The Summer Lipgloss: Revlon Colorburst - Sizzle

For a colour that packs a punch, Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Sizzle (£7.99/ 11.20 euro) brings it. And it brings it in spades. A straight up dark orange shade but applies a little less intense on the lips. On my lips, it's a light orangey red with a slight pink undertone. It's got that slight coral vibe going on. Right from the very first coat, the doe foot applicator generously offer a semi opaque coverage. 2 coats and it nearly has the pigmentation of a lipstick. Unlike many lipglosses, Sizzle doesn't disappoint in the pigmentation department. As a matter of fact, it excels exceptionally well and I'm very impressed with it. It serves up a pop of rich saturated colour and a high shine glossy finish in equal measures. As far as lipglosses go, Sizzle is definitely a bright and bold hue but the ultra glossy finish makes it a very wearable and playful shade. No need to be afraid ;)

The doe foot applicator is quite standard but it's a little wider and longer than your average applicator and it's flexible too. It distributes the semi opaque coverage in 2 swipes. On some occasions, I find that it can apply quite uneven and patchy due to the relatively thick consistency and the rich saturation of the gloss but applying the colour and layering it slowly is a helpful trick to overcoming this minor problem. As for the formula itself, it's non sticky and  it's really comfortable to wear as it's formulated with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. It feels very moisturising, a nice refreshing change from the usual stickiness that came during my past affairs with other glosses. Sizzle contains the tiniest  iridescent golden shimmers but they're barely noticeable as the highly saturated pigmentation somehow conceals them. It lasts just under 2 hours on me. When the vibrancy and intensity of Sizzle starts to fade away, I'm usually left with a light orangey red tint with a subtle shine. It does fade away evenly.

Glossy, moisturising, really pigmented, non sticky and very comfortable to wear? Is it any wonder why I've chosen it as my Summer go to lipgloss this year? I'm a fan. :)


  1. I'm so jealous of how well you can pull this off and those lips!! I will definitely be checking your blog out more, good job :)

    I have (literally) just started my own blog! I'm going to be blogging not just about cosmetics, but a wider spread as I have so many interests! I have just blogged about 2 books I have recently read, with loads more posts coming up this week. I would be so grateful if you could check it out! :D XX

  2. Oh wow, there is nothing so great in summer as a glossy lip in a gorgeous colour :) I think I am going to have to try this out because it sounds like such a great all rounder. I usually don't spend so much on lip gloss but this just sounds to good to refuse!

  3. Lovely colour! It looks very pretty on your lips. I haven't tried many ColorBurst lip glosses, though from the one that I have tried, I think I prefer the Super Lustrous lip glosses in terms of the formula - they just feel more plush and hydrating :)

  4. Love the colour of this, im not usually into lipgloss but i love shades like this! x

  5. i love the colour! it would look amazing on top of a coral red lippy!

    from Brigitte at // BlogLovin' | BreezeyBee Blog

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  6. gorgeous colour!

    I wish i had olive skin and could pull this off :( Hidden Freckles Beauty Blog

  7. Very pretty colour :)


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