Blast from the Past: Beauty Resolutions 2012: Revisited

In 2012 I publicly announced my beauty resolutions in the hope that by putting them out there that I would successfully accomplish them all because it'll give me the motivation to actually stick to my word. After all the list was published for everyone to see here but like with most things in life, nobody is perfect. I think it's time to revisit my beauty resolutions and see just how much I've achieved. Alas welcome to my beauty travel back in time. :)

Resolution #1 : Discard mascara every 4 months

Every beauty blogger/ girl is familiar with the golden rule regarding mascaras eh? You open up a new one, use it continously and then toss it in the trash after 3 months. No ifs or buts. For the sake of all our eyelashes. I decided that 3 months was a little bit short for my student budget (I can't always replace my mascara so quickly) so I changed the rule to 4 months. Did it help me to stick to this resolution? Hell no. Now that I think about it I have a 1 year old mascara lurking about somewhere in my collection. Tsk tsk I hear you all call out. Lesson learned here? I'll always be a rebel. Anyone else with me?

Resolution # 2 : Invest in make-up brushes
As much as I love my Avon Angled Brush and my overused No 7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour brush, a girl who's mad about make-up wants needs to expand her collection. I couldn't simply live with 2 brushes eh? So after reading countless reviews of Real Techniques brushes and after feeling quite sorry for  myself I vowed to invest in good quality brushes and invested I did. The Core Collection brush set is worth every single penny. The £21.99 price tag is worth it just for the Buffing Brush alone. Want flawless foundation application? The Buffing Brush is your guy. Don't even get me started on the Blush brush- another winner in my eyes. Great at sculpting the good ol' cheekbones with a dusting of bronzer. Nice to know I was smart with my money in 2012. :)

Resolution # 3 : Wash brushes regularly
Speaking of brushes, I also made a promise to wash them regularly like a good girl but like I already mentioned above, I'm a rebel. This is a big fat FAIL. The intention was always there to clean them all by the end of each week but what happened when it was time to give them a bath? The laziness got in the way, that's what. I'm not proud of it. I hate myself for it. It's disgusting I know but old habits just die hard. Forgive me.

Resolution # 4 : Take my make-up off every.single.night

 I Diane hereby declare that I managed to actually stick to this rather hard resolution. After a tiring day from Uni, the temptation to sleep with my make-up on was always present. Fellow students will probably attest the authencity of my statement when I say that after sitting through long hours of lectures and countless study sessions in the library researching for essays, any remaining ounce of energy we have left in us is saved for some ''me time'' Things we actually enjoy doing. Make-up removal was always a pain the derriere for me but in 2012 I've learned to appreciate the benefits of a make-up removal routine. Nice clean fresh feeling? What's not to love?

Resolution # 5 : Pay more attention underneath all my make-up

I guess this resolution doesn't require much explanation. Let the picture of my skincare basket be enough. But whilst I have a cleansing and exfoliating routine set in stone, I still have to get to work in meeting the rest of my skin care needs. Hmm. It was always going to be difficult. This one. Let's just say that it's still a work in progress shall we?

Beauty resolution #6: Keep my make-up drawer clean and tidy

The day I invested in acrylic storage was the day I gave myself a huge pat on the back. I could've given myself the biggest hug known to man (if only it was physically possible) because well, it just makes organising my beauty stash that much better. All of a sudden, it was less of a chore and more of a therapeutic therapy. And all the while, it manages to look so pretty. Good job Diane. ;)

Resolution #7: Choose and buy wisely 

Towards the latter part of 2012, November to be precise I decided to invest in my very first high end purchases to celebrate me turning the 2-0. Well was there a better time to make the splurge? And why not start with Chanel and Nars because when it comes to beauty, it's either go big or go home. And boy did I made the right choices. Nars Casino bronzer and Chanel Rouge Cocoshine in 48 Evasion were welcomed into momma's life with wide open arms whilst I drooled like crazy. As for my other beauty investments in 2012, I can pretty much say that I'd done good in 2012 as far as beauty was concern. No major regrets.
Resolution #8 Have FUN
 Trying new beauty products is just half the fun. It helps to have some sense of humour whilst you're at it because mistakes are unavoidable. Be it accidently poking myself in the eye with a new mascara wand I wasn't used to, to applying too much bronzer- it happens even to the best of us. So did I made a big deal out of it? No. Why should I? It sucks the fun out of it. It was always better to remind myself that it's ok. There's always tomorrow for a new opportunity to master a beauty trick. And hey, for every mistake, there's a lesson to learn and all that jazz. My god where is this positivity coming from? I've no idea ;)
So all in all, I think 2012 was a pretty great year. I've accomplished most of my beauty resolutions. My personal resolutions however, well let's not even go there. Completely different outcomes. Miles apart.

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  1. Good resolutions. I need to do all of these, especially cleaning makeup brushes. Also, just wanted to let you know that I keep mascara for way too long too. 4 months is okay though.


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