End of an era: The Last of the Avon Haul

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I find myself writing this post. I'm getting all melodramatic again but this time I actually have a reason because today's post consists of me sharing my latest and last Avon haul. I repeat: LAST EVER. Because as of April 2013, Avon ceased trading in the Irish market due to wait for it... poor sales. Recession I hate you more than ever. While Avon will continue to trade in other countries such as The United States and the United Kingdom, it decided to say adiós to us gals in Ireland.

If you've been following me on my beauty journey since 2011, you would know that my history and love for Avon runs deep. A brand that's not talked about a lot on beauty blogs, often overlooked by many and to be honest, it makes me sad because the brand as a whole deserves a lot more attention. Inside those colourful brochures lies several beauty gems. There are a couple of duds in there alright but for the most part, Avon has always done right by me.

I feel somewhat responsible for Avon's sudden departure from Irish soils. You see, there was a time in my life when every month- as soon as the new brochure was available , I'd place an order without giving it much thought. I spent countless hours immersing myself in Avon land, getting lost whilst flipping through the pages with a nice cup of tea. It was addicting doncha' know? But then 2012 came and I stopped contacting my Avon lady and went cold turkey.

It wasn't the case that I no longer loved their products nor did I lose any interest in trying out their latest releases but this Avon caterpillar transformed into a butterfly and alas I was ready to fly, explore and see what else the wonderful world of beauty had in stored for me. In short, I cheated and for that Avon, I'm truly sorry. I fell in love with other brands much like I did with Avon way back in December 2010 - when my obsession with beauty began.

But when my momma came home with a brochure back in March with Alesha Dixon promoting Avon's 1st BB Cream, I felt an urge to flick through the pages, not really expecting to order anything but you know the saying ''everything happens for a reason?'' Yes that cliché? I believe in it. There was a reason why that brochure ended up in my hands after a year apart. That urge I had to browse and eventually place an order? That was probably my inner psychic telling me that it was my last chance to make an order. Two weeks after receiving my order, I heard the terrible news (how else could I explain that?) and then life as I knew it , had changed.

But let's forget the sad news for now and have a peek at the goodies shall we?


1.) Ideal Flawless BB Skin Loving Beauty Balm (Natural Beige) 15.50 euro (full price) I paid 9 euro.
This was the product that convinced me to place another Avon order after what seemed like an eternity. Why? It claims to smooth and hydrate skin, minimise redness, even skin tone, conceal flaws and makes skin look better even after you take it off. Pretty bold claims from Avon but very convincing hence why I snatched one up. First impressions? The lightweight and mineral infused formula applies like a dream, providing a light coverage which wouldn't be enough to cover major flaws such as acne scars but it's sufficient for days I want a break from foundation. It's your skin but healthier and with SPF 15 it's a great everyday base.

2.) Extra Lasting Lipstick (Sunset) 9 euro (full price) I paid 5 euro.
Another lipstick? Sorry purse. I had no intentions of purchasing another lipstick because Lord knows I have enough but when I spotted this bright orangey coral goodness on a model in one of the pages, I was mesmerised to say the least. The model had similar undertones to me so I figured, if it worked for her, it may very well work for me. Plus it's the perfect shade for summer.

3.) Plump Pout Lip Gloss (Nude Pout) 8 euro (full price) I paid 3.75 euro
I've never tried any plumping lip gloss, because let's face it I already have quite full lips and a lips to rival Donatella Versace is not exactly a look I would like to replicate. But somehow this lip gloss caught my attention. Perhaps its uncanny resemblance to Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss has  something to do with it? From the slender packaging to the actual shade itself. Sadly I don't own Turkish Delight so  a comparison is not on the cards. Like any other plumping lip gloss , it stings and tingles upon the initial application but only lasts for a couple of seconds, to be replaced by a nice cooling sensation which I happen to like and find very refreshing. As a shade, it's nothing special. It's a medium nudish pink which applies like a clear gloss on my pigmented lips. My lips look slightly plumper but nothing worth shouting about. However, because of its minimal stickiness and its refreshing cooling sensation, this gets a B from me.

