Food for Thy Hands

Winter= dry, cracked hands. FACT. We all know the cold winter weather can wreck all sorts of havoc on our hands. It's our biggest enemy in combating dry and chapped hands. The not so favourable weather combined with  dry air (courtesy of indoor heating) has the tendency to remove the natural protective oils found in our skin, leaving our skin dehydrated thus, it leads us to the common weather associated complaint. We can't do anything about Mother Nature but we can certainly use products that can make putting up with HER that much easier. Enter Soap and Glory Hand Food.

You know when everyone raves about a product and you can't help but try it yourself, just to see what all the fuss is about? That's Hand Food for me. There is no shortage of reviews when it comes to this hand cream , but when it meets expectations and performs greatly, it's only fitting that I share my thoughts right? The more, the merrier?

I tend to suffer from chronic red and itchy hands all year round, thanks to my inherited and long term battle with eczema. It's not so bad that I always suffer from cracked hands as such but my hands is often dry. Before trying Hand Food, I had my reservations. I had my worries about possible allergic reactions and irritations because I have quite sensitive skin (thanks Dad). But so far, so good.

The lightweight formula infused with shea butter and macadamia oil and thin consistency (albeit just a tad watery) allows it to melt easily into my hands. It sinks in immediately, quickly replenishing the much needed moisture back into my hands. After absorbing the cream, my hands have the tendency to feel greasy as it often leaves a trail of slight grease in its wake, not too greasy that I'm running towards the nearest sink to wash it off, it's definitely noticeable but nothing that cannot be overcome. I've managed to find a way around it. My tip? Quickly work and rub the cream gently into your hands until it vanishes completely. I find that the the quicker I massage the cream, the less greasy it feels. Once it is fully absorbed, it restores life back into my hands leaving it silky soft, supple, soothe and smooth. I apply it twice daily. Once during the day and again, just before I catch up on my beauty sleep. And that's my moisturizing needs all sorted.

When it comes down to it, the scent is the only possible deal breaker. You either love it or hate it . There is no in between with this one. With notes of bergamot, mandarin, floral, musk and amber, it can be quite overwhelming at times. I remember when I first tried this, it caught me off guard. I found it so heavily scented that I stopped using it for a good while. But then one day, I decided to give it a second chance and I'm so glad I did because the benefits it offers my hands outweigh the scent. To me it's a sweet floral scent. Hand Food also includes notes of strawberries and warm vanilla but to me, it's definitely more floral than fruity. Its strong floral aroma is attributable to the fennel and lotus flower extracts. I'm never going to be the biggest fan of the scent because it lingers for a good while post application, as it doesn't dissipate quickly but I find the more that I use it, the less that it bothers me.

To sum it up, its quick absorbing, lightweight with a not too greasy/sticky formula that truly hydrates, soothes,nourishes and softens the hands makes this a hand bag staple for many gals including me. Is it the best hand cream ever? Not quite but that's only because I haven't tried that many to hail it as the ultimate champion but if I come across another great hand cream, trust me-you'll know about it ASAP. Now where did I put my tube of Hand Food because my hands are crying out for another serving of the stuff. ;)


  1. I got a Soap & Glory gift set for Christmas and it includes a mini version of Hand Food. I can't wait to try it out now after reading your review.
    I will need to try it out asap and maybe even do my own review of it. I hope I'm not put off by the scent.
    Happy New Year! Hope you have a great 2014!! :)
    And you've got a new follower here!

  2. Hello fellow eczema sufferer! Completely agree with the scent being a love or hate thing, personally I really dislike overly sweet, cloying scents which is why I find this so off-putting, otherwise it is lovely though. The Neutrogena Norwegian formula one is really good too.

  3. I love the smell of Soap & Glory products but I can get why some people hate it! Hand food is so lovely I always carry a small tube of it in my bag. Great review!!


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