Beauty Bargain: Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad (Mocha Latte) Dupe for Naked shades?

Nothing warms my heart quite like a new beauty find. Even more so, when the product in question happens to be a beauty bargain. I'm currently a nursing student and I happen to be a bona fide beauty junkie. Admittedly, those 2 facts don't go very well together in the same sentence now do they? Because a constantly broke student due to her inability to say no to pretty things, is as fun as hearing someone run their fingers down a blackboard. *shudder*

Sustaining my need for the latest beauty fix is becoming a bit of a nightmare in the sense that, no matter what I do, I'll never feel like I have enough. But my ever growing stash is the  cold hard evidence staring back at me in the face.

While I have certain high end beauty buys under my belt, I'm a drugstore girl through and through which is why I decided to start a new feature on Slave to Vanity entitled ''Beauty Bargain''. What an exciting title. NOT. But it is one that certainly fits the bill so it'll do. As the name suggests, it's a feature where I share my latest favourite beauty find. For a product to make an appearance under this new feature it only has to meet 2 simple criteria:
1.) It has to be less than 15 euro (I originally went for 10 euro but since most cosmetics are way overpriced here in Ireland , a less than 15 euro find is still a bargain.)
2.) It just has to blow me away, in terms of its performance, which goes far and beyond its inexpensive price tag.

First up in line? Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad (Mocha Latte) which featured in my Avon: Top 5 Products of All Time post but this beauty deserves an entire post of its own. It's actually not a 'latest' find as such. I've been loving this a long time (over 2 years now). Before the Naked palettes, this served me incredibly well and continue to do so.
Housed in a sleek sophisticated black compact (reminiscent of the beautiful Chanel packaging)  are 4 beautiful shades (2 matte, 2 satin) which together as a whole, create a lovely everyday smoky eye. Whoever decided on what shades to  include in this palette deserves a huge pat on the back because once combined, they work so beautifully together. In perfect harmony shall I say?

2 years ago, the shades in this palette had no names. But I recently discovered that Avon had christened them and they now have names as follows from the top row - Left shade: Latte. Right shade: Beige. And then the bottom row: Left shade: Iced Coffee. Right shade: Espresso. Not the catchiest and most creative names out there but an effort all the same.
 Swatches from left to right: Latte, Beige, Iced Coffee and Espresso
For powder eye shadows, I find that these are non chalky nor are they powdery. The 4 shades are incredibly silky soft because of their finely milled texture. Are they as soft and smooth as the Urban Decay Naked shades? No, but they aren't far behind. And for a fraction of the price, you can't really expect them to. However, they apply so seamlessly on my eyelids, only requiring minimal effort to blend the eye shadows together with my beloved and trusted No 7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush .  The shades are very pigmented and long lasting. Without any primer on, I find the shades to last for a good 7 to 8 hours before I see any signs of fading. But once applied on my primed non oily  eyelids ( I like to use my Avon Eyeshadow Primer in Light Beige for the job) , these last forever and a day. I find that the intensity of the eye shadows is preserved for 10- 12 hours max with little to no creasing to report. If you happen to have oily lids, these may not last as long so an eyeshadow primer wouldn't go amiss. Unlike with some Naked shades, fallouts are extremely rare with these eye shadows. Iced Coffee is the only shade with tiny shimmers running all the way through it, but fallouts are rare.
  A simple look

 This look is what I consider my simple everyday eye. I simply apply Iced Coffee on the entire lid, followed quickly by Espresso as my crease and outer v shade. Espresso is a great shade for creating that subtle smoky effect. I carefully blend the two together to avoid harsh lines and voila. That's it. On the rare occasions, I'd take Latte and apply it as a highlight on my brow bone for a more polished finish but for everyday eyes, this look suits me just fine.
Comparison Time

 During the process of writing this post and swatching the shades from the palette, I couldn't help but notice just how similar the shades are to some shade offerings from the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palette. Let's start comparing now shall we?
1st Dupe
 Swatches left to right: Latte, Virgin, Bootycall
Latte - a pale soft satin white beige is pretty much Virgin from the Naked palette but with less fine shimmers. It's also similar to Bootycall from the Naked 2 palette but it's slightly lighter. Bootycall is just a tad darker thanks to its yellow, peach undertones.
2nd Dupe
  Swatches left to right: Beige, Buck

Beige a matte medium beige brown looked like a great dupe for Naked from the Naked Palette but when swatched and upon closer inspection , it's actually more like Buck but just cooler and lighter. I'd say Beige is Buck's younger sister.

3rd Dupe
Swatches left to right: Iced Coffee, Chopper

Iced Coffee is my favourite shade out of the palette and the most used simply because, just this swiped all over the lid and I'm usually set for the road. It's a beautiful medium bronzy brown with tiny almost invisible shimmers running through it. It doesn't feel gritty nor do you get any fall out (ahem Sidecar). Instead it brightens up the eye. At first glance, it looks like a dupe for Sidecar from the Naked Palette but a second look revealed that it is in actual fact, a pretty close dupe for Chopper from Naked 2. Minus the heavy fallout and mess that is Chopper. I personally blame the what seems like thousands of shimmer, golden flecks running through it. Chopper is more of an oranged-toned brown while Iced Coffee is more of a true brown with a lovely sheen.
4th Dupe

 Swatches left to right: Espresso, Snakebite
Espresso a warm dark matte brown blends and creates that smoky effect we're all after, perfectly. Amongst the Naked shades, I think it's a close enough dupe for Snakebite from the Naked 2 palette. Snakebite just happens to be a shimmery dark bronze. Basically, if you just mix some golden shimmer into Espresso, you'll pretty much end up with Snakebite. Under some lighting, I swear they look very identical.
So are the Avon shades exact dupes for some Naked shades? Nope. But they come pretty close. So if you're on a tight budget but you've always wanted to try the Naked Palettes, Mocha Latte is a great beauty bargain find. 
If you fancy trying it for yourself, you can purchase it online here . It's currently retailing for only £5 (normal price: £8.50) . Alternatively, you can visit your country's Avon website, to get in touch with a local Avon rep, serving your area. When I purchased this, 2 years ago I paid 5 euro and let's just say, it's the best 5 euro I've ever spent. Never tried eye shadows before? These 4 shades blends so easily, it's truly hard to make a mistake. Easy everyday brown sultry eye? I likey. :)
How about you? Any fab beauty bargain finds lately? 


  1. Not tried avon before but it looks lovely, the UD dupes are really similar! x

  2. I used to use this quad all the time!

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. The quad looks reaal good!


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