4.) Eye Shadow Primer (Light Beige) 9 euro (full price) I paid 5 euro
As soon as I found out that my Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion was fighting for its life, I knew I had to find a replacement quick stat. I wear eye shadows pretty often and I have no room for creasing in my life. I find that it pretty much does what the UDPP does for a fraction of the price. It creates the smooth canvas for my eyeshadows to adhere to, helping them to appear more vibrant while preventing them from creasing. LOVE.


Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner 3.60 euro (full price) I paid 2.50 euro
It's not a secret that when it comes to hair, I don't tend to spend too much time maintaining my mane in tip top condition. But when the original MoroccanOil came out and everyone raved about the benefits of using hair oil, I was intrigued. And when I spotted these in the brochure with impressive claims much like the BB Creams, in it went onto my order form. With claims that it leaves hair feeling stronger, shinier and smoother, it sounded like a must try. And boy am I glad that I finally treated my hair to something other than Head & Shoulders. More details to come in another post.

Foot Works beautiful heel softening cream 4.50 euro (full price) I paid 2 euro
Because I'm studying and training to become a nurse, I spend a lot of my time on foot, standing and running around like a headless chicken during my clinical placement in the hospitals. The poor soles of my feet are constantly on the receiving end of the battering, with a heel that's tough and rough as a rock. I've picked this up after feeling sorry for myself and because dry, rough heels is as attractive as Amanda Bynes (in her current state, that is). I don't use this everyday. I usually slather it on as part of my weekly pedicure session and so far I'm happy. It moisturises really well, without feeling greasy or heavy. Nothing much else to say, it's a foot cream :)

So that's it for my final Avon haul. And it just happens to be my favourite haul out of all the ones I shared on Slave to Vanity because I truly liked/loved everything that I'd picked up. Sure I can still purchase some of their products online via amazon and eBay but nothing beats having the brochure delivered by your Avon rep. Besides, I don't purchase anything online so that pretty much rule that out. Sniff. Sniff. Avon I miss you already :(


Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - a miracle product?

Let's set the record straight here. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover as the name suggests is nothing but a nail polish remover. Nothing more, nothing less but nevertheless it received so much attention from beauty bloggers since the day it was launched last year. A much hyped about product, hailed as a wonderful miracle product by a handful of ladies but let's cast all the attention it has been getting aside. Is this really a great invention sent by the beauty Gods from up above for us mere lazy mortals? A big fat resounding YES from me.

Nail polish removal is one of those pesky, time consuming task I'd always hated and never looked forward to doing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. All those cotton balls and nail polish remover = messy headache. So was I excited to try out Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover which claims to take off nail polish in a sec? You bet I was. And boy did it not disappoint me. ( Well it kind of did but more on that later.)

The concept is nothing we've never seen before. Before the brains over at Bourjois came up with this rather clever idea, I'd already seen cheaper alternatives with packaging to match hence the reason why I'd never picked one up on the many occasions  I found myself perusing the aisles of Boots. So what exactly is the deal with it?

The black sponge inside is soaked with acetone and parabens free nail polish remover. You dip each finger into the tiny hole, give it a couple of twists and then just like that, the polish is removed. The 1 second claim is misleading. It certainly takes longer than a sec to remove the polish. 1 sec? More like 5 to 6 seconds. But with that being said, this innovative invention is still time efficient because at least you're removing the need for soaking a cotton ball with nail polish remover first before eventually scrubbing it all off. What usually takes 5 to 6 minutes now takes me less than 2 mins tops to do. So far, so good.

