No 7 Lash Adapt mascara

No 7 Lash Adapt is one of those purchases I had made solely because of all the great reviews I've read online written about it. Whenever I saw the results it gave to the lashes of other girls I was blown away. Most girls' lashes were full, seductive, lengthened and defined so brilliantly I just had to see for myself if it'll do the same job for me. Ah the blogging hype- I know all too well. Enough rambling here are my thoughts on this mascara. :)

The Lowdown
First impressions:

The brush is your typical brush. It's nothing special. There aren't a lot of things to say about it except that the bristles are evenly spaced out, giving the impression that it'll be great for defining and separating. It looks like it'll be great for evenly coating my lashes with product. Because it's a bit on the fat side it looks like it'll be great for adding volume too. As the size of the brush is not as big as Benefit Bad Gal , I don't have to worry that it'll end up getting everywhere  it isn't suppose to be in ie eyelids and below.

Coat Verdict:

Right from the 1st coat it added some length and instantly defined my lashes. On the second coat it thickened my sparse lashes, adding some badly needed volume. With the 3rd coat my lashes were a lot more fuller and volumized. As for the 4th coat (the farthest I'll go) it left me with vavoom lashes, full and sexy without looking too clumpy. My lashes were lifted too to a certain extent.


Normally when I have to pile on the coats to my desired effect, I find it quite uncomfortable at times because either it starts to get really clumpy or the formula dries too quickly. Meaning I can't add another coat as it won't make any difference anymore. However, with Lash Adapt I didn't encounter the same problem almost to a fault. I found it really buildable as it doesn't dry that quickly but the downside? My lashes feel slightly wet during application.It doesn't really bother me that much but I feel that I should take a note of it.Because of the gentle and quite thin formula it glides comfortably on my lashes. I never have to tug on my lashes perhaps because of a certain ingredient. It contains Jojoba oil which promises to condition and moisturise ,leaving your lashes soft. I can easily layer the coats with no problem. I also find that despite having 4 coats my lashes never feel stiff like they would be if I applied another mascara. Instead they feel quite gentle and soft to touch.

Clump zone:

The best selling point of this mascara is perhaps the brand's claim that you can add up to 6 coats without your lashes clumping together. Now since I have really short, thin lashes I always find myself piling on the coats for every mascara I've tried. It's a must. And as much as I wanted to agree with No 7 I just can't. I stopped at 4 coats as while it wasn't overly clumpy, I did see 1 or 2 lashes sticking together much like my experience with Benefit Bad Gal. I could have added another layer but aside from it being too much for daytime I had a strong feeling that my lashes will start to really clump together, if I dared pass the 4 coat territory. Plus it would've been borderline tarantula lashes. - definitely not something I'm looking for. *shudder*

Lasting Power:

It's incredibly longwearing. I find that on my lashes, it lasts the whole day - roughly around 10 hours.  The fullness appearance of my lashes gradually reduces throughout the day but my lashes are always nicely defined all day. It did transfer a little bit on my eyelids and it slightly smudged under my eyes but no flaking to report whatsoever.

Overall verdict:

More than anything else this is a definitely a great volumising mascara for girls like me with sparse lashes. It really makes your lashes look fuller with a couple of coats. It did add decent length to my lashes but I wouldn't really recommend this for girls who are looking for a lengthening mascara. The wand easily grabs hold on all of my lashes, evenly coating them from root to tip. It always deposits the right amount of product on my lashes.

It's also worth mentioning that this is by far the EASIEST mascara to remove out of all the ones I've tried and reviewed. So far! Despite multiple coats it never requires a posh eye make-up remover. Good ol' free water will do the job nicely. Requiring only 3 to 4 gentle quick swipes to remove it all. ;)

The Result:


  1. Although I loved this mascara, I definitely got a little allergic reaction to it! Had to sadly throw it away but I totally agree with your review, it looks great on tiny lashes! :D


  2. This sounds like a lovely mascara!

  3. Love your lashes!! So pretty! :)

    xo - Sheila


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