Maybelline Lip Smooth Colorbloom lipbalms - A Beautiful Magic Trick?

As far as gimmicky products go, I'm a complete sucker. Lipbalms that promises to change and adapt its color to suit my skintone once it comes into contact with my lips? Gime me some of that, please thanks ;)

The concept behind these lipbalms is nothing new nor is it unique. Other brands came out with their own versions, way before Maybelline. I can't think of 1 brand right off the top of my head but nevertheless it's still impressive. Maybelline's offerings are my current obsessions so to speak ;). The idea is that once the white balm touches my lips, it would create a sheer pink/peach colour but it's not just any colour- but my very own shade. One that suits my skintone and thus I can honestly say that it is made to measure. It reacts with the chemicals found on your lips, therefore the transformation of the shade will vary from 1 girl to another.

Packaging wise, these get a massive thumbs up from me.I don't tend to comment on a product's packaging as I genuinely believe it is what's inside that counts but I can't help but rave about the packaging of these lipbalms a tiny bit as I love it so much. Not only are they small (handy for touch ups/tossing it inside my make-up bag) adorable and colourful to look at but it's so practical and hygienic. Unlike other balms which mostly come in a very unhygienic tins/pots, you know the ones were you need to dip your finger in and out (all those germs being transmitted. eeughh!) these come in a nice handy little tube were all you have to do is twist it, to get the lipbalm out. So much better right?

Out of the 2, Pink Blossom is noticeably more pigmented. From the very first moment it graces my lips, it transforms to a stunning subtle bright fuchsia pink. It applies quite sheer at first but it is buildable. I also find that as time progresses the colour deepens  a little bit more, leaving a beautiful wash of sheer pink on my lips. - TO DIE FOR. I always find myself staring at my lips infront of mirrors when I have it on. Peach Blossom on the other hand is definitely a lot less pigmented. It offers a certain amount of colour but not a whole lot. On my lips it turns to a muted beautiful soft peach. Think my lips but with added shine. They both leave my lips looking glossy with just the right amount of shine, nicely plump and healthy looking.

Pink Blossom

Peach Blossom

Now for the most important factor of all- its moisturising property. Afterall I'm talking about lipbalms. With ingredients like Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil these sound promising. While on the lips they feel really moisturising and hydrating. They feel comfortable on the lips. I consider these lipbalms as the novelty kind more than anything else because while they moisturise my lips it won't ever reach the extent when it will remedy dry chapped lips. As the lipbalm wears off, I no longer find them hydrating. If like me you have normal lips with the occassional small dry patches- then these will make a great lipbalm for you but if you have severe dry uncomfortable chapped/cracked lips, look for a more nourishing lipbalm. Having said all of that my lips do feel softer and smoother than what I'm normally used to when I reach for these babies. :)

Another factor but not so important that won me over? The scent. These lipbalms have a lovely fruity berry scent courtesy of the listed ingredient- Blueberry Fruit Extract. It smells so delicious but unfortunately it doesn't linger on for too long. About 10 mins or so.

Unfortunately these are not easily available in Ireland and the Uk. As far as I know Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom  Lipbalms are only sold in Asian countries. And for the life of me I have no idea why. These are great and I have a feeling that if ever they released it over here it'll be a major hit along the same lines of Revlon Lip Butters. Maybelline are you reading this? Get a move on and bring the butts of these lipbalms over here in Ireland quick smart.. These were under 2 euro each. Cheap and cheerful :) But if ever you get a chance to try them out make sure you do. I'm gutted I only purchased 1 of each when I was in the Philippines. Based on my daily usage of these it won't be long before I reach the end of 'em. Men that's always the case with beloved beauty finds eh? :)

Going back to my question in my post title: Are these lipbalms a beautiful magic trick? Yuss they are. they really are. ;)


  1. Ooooh very cute!! Hope these hit the UK sometime!!

  2. I love these lip balms..packaging is pretty generic but the product itself is the one that counts ^_~

  3. These sound so lovely, I especially love the look of pink blossom, what a gorgeous shade it has turned on you! Beautiful <3 xo

  4. I've never seen these before. What a great idea. I think I would like the scent too.
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  5. Ohh, these look lovely! Hope they come in my country soon! :)) Great post!


  6. These look awesome, shame they're not available in Australia :(
    New follower here :)

  7. Gian Joaquin30/9/12

    Looks good on you, sister! :)

  8. lovely your lipstick, it makes your lips super moisturised and luscious!
    would you like to follow each other?

  9. I particularly like the pink one, I have a lipbalm like this, it's a Jane Iredale one and it's one of my favourite products! But at under 2 euros this product is a lot more tempting, if only they sold it here!

  10. Those colours are really pretty! Might have to try these lip balms, they look so cute!

    Lana, xo

  11. I so wanted one of these!such a shame you can't get them
    in the uk :( x

  12. these are amazing x

  13. Great review, the peach blossom is a lovely shade. Lovely blog too xx

  14. I soo want to try these! They looK great!! Xx

  15. Anonymous30/10/12

    It is such a shame they aren't available in the UK yet. I really like the sound of them :)

  16. Such a lovely post! Btw your lips are super full and gorgeous (hope that isn't a weird thing to say!)


    Followed you!
    The Misty Mom

  18. these look gorgeous!


  19. Stumbled upon your blog. Love the color! I do have a lipbalm similar to this one but mine is Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow. But anyway, lovely blog!

    Shikin Kikin |

  20. Eep need these in my life- can't stand having dry lips x


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