Treats for your lips: MUA Professional Love Hearts Lip Balms

Have you ever found yourself desperately searching high and low for a beauty product before?  Refusing to give up you make a final plea and say a few silent prayers (or loudly, depending on your frustration levels regarding that product who just keeps playing hide and seek with you.) to help lead you in the right direction. Sound familiar? Yep we've all been there, done that. Be it a limited edition make-up product you unfortunately missed out on, a newly released hype about product that sold out everywhere (ahem Revlon Lip Butters and Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains I'm looking at all of you) which means days or weeks of waiting for your local store to restock.  It may be a product you've only heard great things about but unfortunately it's not available locally- online shopping is the only way to go. Or maybe it's just the case that the stubborn product decided to play hide and seek. The cheeky devil ;)

But low and behold, when you eventually find it, when you finally have your manicured fingertips on it, you'll quickly find out that all that waiting and effort ? All worth it in the end. In my case it's the Mua Professional Love Hearts Lip Balm available here

I remember when the Love Hearts collection was launched last February 2012, the Love Hearts Lipbalm just grabbed my attention. The adorable packaging along with the pretty, juicy shades piqued my interest. I read several reviews, all high praises and I vowed that one day, I'll get a piece of the action too. Sadly, budget brand favourite MUA isn't available in Ireland (as far as I know) but 3 to 4 visits to different Superdrugs later( when I came to the UK) last summer, these babies were MINE.

Kiss Me - natural light

Kiss Me -With Flash


Kiss Me is a bright hot, orange toned peachy pink. It looks really vibrant inside the pot but once applied, it's a bit more tame, a lot less vibrant but as every bit gorgeous of a shade. It's a lot sheerer once applied but buildable to your desire intensity. Bear in mind though, that the lightweight sheer formula won't ever reach the full blown pigmentation level. Instead it gives you enough colour on the lips to add a little somethin' to an otherwise boring everyday look.

Sweet Kiss -natural light
Sweet Kiss- with flash

In contrast to Kiss Me , Sweet Kiss is a girly white toned milky pink. It's the type of shade you can't help but admire, like one would do when in contact with a baby crying out ''aww. How cute!'' Sweet Kiss is less pigmented than Kiss Me which is evident in the swatches but it still provides a pretty soft wash of pink on my lips. A subtle light pink.

Whilst these are marketed as lip balms, I find that the texture is more akin to a gloss. The thin formula glides on easily albeit just a tad slippery. Upon application, these lip balms leave a high shine glossy finish, leaving my lips feeling hydrated and smooth. No stickiness to report here. Scent wise, the sweet vanilla scent that accompanies these lip balms  is a sure fire winner for me and one of its strong selling points but unforch, the scent is not destined to stay forever. Sob.

Gorgeous high shine finish, pretty wash of colour and yummy vanilla scent aside, how do they perform in terms of moisturising the lips? Surprisingly, they're not that bad. Lips are left feeling relatively smooth after each application and even after the colour fades away, my lips continues to feel somewhat soft.

Reapplication is required in less than an hour.. Unsurprisingly, because of their glossy, slippery texture these don't tend to hang around for too long. 1 hour mark is standard. But hey, 10 grams of product for a mere £2 is a pretty sweet deal.

Only thing left to say? Dear MUA: Please repackage these into tubes for a more hygienic option because dipping my fingers into the pot, is not my kind of thang. :)

Available in 4 more shades with names like Hot Lips and Sugar Lips and all for 2 British pounds each? Please sir can I have some more? ;) (Oliver is that you?)

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