Some nail polishes depending on the number of coats you have on each nail, will require a bit more pressure when twisting to remove it all. But I guess that's already to be expected.  The sponge inside the pot is held firmly and when I began using this which was nearly 10 months ago, my nails felt nicely snug inside. However, overtime with continued use, the sponge became less firm and I often find that whilst twisting my nails inside, I have to press my nails to the sides of the sponge a little harder and really give it a good twist to ensure every last trace of polish is removed.

One noticeable flaw of this invention is the fact that it's a little bit more difficult to remove the polish around the edges of my nails, seeing as it's sort of difficult to position your nails in such a way that the sponge can easily target the area. A good side to side motion and a couple of twists, usually sorts this dilemma.

Another not so great aspect of this polish remover? It has to be the light greasy residue it often leaves behind. But since this product is formulated with sweet almond oil to nourish and condition the nails, it doesn't come much of a surprise. I usually massage the greasy residue into and around my nails to ensure the oil is evenly distributed around the nail but paying more attention to my cuticles. And I find that it does a pretty awesome job in nourishing my nails. One of the things I hate about using bog standard normal nail polish remover is the dryness that often comes with using it. My nails were always left looking and feeling quite dry. But alas, with this offering from Bourjois my nails always feel soft to the touch, once the greasy residue has dried off. See it's about seeing the positive rather than the negative :) But if you really can't stand it, you can always just rinse it off. It also has a lovely fruity scent courtesy of the red fruit and vanilla fragrance. It can come across a bit too strong at times so a little warning but I personally don't mind it.

So is it a miracle product? Not really. Is it a must have? Hmm. Probably not but for someone who likes the convenience it offers - it's an instant repurchase fo'sho. Priced at £4.99 for 75mls in Boots it's a worthwhile investment.

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The Beloved Lipstick (my one true love): Seventeen Mirror Shine in Belle

Bit of a heads up for all the non romantics out there, you know the ones who don't believe in the concept of true love? Look away now because I can't quite promise you that you wouldn't want to gag by the end of this post due to all the lovey dovey stuff. Because it dawned on me that despite writing 70 odd posts, I have yet to dedicate an entire post on the lipstick that captured my heart. But that is about to change for today is the day, I'll finally pour my heart and soul for the one lipstick I can't ever live without. I'll sound like a love sick puppy by the end but I hope you don't mind. Yes. I have a serious bad case of lipstick love bug. ;)

Belle a gorgeous soft medium nudish pink with a hint of mauve has all the makings of a holy grail lipstick from the get go. Criteria of the perfect lipstick 101: Sheer wash of colour? Check. Creamy and hydrating consistency? Check. Alluring glossy shine? Massive Check.

In short if Belle were a guy, I'd consider it a hunk- like Channing Tatum sort of hot because everything I could ever want in a lipstick, Belle just has it all. If only marrying a lipstick is legal, a possibility and considered the norm and not a desperate act of a mad woman then to the nearest chapel we will go. I want a Vera Wang dress please ;)

But that lovely sweet dream and all kidding aside, in my eyes Belle can do no wrong. The appeal of the Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks lies in the fact that they are a cross between a lip balm/lip gloss and lipstick. Yes another one of those well loved hybrids. In layman terms, it's a tinted lip balm in the form of a lipstick.

It applies with great ease, its balmy and buttery texture transfers the sheer wash of pink, smoothly and gently on the lips. Leaves an irresistible glossy creamy look whilst also serving up some decent moisturizing action. With all that combine, you get the best out of the lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick world. Hydration without the greasiness, shine and glossiness without the stickiness normally accustomed to most glosses and a pretty everyday lip shade without the fuss.

Belle- Natural light
Belle- With Flash

Seeing as this lipstick is pretty much a tinted lip balm disguised as a lipstick, the colour pay off is on the sheerer side of things. I have very pigmented lips to begin with and as a shade, Belle comes pretty close to matching my natural lip colour so once applied, I normally look like I just have a pale pink lipgloss on top. However, for girls with less pigmented lips, I can see Belle being a build-able shade. One can try to enhance the colour by adding several layers on the lips to achieve a semi-medium colour pay off.

