Essie Fiji is just so fetch

Painting my nails was never a favorite hobby of mine. I love having my talons painted especially when they have a glossy finish, but the effort required to get there? That I despise with passion. I blame it on my unsteady hands. Hello, streak galore. But as the saying goes 'you never know what you have until it's gone'.  Given the profession that I'm in, wearing nail polishes on a regular basis is no longer possible. Sure on my days off, I can lacquer up to my heart's content, but the reality of the matter is, the happiness will always be short-lived as I have to remove it all again for the following shift that week. First world problems right there. 

So as it's more of a treat nowadays, I've learned to cherish and appreciate the entire process of nail polish application. But as 9 times out of 10, I'm still way to lazy to bother applying the stuff, a nail polish must be pretty darn special to change my ways.

Essie Fiji is one of the lucky ones. Billed as my all time favorite polish (yes, I totally went there), this stunning white based milky baby pink, paired with its creamy opaque finish is one of those 'Gosh.. I cant stop staring at my nails' love affairs. It looks so neat, ladylike, chic and is uber flattering on the nails and my skin complexion. For a pastel, I'm pretty impressed with its formula as 1 coat nearly leaves an opaque finish and unlike the other pastels that came before it, it doesn't apply all that streaky. There's still some degree of streakiness to deal with, but it's nothing that 2 coats in and some patience won't fix. Suddenly, shelling out 9.99 euro for a bottle of the stuff, ain't so bad. I've only one thing left to say Essie Fiji, you're just SO fetch! Regina George would be so proud. It's 2015. Please, can we just make fetch happen already?

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