Chic Caviar Manicure with Ciate

 How did you spend New Year's Eve? How did you welcome the next 365 days of our lives? Perhaps you attended a party? Wore your highest heels and headed to the hottest nightclub for a crazy night out with your closest girlfriends? A quiet dinner with your loved ones and maybe you even busted out the odd champagne? OR maybe you just decided to lounge around in your pyjamas and watch the firework display, right in the comfort of your own home? Hey, I'm not judging because I spent my night, exactly like that but with a beauty related activity added to the mix. With my beauty obsession in full gear, I couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year than sporting a new nail design.

The mini Ciate nail polish and Caviar Kit which I got free with the July 2013 issue of Marie Claire UK, came out to play because it was perfect for creating the look that I had in mind. The kit contains two mini polishes: Cookies and Cream paint pot and the fabulous Shooting Star Caviar Pearls. I opted for a nude shade paired with an accent nail, done up with micro beads because is there an easier way to spice up a regular manicure than painting an accent nail? Now I know the whole accent and caviar manicure trends are certainly not new but for this nail art virgin and amateur (yup that's me), they certainly are.

Cookies and Cream  is a suits everyone light grey toned nude cream. It's such a gorgeous neutral shade. As for Shooting Star , it consists of tiny gold, silver, lilac and light blue micro beads. Perfect for adding the special touch to your manicure. Upon initial application of the first coat, Cookies and Cream has the tendency to apply slightly streaky and sheer but come the application of the second and third coat , all is forgotten as they apply smoothly and evenly. It requires 3 coats to achieve a full, smooth coverage and each coat dries within minutes. Pairing Cookies and Cream and Shooting Star Caviar Pearls together was pure genius. They complement each other so well and work so beautifully together to create such a sophisticated chic mannequin look with a nice pop of golden sparkle to liven up an otherwise quite boring shade.

Steps for creating the beautiful look: 
1.) Paint all the nails with the exception of the ring fingers using 3 coats of Cookies and Cream.
2.) Paint the ring fingers with 1 coat of polish then leave them to dry.
3.) One ring finger at a time, apply a second coat of polish and while still wet (don't let it dry- the beads won't stick) sprinkle the caviar pearls onto each nail above a deep rectangular acrylic box (this helps to control the mess as the box catches the excess beads. A paper plate will also suffice or any other deep container you have lying around your house. Because you've collected the remaining unattached beads, you can easily pour them back into the bottle using a paper funnel. I made my own. It's super easy to make.
4.) Straight after you've sprinkled the beads onto the nails, very gently press down on the beads. This helps to secure them firmly in place to the nail and it also removes the excess beads that are simply sitting on top of the other beads, unattached.
And say hello to glam nails, done oh so right!

 Isn't the finished look so pretty?The pearls won't stick around forever and a day, because they do start to fall off within a couple of hours but for a quick way to add a little somethin' somethin' to your manicure- look no further. The Ciate Caviar kits are quite expensive because they would normally set you back £18 each but right now they're only £5 here so if you want to give this trend a go, do it now. :) Alternatively, you can try to hunt down some micro beads at your local craft/supplies store. I bet they would be a lot cheaper too :)

Who knew nail art could be SO easy? And that by simply painting and designing my ring finger a different way, it can make such a massive difference without requiring too much effort? Accent nail trend? Consider me SOLD. I think it's best to save Caviar manicure for special occasions but I'm totally behind the accent nail. 

Now that my interest in nail art is alive and kicking, can you recommend some EASY designs for a newbie like me? Note the emphasis on easy. Those tiny polka dots look rather nice eh? Guess I just need to get my hands on some nail dotting tools. Here's to 2014 and trying out new beauty trends. 


  1. Happy new year lovely! I spent new years eve in my cosiest pyjamas, my favourite! I love your nails here, so pretty <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Happy New Year too Jennie. Thank you :) xx

  2. I just tried caviar nails for the first time today so this post was fun to read! Cookies and Cream is such a beautiful colour, I think I like it more than the beads :)

    1. Glad you had fun reading my post. I had fun creating the look. I actually saw your post too. Great minds think alike and all that ;) I definitely prefer Cookies and Cream but the beads add a nice fun touch. :)

  3. the ciate polishes are a great concept but they are not great for long term wear. just like the velvet range they released xxx

    1. Oh really? I've had nothing but great experiences with my Ciate polishes. I find their formula long wearing as they don't chip easily for me. Do you mean the beads? As already mentioned above, I agree- they're not ideal for long term wear as they start to fall off within a couple of hours but it's a quick way to glam up the nails for a special occasion/night out. :)

  4. Anonymous28/2/14

    I know this post is old, but I couldn't help commenting on how beautiful this manicure is!! The grey nude is really nice, I want it too for my nails haha. I haven't yet tried caviar nails but you sure do pull 'em off. Can't believe how good quality these polishes are for a magazine freebie.

    ♥ Michelle/MICHALOGY


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