While the lack of wow factor on the pigmentation front, its relatively short life span on the lips (usually lasts up to an hour), standard waxy lipstick scent and bright blue metallic packaging (that somewhat looks tacky to me) might be considered the deal breakers when it comes to my relationship with Belle I can turn a blind eye because the formula of the Mirror Shines from Seventeen is without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite amongst the drugstore lippies available. Its emollient texture feels so soothing on the lips and when it starts to fade away, it does so beautifully, leaving behind a subtle sheen.

Belle is not a perfect. It has its flaws but hey the saying ''no one is perfect'' comes to mind here. Seventeen recently repackaged the entire Mirror Shine line. It's looking a lot more beautiful with the new sleek black tube and they even come with a tiny mirror inside.

With a whooping 16 more shades (some old, some newly released shades), new attractive packaging and all for a purse friendly price of £4.79 each available here I wonder how long will I stay loyal and faithful to my beloved Belle. With temptations all around me, I don't think it'll be long before I stray but Belle remember this:

You're my first love and you shall remain my one true love.
I might cheat now and again purely to test drive other lippies
but you know just like in the past, I always come back
to you because you are HOME. You'll forever hold
the key to my heart. Forever and always.
Well I've got to admit, that just sounds really cheesy and soppy to me but when this girl falls in love she falls HARD. 

So has anyone else found a lipstick they wanted to marry because they were a match made in heaven for you? I'd love to find out. Please don't tell me I'm the only crazy one around here. ;) Dish in the comments below. :)


Sleek Pout Polish Lip Conditioner - Electro Peach 946

From one lip balm to another (hey you can never have enough- to see my previous review of MUA Love Hearts Lip balm click here ) it's time for Sleek Pout Polish in 946 Electro Peach to take centre stage and with the summer finally upon us, I don't think there's a better time to share my findings.

Electro Peach is a bright hot orangey coral. At first glance, the shade is quite alarming, a bit in yo' face. A shade I can see girls running away from, in the fear of looking clownish. While it is extremely pigmented for a tinted lip conditioner, one can still control the intensity of the shade depending on the amount of layers applied. 1 swipe will leave a subtle sheer coral tint while those with braver hearts can pile on the layers to their hearts content, to create a pout that is beautiful as it is bold.

Personally, I prefer to layer on the colour like there's no tomorrow. Well I usually stop at 3 layers but I could go on and on. Because unlike the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm, the texture of Sleek Pout Polish is less slippery. It's lightly thicker without feeling heavy on the lips in the slightest, creamier and more opaque in formulation. Therefore, the pigmentation of this Pout Polish is more intense and richer than your usual tinted lip conditioners.

Formulated with Shea butter, sweet almond oil and avocado oil to nourish and condition our pouts, the Pout Polishes sound as good as they look.

Electro Peach - Natural light

Electro Peach - With Flash

On the lips, Electro Peach leaves a glossy creamy finish and with the added essential oils like Avocado, my lips felt more conditioned than it did with the MUA lip balms. Having said that, the pretty high shine finish of the lip balms is missing here.  Whilst on the subject of finishes, it's worth noting that the glossy finish of this Pout Polish normally fades away after an hour of wear, leaving behind just a hint of shine but all is not lost. With the beautiful coral shade usually sticking around for  another 2 hours or so. The rich, deep pigmentation and formula deserves the credit for its impressive lasting power.

Much like the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It's not the most hygienic and practical packaging out there and it includes parabens which I know is a deal breaker for some girls and because I'll always remain honest in writing my reviews, I have no problem pointing it out. Methylparaben  and propylparaben both make an appearance.  Two very well known, widely used cosmetics preservatives. I found an interesting article about parabens here and in the article it was pointed out that the FDA saw no reason for consumers to be alarmed about the use parabens in cosmetics because it was entirely safe. It was last updated in 2007 so I have yet to research for any updates regarding the issue. So when it comes to this product, it's just worth pointing out :)

On a final positive note, as this offering from Sleek is very similar to the MUA Lip Balms from the very unhygienic packaging to the yummy vanilla scent which one gets the ultimate vote from me?  Hmm. It's a tough call to make but to put it into simpler terms: if you're into your soft wash of colour with a very generous helping of shine- the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm is the one for you.
And for those who aren't the biggest fan of shiny puckers but are totally into long wearing and highly pigmented lip offerings then you'll totally dig the  Pout Polishes from Sleek.

