Nails Inc St James - The Perfect Red Polish?

Forget Essie nail polishes. Nails Inc  is where it's at. My stash currently stands at 9 but I think it's only a matter of time before I see a rise in the number. Some of the consistency of their polishes are a hit or a miss (just like with other brands) but sometimes it just takes a shade. 1 perfect shade to make me fall in love with a brand. Take St James for example.

I've been on the look out for the perfect red nail polish, for what seemed like forever. I've encountered a few that came pretty close to being hailed as my perfect red but something about them just didn't measure up. Ciate Mistress was probably the closest to snatching the title and winning me over and while I can't deny that it is a beaut of a shade, the strong orange undertone ruled it out as a true classic red. The ease of application of the Ciate nail polishes (all thanks to the wonderful flat, wide brush) is worthy of holy grail status though. Tate , an offering from Nail Inc is another beautiful shade but it's a bit too dark for my liking. It's a burgundy red wine with raspberry like undertone. And it's for that reason why it lost out on the title too. Then out of nowhere, St James stole the title from the very first second I lacquered it onto my nails.

Described as a pillar box red shade , I couldn't agree more with the accurate description from Nail Inc.'s official website. It's a straight up Hollywood classic red shade ( but somehow, it also reminds me a little bit of red Skittles. No just me?) There's no fooling around here. No sneaky orange/berry undertones. Just the 100% real deal and it's hot, hot, hot. As if the shade wasn't enough, I've gone into loving the formula and consistency of the polish too. Why? St James is a 1 coat wonder. It only takes one coat to reach opacity. But because I have this weird thing about odd numbers (even numbers all the way :) ), I layered on a second coat. I didn't feel the need to layer on a top coat to seal the look together because of the semi-glossy creme finish. The formula is quite on the thick side but isn't gloopy in the slightest. It applies evenly and smoothly.

The brush is wide enough to cover the entire nail bed in 2 quick strokes. But there's just a teeny tiny glitch to report: the brush always manages to get covered with a lot of the nail polish. In this case, it's quite easy to flood the nail bed with excess polish but to solve this, I always ensure that after dipping the nail brush inside, I swipe the brush against the side of bottle to remove the excess polish that I don't need. After this minor set back, it's pretty much a love affair.

Like with most Nails Inc formulas, I find it to be chip resistant because 6 days in (without any top coat), I have barely any chips. I only have 2 tiny chips on both thumbs. Quite impressive no? :) Nails Inc? I heart to the highest degree.  With the summer heat finally here, St James is a great choice for adding a touch of glamour ,sophistication and an edge to a casual summer outfit.

Next on the list? Nails Inc super famous once loved by Beyoncé bright royal blue Baker Street. What a blue nail polish? Never imagined it myself but first time for everything and all that. ;)

Priced at £11 for 10 mls here the Nails Inc offerings aren't cheap but the quality of  the polishes reflects the price.

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