Sleek Pout Polish Lip Conditioner - Electro Peach 946

From one lip balm to another (hey you can never have enough- to see my previous review of MUA Love Hearts Lip balm click here ) it's time for Sleek Pout Polish in 946 Electro Peach to take centre stage and with the summer finally upon us, I don't think there's a better time to share my findings.

Electro Peach is a bright hot orangey coral. At first glance, the shade is quite alarming, a bit in yo' face. A shade I can see girls running away from, in the fear of looking clownish. While it is extremely pigmented for a tinted lip conditioner, one can still control the intensity of the shade depending on the amount of layers applied. 1 swipe will leave a subtle sheer coral tint while those with braver hearts can pile on the layers to their hearts content, to create a pout that is beautiful as it is bold.

Personally, I prefer to layer on the colour like there's no tomorrow. Well I usually stop at 3 layers but I could go on and on. Because unlike the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm, the texture of Sleek Pout Polish is less slippery. It's lightly thicker without feeling heavy on the lips in the slightest, creamier and more opaque in formulation. Therefore, the pigmentation of this Pout Polish is more intense and richer than your usual tinted lip conditioners.

Formulated with Shea butter, sweet almond oil and avocado oil to nourish and condition our pouts, the Pout Polishes sound as good as they look.

Electro Peach - Natural light

Electro Peach - With Flash

On the lips, Electro Peach leaves a glossy creamy finish and with the added essential oils like Avocado, my lips felt more conditioned than it did with the MUA lip balms. Having said that, the pretty high shine finish of the lip balms is missing here.  Whilst on the subject of finishes, it's worth noting that the glossy finish of this Pout Polish normally fades away after an hour of wear, leaving behind just a hint of shine but all is not lost. With the beautiful coral shade usually sticking around for  another 2 hours or so. The rich, deep pigmentation and formula deserves the credit for its impressive lasting power.

Much like the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It's not the most hygienic and practical packaging out there and it includes parabens which I know is a deal breaker for some girls and because I'll always remain honest in writing my reviews, I have no problem pointing it out. Methylparaben  and propylparaben both make an appearance.  Two very well known, widely used cosmetics preservatives. I found an interesting article about parabens here and in the article it was pointed out that the FDA saw no reason for consumers to be alarmed about the use parabens in cosmetics because it was entirely safe. It was last updated in 2007 so I have yet to research for any updates regarding the issue. So when it comes to this product, it's just worth pointing out :)

On a final positive note, as this offering from Sleek is very similar to the MUA Lip Balms from the very unhygienic packaging to the yummy vanilla scent which one gets the ultimate vote from me?  Hmm. It's a tough call to make but to put it into simpler terms: if you're into your soft wash of colour with a very generous helping of shine- the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm is the one for you.
And for those who aren't the biggest fan of shiny puckers but are totally into long wearing and highly pigmented lip offerings then you'll totally dig the  Pout Polishes from Sleek.

Available in 9 more shades and priced at 5.49 euro each, these are available over here


  1. I do like how subtle the color is. My lips are often chapped in the summer too. Will certainly look out for this product.

  2. Love your blog!!!!

    Perfect pout too!!!!


  3. Such a pretty shade & I love the packaging. I wish Sleek was sold in stores where I live, their products look amazing!

    XO, Catt


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