Available in 9 more shades and priced at 5.49 euro each, these are available over here


Treats for your lips: MUA Professional Love Hearts Lip Balms

Have you ever found yourself desperately searching high and low for a beauty product before?  Refusing to give up you make a final plea and say a few silent prayers (or loudly, depending on your frustration levels regarding that product who just keeps playing hide and seek with you.) to help lead you in the right direction. Sound familiar? Yep we've all been there, done that. Be it a limited edition make-up product you unfortunately missed out on, a newly released hype about product that sold out everywhere (ahem Revlon Lip Butters and Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains I'm looking at all of you) which means days or weeks of waiting for your local store to restock.  It may be a product you've only heard great things about but unfortunately it's not available locally- online shopping is the only way to go. Or maybe it's just the case that the stubborn product decided to play hide and seek. The cheeky devil ;)

But low and behold, when you eventually find it, when you finally have your manicured fingertips on it, you'll quickly find out that all that waiting and effort ? All worth it in the end. In my case it's the Mua Professional Love Hearts Lip Balm available here

I remember when the Love Hearts collection was launched last February 2012, the Love Hearts Lipbalm just grabbed my attention. The adorable packaging along with the pretty, juicy shades piqued my interest. I read several reviews, all high praises and I vowed that one day, I'll get a piece of the action too. Sadly, budget brand favourite MUA isn't available in Ireland (as far as I know) but 3 to 4 visits to different Superdrugs later( when I came to the UK) last summer, these babies were MINE.

Kiss Me - natural light

Kiss Me -With Flash


Kiss Me is a bright hot, orange toned peachy pink. It looks really vibrant inside the pot but once applied, it's a bit more tame, a lot less vibrant but as every bit gorgeous of a shade. It's a lot sheerer once applied but buildable to your desire intensity. Bear in mind though, that the lightweight sheer formula won't ever reach the full blown pigmentation level. Instead it gives you enough colour on the lips to add a little somethin' to an otherwise boring everyday look.

Sweet Kiss -natural light
Sweet Kiss- with flash

In contrast to Kiss Me , Sweet Kiss is a girly white toned milky pink. It's the type of shade you can't help but admire, like one would do when in contact with a baby crying out ''aww. How cute!'' Sweet Kiss is less pigmented than Kiss Me which is evident in the swatches but it still provides a pretty soft wash of pink on my lips. A subtle light pink.

Whilst these are marketed as lip balms, I find that the texture is more akin to a gloss. The thin formula glides on easily albeit just a tad slippery. Upon application, these lip balms leave a high shine glossy finish, leaving my lips feeling hydrated and smooth. No stickiness to report here. Scent wise, the sweet vanilla scent that accompanies these lip balms  is a sure fire winner for me and one of its strong selling points but unforch, the scent is not destined to stay forever. Sob.

Gorgeous high shine finish, pretty wash of colour and yummy vanilla scent aside, how do they perform in terms of moisturising the lips? Surprisingly, they're not that bad. Lips are left feeling relatively smooth after each application and even after the colour fades away, my lips continues to feel somewhat soft.

Reapplication is required in less than an hour.. Unsurprisingly, because of their glossy, slippery texture these don't tend to hang around for too long. 1 hour mark is standard. But hey, 10 grams of product for a mere £2 is a pretty sweet deal.

