Rapunzel No More: Reasons why shorter hair ROCKS

At long last, I'm no longer Rapunzel. After weeks and months of feeling frustrated and annoyed with my long ass hair, constant cursing and moaning whenever the subject of washing my hair and styling came up and the thoughts of just taking a razor to my head and shaving it all off became too regular for my liking, I decided it was time to tame the beast that was my unruly mane. Because there's only so much hair fallouts and endless knots, a girl can take. While long hair provided me with much needed warmth during the winter, it needed to go. So off I went to the nearest salon and never looked back.

Verdict? While I'm not 100% happy with the outcome (the length was fine but I asked for my hair to be layered, but apparently the hairdresser and I have different understanding of the term 'layered'. Surprise. Suprise. #justmyluck ) I choose not to dwell on it and instead, I choose to look on the bright side by compiling all the reasons why having shorter hair ROCKS! Repeat after me, ladies: Short hair, don't care.

1.) The thought of a warm sunny day no longer fills me with dread. It used to make my skin crawl because long hair + hot, humid weather= hello, sweatville. Now? I can celebrate the sun, just like a normal person.

2.) The feeling of the wind against my neck? Priceless.

3.) I can actually wear a ponytail and have it stay that way.

4.) But if I want to wear my hair down, it feels great to know that I don't have to worry about accidentally eating my hair for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on a very windy day.

5.) Shower time is no longer a nightmare of a chore. No more sore arms trying to evenly distribute the shampoo, to ensure that every single strand is covered. No more hair clogging the drains. Praise the Hair Gods.

6.) Brushing my hair afterwards no longer leads to the never ending battle between hair knots and me, where knots always score 1 point and me 0, thereby resulting in a painful ordeal filled with tears and non-stop cries of ouch,ouch and some more ouch. You get the gist. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing compares to the pain of trying to untangle knots. Am I right? (Clearly I need to invest in a Tangle Teezer.)  

7.) Hair dries faster. Need I say more? Because the feeling of wet hair against my back is one of my biggest pet peeves.

8) Lastly? I can whip my hair back and forth to my heart's content without worrying about the painful repercussions for my face. (Willow Smith would be so proud)

So while my new hair cut isn't exactly how I wanted it to be, I'm completely embracing it, for the reasons stated above. It's hair. It's going to grow back. No more negativity from me? What's this about? Does new hair= new attitude? I think so.

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  1. Short hair suits you very well, Diane!! I wish I had the gut to chop my hair.. But my round face and chubby cheeks won't let that happen! lol
    love the lipstick you're wearing !


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