ;)

The Result:


Beauty Bits I Heart #1

Monthly favourites are one of my favourite posts to read from other beauty bloggers. I love reading about the products my fellow beauty addicts are currently obsessing about. Through it I I usually discover products I wouldn't usually go for. But no matter how much I enjoy those type of posts I was never interested to write my own. Why? I simply think it's too much of a commitment. Plus there's no guarantee I'll love enough different products per month to write a monthly favourites post. I'm a girl that likes her routine and mostly stick to what she knows. I'm not one to stray far away from my comfort zone. I mostly use the same products every month. So it never made sense to me to start the said series on my blog. But now and again I discover new products which I can always write a review on but along my beauty journey I encounter products that leaves me breathless. Some products impresses me to the highest level - there's only 1 thing left to do, give them a much deserved extra shout out. Hence why I decided to launch a new series on my blog. My very own version of the monthly favourites.

It's the Beauty Bits I Heart. In any given time, if I find myself reaching for several products over and over again but I haven't featured them before here in Slave to Vanity or if I rediscover some products I forgot about, this is the platform where I can ramble on about them. I don't know how often I'll write this post. I suppose I'll only write it when products have really won my heart over. Hence the title :) 2 wonderful products to kick things off: MUA Heaven and Earth palette and 17 Blusher in Nude which I took with me for my 2 week trip to The UK.

MUA Heaven and Earth palette

When I was packing my make-up for my 2 week stay in the UK, I knew I wanted to give my much loved Urban Decay Naked palette a break. This palette which I lusted over for such a long, long time was sent to me by a lovely fellow blogger Laura . She kindly and generously offered to purchase this on my behalf several months ago after she read my tweet about my lust for this palette. A complete stranger to me but yet she gave this to me as a gift. It's nice to know there are still people left in the world with such kind hearts. :) Laura if you're reading this, I just want to say I love you. haha Enough about its history.

This gorgeous 12 neutral eyeshadow palette is a heaven sent product for a neutral girl like myself.I received this in the post 1 week after purchasing the Naked Palette. I was still crazy about the Naked Palette and was overly excited to finally get my paws on it, so excited that this palette was pushed aside. But for the last couple of weeks it had ruled over my heart and who can blame me when these eyeshadows blends easily, have a smooth, creamy texture, are longwearing and pigmented? The shimmers don't feel tacky and gritty. For only £4 this is a complete bargain. Because of the cheap price tag I expected these to be chalky, too powdery but nope they weren't. Instead it's a dream working and playing with 'em. I find that I can create the same looks, I can achieve with my Naked Palette while using this purse friendly option. When paired with the Urban Decay Primer Potion these last forever and a day on my eyes. Impressive MUA. Very impressive.

The above swatches of 3 eyeshadows are my go to choices for a gorgeous sultry smokey eye. Left shade for lid, middle shade for crease and right shade for outer corner. Just lurvely ;)

17 Blusher in Nude

It took me a year to finally give this blush the time of day. I got it a year ago but I only paid attention to it recently. Ah well now that I have I don't think I'll forget about it soon. Nude is a warm dusty brownish pink. It's so pretty paired with my staple brown smokey eye and it's the perfect shade for everyday make-up looks. The buttery soft texture feels incredible and the colour blends easily onto my skin. It doesn't only add a natural looking flush on my cheeks but also sculpts them in the process. I still love my Bourjois Rose Ambre blush but this is quickly overtaking it. Who will win in the best everyday blush choice battle? I guess time will tell. I'll update you guys on that, that is if I ever make up my mind between the 2 because by the looks of it it'll be some serious stiff competition. Let the battle begin. :)