Only thing left to say? Dear MUA: Please repackage these into tubes for a more hygienic option because dipping my fingers into the pot, is not my kind of thang. :)

Available in 4 more shades with names like Hot Lips and Sugar Lips and all for 2 British pounds each? Please sir can I have some more? ;) (Oliver is that you?)


Top Beauty Picks of 2012

2012. Wow what a great year it has been for beauty. It was a year of beauty discovery. Falling head over heels in love with certain products was a regular occurrence. As I branched out from my obsession with Avon to test out the beauty waters elsewhere, I can definitely say that it was a smart move on my part. Allow me to share the beauty finds I just couldn't help but call the Great Beauty Investments of 2012. Because whether they had a budget friendly high street price tag to a not so friendly department store steep price tag, their performance warranted every last cent that I parted ways with. It goes without saying, every product mentioned in this post has my beauty junkie seal of approval.

Face Products

To address my base needs, I mostly spent the latter of 2012 rotating two foundations from L'Oreal. L'Oreal True Match in N4 Beige lived up to its claim of matching my skin colour and texture while L'Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation in W3 Gold Linen came out to the rescue for days when my skin was looking a bit dull. It offers a semi-dewy finish. Both shades match my skintone pretty well. Not perfect but they came pretty close. However, both foundations tend to accentuate dry patches but nothing a good moisturiser  and following the 8 glasses of water a day rule wouldn't fix. 

When my teeny tiny pores came out to play, I relied on Benefit the POREfessional to kick them to the curb. And boy did it do a great job. This product is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. It either works for you or not but it worked for me. Is it a miracle product? No. It won't banish your pores and nor does it promises to do that. Instead it minimizes the appearance of pores so you're closer to achieving the perfect complexion.

For some bronzing action I reached for Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls which served a dual purpose. I mostly spent Summer of 2012 applying this as a blush because it offered a really beautiful glow to the cheeks. Nars Casino bronzer is a bit of a cheat as I'd only purchased it November 2012 but my oh my. It quickly lived up to my expectation. Its ability to sculpt and define my cheekbones in an instant deserves a holy grail status. Want to feel sexy within secs? This is it. Right here. The only blush that made the list is Benefit Cha Cha Tint because it's  fun and summer in a dinky bottle. This mango tinted lip and cheek stain offers the coral flush I'm just totally crushing on.


Eyes wise, I made the decision to invest in Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 (in March) and Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 (in December) because giving into the hype was just inevitable. And well having tried them, I can see why they're loved by many. 12 neutral shades each, versatile, no brainer choices for a sultry smokey eye. Yes. They're winners alright. My top picks from Naked 1? I've been loving the combination of Buck (all over lid), Smog (crease) and Darkhorse (outer V) for a long time now. Toasted is another shade that stands out to me as worn alone all over the lid, it still manages to look like I've made more effort than I actually did.

Top picks from Naked 2? My hats goes off to Snakebite (the perfect dark bronze.Sort of like the older sister of Smog ) , YDK and Busted.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion won me over with its ability to make any eye shadows last for ages by preventing creasing and it helps the shades appear more vibrant and intense. Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara  became my favourite mascara. It makes my lashes look fuller, longer with minimal clumping and it's very easy to remove. It's love. I tell yah :)


Mua Lovehearts Lipbalm in Kiss Me and Sweet Kiss are perfect for a great glossy wash of colour on the lips, whilst moisturing them at the same time.

Maybelline Colorbloom lipbalm in Peach Blossom and Pink Blossom are just wonder products. For more details, read my review over here .

 2012 was definitely year of the lipsticks for me but glosses weren't completely ignored. For days I wanted a glossy finish I opted for Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass in Ready or Not which I won in a surprise giveaway. Its application is a bit of a torture. It always applies like a glue on the lips, sticky and one needs patience like no other when it comes to spreading it evenly on the lips. (always applies quite thick) but I have yet to encounter a lip shade that pairs as  beautifully as it does with a dark brown smokey eye. So hey, it deserves a spot on this list.

