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Just like any girl in the world, I have a deep appreciation and love for all things beautiful. I love looking at pretty things (duh, who doesn't?). There's one online shop in particular that I enjoy stalking visiting because I'm guaranteed to fall in love with every single item. The one and only Lily Rose Co formerly known as Gift&Pieces. Run and owned by the lovely lifestyle blogger Abby this one stop shop to satisfy one's lust for items worthy of the heart-eyed emoji offers a range of modern and chic home decor, beautiful gift ideas, stationery and even wedding supplies. My self -control is always tested whenever I click on the website. If only I didn't have to be a responsible adult, I'd happily spend my monthly wages. But my guilty conscience always prevails. However, there were two occasions when my inner Becky Bloomwood came out to play. The items featured here were purchased way back in September 2014 and February 2015. (Links to items still available are included).

With the help of Lily Rose Co, I'm:

Sipping on my favorite beverage-hot chocolate from these two adorable mugs. The Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug with my initial D caught my eye first. The distinctive gold handle and aqua coloured polka dots just melted my heart. As for the Hello Beautiful Powder Blue and Silver Birdy Mug  (£9.20) I can't help but smile whenever I drink my daily dose of coffee because the Hello Beautiful message engraved inside is an instant mood booster. My very own cheerleader. :)

Preserving my favorite memories with the Rustic White Square Photo Frame. I have yet to actually print out a photo to place here, but I have every intention of doing so ASAP. Because as much as I love Instagram, I long to go back to old fashioned ways of admiring photos. And this one is right up my alley because I'm loving its vintage shabby chic look.                                                                                                            

Holding small tea light candles in this cute Watering Can Tea Light Holder #toomuchcuteness #icant

Displaying my favorite nail polishes on this Eiffel Tower Jewellery Dish. Since I'm allergic to nickel, jewellery is pretty much a no go for me. So I thought of using this dish as a beautiful way to showcase my nail polish picks (Yep, Essie Fiji occupies a permanent spot here)

Keeping random knicks- knacks such as bobby pins out of harm's way in this simple but useful Everything Starts With A Dream Storage Box (£3.00)  because I have a habit of losing pins all the time. While I've owned about 190582364745 bobby pins, on any given day, I'm left possessing only two. How it happens will forever remain a mystery to me.

Speaking of keeping things out of harm's way, I'm keeping a close eye on my iPhone with the help of this White Wooden iPhone Stand (£4.00) because while I'm an adult,  there are days when I lose my iPhone right in the comfort of our home. Then a mini heart attack ensues. To prevent that, this chic stand serves a very useful purpose. No need to ask my family to give me a call to locate my missing phone. Hallelujah.

Storing my eye brushes and favorite eye and lip products in these clear Decorative Glass Love Birds Small and Medium Vase. The love birds perched on top of the glasses is enough to make you believe in love and squeal with delight. I love these storage solutions for how elegant and sleek they look on top of my dressing table.

My collection of gorgeous Lily Rose Co items stops here. For now. Come payday, I think my inner Becky Bloomwood is coming out to play once more. Damn. #dangerdanger I'd highly recommend browsing through Lily Rose Co. as the items are just to die for and would instantly beautify your home. As for their customer service? I've had several issues including one broken and missing item, but Abby was always helpful and attentive with quick responses, offering a refund and replacement. Good customer service is what keeps customers coming back and I'm happy to report that Lily Rose Co. have it in spades.

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