Because pretty make-up deserves a pretty home

Buying make-up especially products with to die for packaging is pointless if they don't have a beautiful place to call home. A bit harsh? Maybe, but the truth all the same. Which is why, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to this babe of a make-up bag. Because let's face it. The obsession with beauty products will always co-exist with a love for pretty bags.

Say hello to my SewLomax Lipstick Pouch. Ain't she a sight for sore eyes? Finding beautiful make-up bags has proven difficult for me. Tired of seeing mass produced make-up bags, I longed for a quirky and unique design. Thankfully I stumbled upon the British brand SewLomax (now called Emma Lomax) on twitter. The brand was created by the talented Emma Lomax who offers a plethora of hand-crafted embroidered make-up pouches, wash bags, travel bags and cushions. Each bag is hand stitched all the way in India using ethically sourced materials. When I saw this bag way back in September of last year, I knew I had to have it. At that time, I was hesitant at first upon seeing that it retailed for £25. I love the bag, but could I really part ways with £25 for a make-up bag? By some miracle though, the answer was made for me. Who answered it? Feel Unique who back then, stocked it. It was included in their sale and for the price of 20 euro, it became mine. It came beautifully wrapped in cute gift tissue packaging and presented in a SewLomax stamped box which makes for an ideal storage solution. 

The attention to detail is second to none. Made from a 100% canvas like material with waterproof red nylon lining, the bag features seventeen embroidered red lipsticks. As a lover of rouge lipsticks, it's pretty damn clear why I'm besotted with it. The color scheme of black, red, cream and gold adds a touch of glamour and just compliment one another. The contrast of the bright red lipsticks with the cream pouch is just beautiful. I may have the tendency to look at this just a tad too long whenever it's sitting pretty on top of my dressing table. The bag itself is 13 cm in height, 21 cm in width and 8 cm in diameter. As the bag is made of canvas material, it's flexible and manages to hold quite a lot of my beauty junk while still maintaining its shape. It's spacious and roomy, thus perfectly suited to house the small big army of products I like to bring along with me as I go about my daily business (even though I hardly ever touch up my make-up. I'm weird. Let's move on). I love that the bag manages to stay upright even if there's no product inside. #itsthelittlesthings The shade cream is never ideal when it comes to make-up because it's obviously prone to gathering a million make-up stains, but I've had this since September and I have yet to find a stain. Maybe it's got to do with my carefulness, but when you have a bag as beautiful as this, you're going to do everything to protect it, right?

The best bit? There's an option to personalise the bags by having a personal message embroidered on the back of the bag. For a mere £0.05, you can add a touch of uniqueness. If you wanted to go one step further, there's also the option of designing your own bag. As I purchased mine from Feel Unique, I didn't get to avail of this offer, but the next time I find myself with spare £20, I'm going to purchase another bag, because while it seems expensive for a make-up bag, I can vouch for the quality of it. The cream version is no longer available, but the equally beautiful black version is up for grabs. Hmm. Seems like my next purchase is set in stone already. Only thing left to decide on? The message. I'm thinking 'the glamorous, oh the flossy, flossy' Throwback to 2007. Major points if you get the reference. :)

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