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in 170 Coral Reef was my top choice for the entire summer, last year. Gorgeous coral shade. Another no brainer choice.

 Lipsticks. Hmm. My favourite product to talk about. 17 Mirrorshine in Belle is just my all time favourite my lips but better shade. It's my most used lipstick and if ever 17 decides to discontinue it, I'll die. Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie is the most gorgeous berry shade in my collection. If I'm looking to achieve a sophisticated look, I rock this with a simple base and voila. The magic happens. L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in 301 Dating Coral quickly found a spot inside my everyday make-up bag. Since purchasing it, I'd lost count of the number of times I'd worn it. My love for this pretty salmon coral is endless.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 48 Evasion is just beautiful. Peachy pink with added coral warmth and hydrating glossy finish? Sold.

 For nails, 2012 was the year of pastel lovin' with Revlon Nail Enamel in Peach Nectar, and Lilac Pastelle  (not pictured) and Ciate in Purple Sherbet which I received free with Marie Claire magazine uk July 2012 stealing the show. As for the non pastel shades, I've devoted the attention to 1 shade in particular. Nails Inc in St James is perhaps the prettiest red nail polish I've ever laid eyes on and could it possibly be the perfect red for me? The debate is on going. That's for sure. Revlon Nail Enamel in 410 Endless Possibilities is the perfect nude pink for me.

Something else that caught my eyes in the land of nails? Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover  with a claim that it easily removes nail polishes in a second? Definitely a must try.  Having tried it and discovering that it does in fact take longer than a sec to remove the nail polish, the convenience it offers is its redeeming quality. Full review is in progress.

 I'm quite picky with perfumes. Most scents have me in a sneezy fit and I certainly don't wear perfumes on a daily basis but if I wanted to smell extra nice, 2 scents took on the challenge with great results. Britney Spears Radiance is always going to be one of my faves. Girly, floral, fruity and sweet scent - perfume for everybody- it is not but I have only love for it. Victoria's Secret Brilliant Love Fragrance Mist is probably one of the friendliest scent for my nose. Why? Because it's not headache inducing. With berry notes, it's definitely in the same family as Radiance. Turns out, I have a type. :)
Skin Care
When I went back home to the Philippines, I had a mini shopping spree in The Faceshop and bought 6 products but 2 products stood out to me. Herb Day Cleansing Foam Aloe and Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover were the chosen ones when it came time to removing the junk off my faces. The cleansing foam gently removed make-up with ease, formed a lather quite well and its formula helped to hydrate my dry skin with the added aloe extract. The Lip and Eye Remover is an oil and water emulsion which often looks like milk to me. It removes my smoky eye in an instant but depending on the mascara, it takes a bit more work. 
To get rid of dead skin cells I enlisted the help of Origins Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion a 30 ml sample I received free from my local Origins counter after signing up to their mailing list. It's still going pretty strong. I have about 70% left. Why? Because a little goes along way with this exfoliator. It works gently on the skin, to remove the impurities. And I swear, every time I had reached for this, my face is left feeling so smooth and soft to the touch. I tend to use it 1-2 times a week. No prize for guessing that I have my eyes set on purchasing the full size as soon as this sample runs out. If it ever runs out, that is ;) It justs keeps on giving....
Beauty Reads

I love beauty. Like a lot. So in my spare time, I like spending it, getting lost in the land of beauty. I'd purchased Cosmo Beauty last summer and for £5.99 it was an absolute steal with over 160 pages of beauty tips and advice from make-up, body, hair to skin care. They're all covered. Allure is an American beauty magazine and it's LOVE. It's expensive at around 6 euro per issue but it's money well spent. Thanks to Anna for enabling me. Again. Speaking of Anna, her blog viviannadoesmakeup was pretty much my favourite place in the whole of the cyberspace. When I was online, I was pretty much on her blog. Yes I have an addiction. But you can't blame me bec girl's got style and incredible taste in beauty. Plus look at her, she's a complete beaut. 'nuffsaid.

