End of an era: The Last of the Avon Haul

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I find myself writing this post. I'm getting all melodramatic again but this time I actually have a reason because today's post consists of me sharing my latest and last Avon haul. I repeat: LAST EVER. Because as of April 2013, Avon ceased trading in the Irish market due to wait for it... poor sales. Recession I hate you more than ever. While Avon will continue to trade in other countries such as The United States and the United Kingdom, it decided to say adiós to us gals in Ireland.

If you've been following me on my beauty journey since 2011, you would know that my history and love for Avon runs deep. A brand that's not talked about a lot on beauty blogs, often overlooked by many and to be honest, it makes me sad because the brand as a whole deserves a lot more attention. Inside those colourful brochures lies several beauty gems. There are a couple of duds in there alright but for the most part, Avon has always done right by me.

I feel somewhat responsible for Avon's sudden departure from Irish soils. You see, there was a time in my life when every month- as soon as the new brochure was available , I'd place an order without giving it much thought. I spent countless hours immersing myself in Avon land, getting lost whilst flipping through the pages with a nice cup of tea. It was addicting doncha' know? But then 2012 came and I stopped contacting my Avon lady and went cold turkey.

It wasn't the case that I no longer loved their products nor did I lose any interest in trying out their latest releases but this Avon caterpillar transformed into a butterfly and alas I was ready to fly, explore and see what else the wonderful world of beauty had in stored for me. In short, I cheated and for that Avon, I'm truly sorry. I fell in love with other brands much like I did with Avon way back in December 2010 - when my obsession with beauty began.

But when my momma came home with a brochure back in March with Alesha Dixon promoting Avon's 1st BB Cream, I felt an urge to flick through the pages, not really expecting to order anything but you know the saying ''everything happens for a reason?'' Yes that cliché? I believe in it. There was a reason why that brochure ended up in my hands after a year apart. That urge I had to browse and eventually place an order? That was probably my inner psychic telling me that it was my last chance to make an order. Two weeks after receiving my order, I heard the terrible news (how else could I explain that?) and then life as I knew it , had changed.

But let's forget the sad news for now and have a peek at the goodies shall we?


1.) Ideal Flawless BB Skin Loving Beauty Balm (Natural Beige) 15.50 euro (full price) I paid 9 euro.
This was the product that convinced me to place another Avon order after what seemed like an eternity. Why? It claims to smooth and hydrate skin, minimise redness, even skin tone, conceal flaws and makes skin look better even after you take it off. Pretty bold claims from Avon but very convincing hence why I snatched one up. First impressions? The lightweight and mineral infused formula applies like a dream, providing a light coverage which wouldn't be enough to cover major flaws such as acne scars but it's sufficient for days I want a break from foundation. It's your skin but healthier and with SPF 15 it's a great everyday base.

2.) Extra Lasting Lipstick (Sunset) 9 euro (full price) I paid 5 euro.
Another lipstick? Sorry purse. I had no intentions of purchasing another lipstick because Lord knows I have enough but when I spotted this bright orangey coral goodness on a model in one of the pages, I was mesmerised to say the least. The model had similar undertones to me so I figured, if it worked for her, it may very well work for me. Plus it's the perfect shade for summer.

3.) Plump Pout Lip Gloss (Nude Pout) 8 euro (full price) I paid 3.75 euro
I've never tried any plumping lip gloss, because let's face it I already have quite full lips and a lips to rival Donatella Versace is not exactly a look I would like to replicate. But somehow this lip gloss caught my attention. Perhaps its uncanny resemblance to Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss has  something to do with it? From the slender packaging to the actual shade itself. Sadly I don't own Turkish Delight so  a comparison is not on the cards. Like any other plumping lip gloss , it stings and tingles upon the initial application but only lasts for a couple of seconds, to be replaced by a nice cooling sensation which I happen to like and find very refreshing. As a shade, it's nothing special. It's a medium nudish pink which applies like a clear gloss on my pigmented lips. My lips look slightly plumper but nothing worth shouting about. However, because of its minimal stickiness and its refreshing cooling sensation, this gets a B from me.

4.) Eye Shadow Primer (Light Beige) 9 euro (full price) I paid 5 euro
As soon as I found out that my Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion was fighting for its life, I knew I had to find a replacement quick stat. I wear eye shadows pretty often and I have no room for creasing in my life. I find that it pretty much does what the UDPP does for a fraction of the price. It creates the smooth canvas for my eyeshadows to adhere to, helping them to appear more vibrant while preventing them from creasing. LOVE.


Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner 3.60 euro (full price) I paid 2.50 euro
It's not a secret that when it comes to hair, I don't tend to spend too much time maintaining my mane in tip top condition. But when the original MoroccanOil came out and everyone raved about the benefits of using hair oil, I was intrigued. And when I spotted these in the brochure with impressive claims much like the BB Creams, in it went onto my order form. With claims that it leaves hair feeling stronger, shinier and smoother, it sounded like a must try. And boy am I glad that I finally treated my hair to something other than Head & Shoulders. More details to come in another post.

Foot Works beautiful heel softening cream 4.50 euro (full price) I paid 2 euro
Because I'm studying and training to become a nurse, I spend a lot of my time on foot, standing and running around like a headless chicken during my clinical placement in the hospitals. The poor soles of my feet are constantly on the receiving end of the battering, with a heel that's tough and rough as a rock. I've picked this up after feeling sorry for myself and because dry, rough heels is as attractive as Amanda Bynes (in her current state, that is). I don't use this everyday. I usually slather it on as part of my weekly pedicure session and so far I'm happy. It moisturises really well, without feeling greasy or heavy. Nothing much else to say, it's a foot cream :)

So that's it for my final Avon haul. And it just happens to be my favourite haul out of all the ones I shared on Slave to Vanity because I truly liked/loved everything that I'd picked up. Sure I can still purchase some of their products online via amazon and eBay but nothing beats having the brochure delivered by your Avon rep. Besides, I don't purchase anything online so that pretty much rule that out. Sniff. Sniff. Avon I miss you already :(


  1. oooh the flawless BB seems really nice ^_~

  2. Gorgeous blog, I really want to try out the BB cream!

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