Beauty Bits I Heart #1

Monthly favourites are one of my favourite posts to read from other beauty bloggers. I love reading about the products my fellow beauty addicts are currently obsessing about. Through it I I usually discover products I wouldn't usually go for. But no matter how much I enjoy those type of posts I was never interested to write my own. Why? I simply think it's too much of a commitment. Plus there's no guarantee I'll love enough different products per month to write a monthly favourites post. I'm a girl that likes her routine and mostly stick to what she knows. I'm not one to stray far away from my comfort zone. I mostly use the same products every month. So it never made sense to me to start the said series on my blog. But now and again I discover new products which I can always write a review on but along my beauty journey I encounter products that leaves me breathless. Some products impresses me to the highest level - there's only 1 thing left to do, give them a much deserved extra shout out. Hence why I decided to launch a new series on my blog. My very own version of the monthly favourites.

It's the Beauty Bits I Heart. In any given time, if I find myself reaching for several products over and over again but I haven't featured them before here in Slave to Vanity or if I rediscover some products I forgot about, this is the platform where I can ramble on about them. I don't know how often I'll write this post. I suppose I'll only write it when products have really won my heart over. Hence the title :) 2 wonderful products to kick things off: MUA Heaven and Earth palette and 17 Blusher in Nude which I took with me for my 2 week trip to The UK.

MUA Heaven and Earth palette

When I was packing my make-up for my 2 week stay in the UK, I knew I wanted to give my much loved Urban Decay Naked palette a break. This palette which I lusted over for such a long, long time was sent to me by a lovely fellow blogger Laura . She kindly and generously offered to purchase this on my behalf several months ago after she read my tweet about my lust for this palette. A complete stranger to me but yet she gave this to me as a gift. It's nice to know there are still people left in the world with such kind hearts. :) Laura if you're reading this, I just want to say I love you. haha Enough about its history.

This gorgeous 12 neutral eyeshadow palette is a heaven sent product for a neutral girl like myself.I received this in the post 1 week after purchasing the Naked Palette. I was still crazy about the Naked Palette and was overly excited to finally get my paws on it, so excited that this palette was pushed aside. But for the last couple of weeks it had ruled over my heart and who can blame me when these eyeshadows blends easily, have a smooth, creamy texture, are longwearing and pigmented? The shimmers don't feel tacky and gritty. For only £4 this is a complete bargain. Because of the cheap price tag I expected these to be chalky, too powdery but nope they weren't. Instead it's a dream working and playing with 'em. I find that I can create the same looks, I can achieve with my Naked Palette while using this purse friendly option. When paired with the Urban Decay Primer Potion these last forever and a day on my eyes. Impressive MUA. Very impressive.

The above swatches of 3 eyeshadows are my go to choices for a gorgeous sultry smokey eye. Left shade for lid, middle shade for crease and right shade for outer corner. Just lurvely ;)

17 Blusher in Nude

It took me a year to finally give this blush the time of day. I got it a year ago but I only paid attention to it recently. Ah well now that I have I don't think I'll forget about it soon. Nude is a warm dusty brownish pink. It's so pretty paired with my staple brown smokey eye and it's the perfect shade for everyday make-up looks. The buttery soft texture feels incredible and the colour blends easily onto my skin. It doesn't only add a natural looking flush on my cheeks but also sculpts them in the process. I still love my Bourjois Rose Ambre blush but this is quickly overtaking it. Who will win in the best everyday blush choice battle? I guess time will tell. I'll update you guys on that, that is if I ever make up my mind between the 2 because by the looks of it it'll be some serious stiff competition. Let the battle begin. :)


  1. lol. I love both writing about and reading monthly favorites. Need to check out MUA products. However, have not seen them in U.S stores yet :O(

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  2. Love the palette! I am jealous!! :) The colors are def my MUST HAVE colors! :)

    The Misty Mom

  3. I love the heaven and earth palette
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