The Beloved Lipstick (my one true love): Seventeen Mirror Shine in Belle

Bit of a heads up for all the non romantics out there, you know the ones who don't believe in the concept of true love? Look away now because I can't quite promise you that you wouldn't want to gag by the end of this post due to all the lovey dovey stuff. Because it dawned on me that despite writing 70 odd posts, I have yet to dedicate an entire post on the lipstick that captured my heart. But that is about to change for today is the day, I'll finally pour my heart and soul for the one lipstick I can't ever live without. I'll sound like a love sick puppy by the end but I hope you don't mind. Yes. I have a serious bad case of lipstick love bug. ;)

Belle a gorgeous soft medium nudish pink with a hint of mauve has all the makings of a holy grail lipstick from the get go. Criteria of the perfect lipstick 101: Sheer wash of colour? Check. Creamy and hydrating consistency? Check. Alluring glossy shine? Massive Check.

In short if Belle were a guy, I'd consider it a hunk- like Channing Tatum sort of hot because everything I could ever want in a lipstick, Belle just has it all. If only marrying a lipstick is legal, a possibility and considered the norm and not a desperate act of a mad woman then to the nearest chapel we will go. I want a Vera Wang dress please ;)

But that lovely sweet dream and all kidding aside, in my eyes Belle can do no wrong. The appeal of the Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks lies in the fact that they are a cross between a lip balm/lip gloss and lipstick. Yes another one of those well loved hybrids. In layman terms, it's a tinted lip balm in the form of a lipstick.

It applies with great ease, its balmy and buttery texture transfers the sheer wash of pink, smoothly and gently on the lips. Leaves an irresistible glossy creamy look whilst also serving up some decent moisturizing action. With all that combine, you get the best out of the lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick world. Hydration without the greasiness, shine and glossiness without the stickiness normally accustomed to most glosses and a pretty everyday lip shade without the fuss.

Belle- Natural light
Belle- With Flash

Seeing as this lipstick is pretty much a tinted lip balm disguised as a lipstick, the colour pay off is on the sheerer side of things. I have very pigmented lips to begin with and as a shade, Belle comes pretty close to matching my natural lip colour so once applied, I normally look like I just have a pale pink lipgloss on top. However, for girls with less pigmented lips, I can see Belle being a build-able shade. One can try to enhance the colour by adding several layers on the lips to achieve a semi-medium colour pay off.

While the lack of wow factor on the pigmentation front, its relatively short life span on the lips (usually lasts up to an hour), standard waxy lipstick scent and bright blue metallic packaging (that somewhat looks tacky to me) might be considered the deal breakers when it comes to my relationship with Belle I can turn a blind eye because the formula of the Mirror Shines from Seventeen is without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite amongst the drugstore lippies available. Its emollient texture feels so soothing on the lips and when it starts to fade away, it does so beautifully, leaving behind a subtle sheen.

Belle is not a perfect. It has its flaws but hey the saying ''no one is perfect'' comes to mind here. Seventeen recently repackaged the entire Mirror Shine line. It's looking a lot more beautiful with the new sleek black tube and they even come with a tiny mirror inside.

With a whooping 16 more shades (some old, some newly released shades), new attractive packaging and all for a purse friendly price of £4.79 each available here I wonder how long will I stay loyal and faithful to my beloved Belle. With temptations all around me, I don't think it'll be long before I stray but Belle remember this:

You're my first love and you shall remain my one true love.
I might cheat now and again purely to test drive other lippies
but you know just like in the past, I always come back
to you because you are HOME. You'll forever hold
the key to my heart. Forever and always.
Well I've got to admit, that just sounds really cheesy and soppy to me but when this girl falls in love she falls HARD. 

So has anyone else found a lipstick they wanted to marry because they were a match made in heaven for you? I'd love to find out. Please don't tell me I'm the only crazy one around here. ;) Dish in the comments below. :)


  1. I love your posts , you write like no other blogger :)

    1. Thank you so much Laura for the loveliest comment ever. It truly means a lot :)

  2. ooh, the shade is so pretty, love love love ^_~

  3. Haha loved this post! I have Belle and love it too! So easy to wear and apply.

  4. I have the shade beehive from this range which I love! I've been meaning to pick up a couple more and I think I'll have to get Belle, so pretty! <3

    Jennie xo |


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