Beautiful= Burberry Lip Glow in Pink Sweet Pea

If it were totally up to me, I would place Burberry Lip Glow in Pink Sweet Pea  right next to the definition of beautiful in the dictionary. Why? Because it pretty much sums it up. Seeing as Summer is finally upon us, I don't think there's a better time to dedicate an entire post to this beaut of a gloss. I'm a firm believer in wearing any lip shade during the summer season as long as it's  bright and bold. Pink Sweet Pea is IT.  I could write an entire essay about my love but I'll try not to ;)

Released as part of Burberry's Siren Red Spring 2013 Collection, Pink Sweet Pea is a cool toned, vibrant fuchsia pink that's beautiful as it's versatile. Its versatility lies with how I'm able to control its intensity. For a simple subtle pop of brightness, I can sheer it out by simply applying a single layer. On the other hand, I can easily intensify it by building the layers without compromising on comfort, for a pout that softly packs a punch and very poolside appropriate.

Enriched with a cocktail of nourishing oils and ceramides, it not only injects a fresh pop of colour, but the moisturizing formula leaves the lips feeling lightly hydrated and plump. The non-sticky formula caresses the lips, leaving a cushion-y feel to ensure that it remains comfortable throughout its 2-3 hours wear. Despite it being a rich saturated hue, Pink Sweet Pea remains a gloss and maintains its semi-opaque finish because regardless of how many coats I apply, it does appear more subdued on the lips compared to how it looks inside its packaging. It's pigmented enough to add a boost of color that brightens the complexion while still maintaining a certain degree of subtleness that allows my natural lip shade to peek through, amidst the vibrant fuchsia goodness.

The exquisite, luxurious packaging with Burberry's iconic and distinct tartan pattern embossed on the lid, overall sleek and sophisticated packaging softens the blow of the hefty price of 25 euro/£19.00/$27 . Sure, the thoughts of purchasing another shade makes my purse weep, but at least I can do so in the company of a beautifully formulated lipgloss right? (I was fortunate enough to have won Pink Sweet Pea in Nic's generous giveaway last year. I will be forever grateful and indebted to her. Nic, if you're reading this: THANK YOU so much. I hope beauty karma has been as kind to you. :))

While I have no major issues with its packaging, pigmentation, texture and longevity, I have a slight issue with application. As Pink Sweet Pea is a highly pigmented shade, it can be a bit tricky to apply evenly. It's certainly a shade that requires a mirror, in order to apply it evenly and prevent bleeding around the natural lip line. That said, the doe foot applicator makes application a breeze. Due to its relatively wide shape, it almost covers my lips with a single swipe. It's just a matter of swiping the applicator 2-3 times to even out the deposition of colour. One other thing that I'm not a fan of? The floral scent of the gloss, but thankful it doesn't linger around for too long post-application. A few mins in and it has dissipated.

Admittedly, the above swatch doesn't do it enough justice as it failed to capture the true vibrancy of the shade (I tried. I really tried but to no avail). However, while it's not entirely accurate, the above photo shows the gloss in action around the 1  hour mark. As the highly saturated fuchsia starts to wear off,  it leaves behind a delicate pink shade in its wake as shown above. For another swatch of Pink Sweet Pea in action click  here .

Fused with iridescent blue and purple toned micro shimmers that gives Pink Sweet Pea that quiet extra dimension, they are undetectable on the lips in normal conditions but once captured by the sun, the light reflects on the lips, revealing the micro shimmers that gives the illusion of a fuller pout ,adding radiance in the process, thanks to the high glossy shine mirror-like finish.

It's bright, it's bold, it's beautiful. Burberry, you're simply the BEST. Unsurprisingly, I'm now under the impression that my purchase of another Lip Glow is not a matter of if but only WHEN. My very first taste of Burberry and my oh my, what a taste it has been. Man, even I'm afraid for my bank account.

Pink Sweet Pea is a limited edition shade but you can still purchase it online at NordstromJohn Lewis and Burberry .


  1. WOW it looks lush on you Diane! Must admit I've fallen back in love with mine thanks to the arrival of Summer! I'm so glad you're enjoying it & thank you for the lovely mention.

    Nic x

  2. Oh wow, this sounds and looks beautiful. I've never had to chance to play around with Burberry, but have heard mostly great things x

  3. Oh, yes! This is beautiful <3

  4. That is a stunner of a shade - it looks great on you!
    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  5. This looks so gorgeous and it really flatters your skintone. Xx

  6. Such a stunning color, looks absolutely beautiful on you, love how subtle it is.

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