Phew. That's it then. All the beauty bits I had loved in 2012 and continue to love in 2013. 2013 is shaping up to be another great year in beauty. Don't you just love when that happens? ;)


Blast from the Past : Beauty Resolutions 2013

New Year. New set of beauty resolutions. You know how it is. ;) Fresh from my trip down achievement lane of just how well I stuck to my 2012 resolutions in  yesterday's post , it's time to unleash the new set of resolutions (but only to break 'em) I'm joking of course. :D

Beauty Resolution #1: Invest DON'T collect
Tempting as it may be to collect all the lipsticks under the sun, it just ain't practical. Yes we've already established the fact that I'm a bona fide beauty junkie. That much is not a secret anymore. There's nothing I love more than indulging in beauty  but let's face it. I have 1 face, meaning owning 1,000,000 lipsticks/ eye shadows while it's definitely fun, is just a bit excessive. So instead I'll choose to invest rather than collect. Does this mean I'll become a product/ brand snob? What a silly question. Course not. It doesn't matter if it's from a department store or the drugstore. I just have to ask myself the question will I die without this? If the answer is yes, then it'll make its way into my beauty stash. If no? Tough luck. The poor pet. Like I always say, quality over quantity is the only way to go. I'd rather have a relatively small collection filled to the brim with great beauty investments rather than a vast collection of so and so products. Makes sense huh?
Beauty Resolution #2: Always read the label
 It's no secret that all the beauty products we love to play with, contain a helluva lot of chemicals and then some. And here I was wondering why certain products irritate my skin. Up until I discovered I was actually allergic to a lot of chemicals ( confirmed by a skin patch allergy test carried out in a hospital) I never paid attention to labels. Read the product label? Puh lease. Isn't that something someone on a diet would do?  But hey I guess it also applies to cosmetics especially as I have very sensitive skin. Silly me eh?  While I'm no skin care guru, I know the usual suspects that are best avoided. Parabens, mineral oil and PABA are common culprits found in a lot of skin care items. Another harmful ingredient worth mentioning?  Formaldehyde - a nasty chemical found in most nail polishes. It's a known carcinogen- definitely a no go zone. Time to smarten up ladies.
Beauty Resolution #3: Wash, wash and wash the brushes
Ahh. The chore of cleaning make-up brushes. It's the biggest nuisance in the life of every beauty blogger.. I'm not the biggest fan of cleaning my brushes. Whilst some girls religiously wash their brushes without fail, my brushes can consider themselves lucky if they get some scrubbing action once every month. Terrible I know. May 2013 be the year I finally stick to a once in a week make-up brushes cleaning routine. The intention and determination is there. It's going to happen right?
Beauty Resolution #4: Do thy research
I'm not only a beauty junkie and beauty blogger. I'm also a massive fan of reading other beauty blogs. I have a handful that I constantly read religiously every day. The likes of Anna from viviannadoesmakeup, Corrie from dizzybrunette3, Estee from Essiebutton and Amelia from Liana Beauty all deserve a mention because I'm like their biggest fan in the world. Before I make a purchase I love checking their blogs out for any reviews to ensure that my money is being well spent. Nothing worse than purchasing a product only to find out that it's shit. Excuse my language. Google comes in so handy too. Just type a product and voila a list of reviews from other beauty blogs crops up. Research is KEY to avoid some beauty heartaches. I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing in 2013.
Beauty Resolution #5: Broaden my horizons
I love my neutral eyeshadows as much as the next girl. Owning both Naked 1 and 2 proves that but there are plenty more looks out there to try. I just need to get out of my comfort zone. While I can never see myself sporting blue eye shadow (the very thought of this just sends shiver up my spine) there's no harm in branching out to the likes of purple eye shadows teamed with a nice pink lipstick. The beauty industry offers vast amounts of products to try. It'll be a shame to waste the opportunity right?