The Dream Team

Meet Brave. Meet Soar. Otherwise known as the 'Dream Team' because combined together, they just create all sorts of beautiful magic. Worn together, I can't help but feel like a bona fide bombshell (excuse my pathetic attempt of channeling my inner Megan Fox in the photo above) Between you and me, the obsession with achieving the Kylie Jenner lip was and still is beyond my understanding. Back when the whole thing kicked off out of nowhere and quickly spread like wildfire, I was ready with my fire blanket to put out the flames. Why did every single girl suddenly wanted to rock brown nude lip shades? I guess the influence of the Kardashians/Jenners over our lives was greater than we thought. To the point that young girls were risking their health and safety by participating in the #kyliejennerchallenge .People, why?

I never meant to join the bandwagon, but the constant raves about Mac Soar (as per Kim, this is one of the lip liners that Kylie wears regularly) got me searching for this most wanted convict (Clearly I've been watching too many episodes of Prison Break. Lincoln Burrows, call me ;) ).  Seriously, it was constantly sold out E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. I managed to track this elusive lip pencil by stalking Brown Thomas religiously for weeks until one blessed day, it finally arrived on my doorstep. So what exactly is the deal with SOAR? And more importantly, is it worth the hype and trouble of tracking it down? The answer? YES!

Soar is a cool toned deep mauve-pink. The rosy tone of the shade stops it from looking ashy and washing out my complexion. Soar is not my first lip pencil from Mac. Cherry got there first, but as of writing, it's been missing for the last 8 months. (I'm still grieving. It's pretty hard to move on from that one). The texture and formula of Soar quickly reminded me of what I have lost and come to love about this offering from Mac. In terms of formula, Mac lip pencils are on top of the lip liner hierarchy. Smooth and creamy, it glides easily without tugging on the lips. Despite a matte finish, it's pretty non-drying. All that and it's incredibly pigmented and long-lasting? No wonder why I'm happy to sport Soar on its own.

Whilst I enjoy wearing Soar by its lonesome, it's twice as fun having Mac Brave around. Brave is a soft medium pink  with a satin finish. It leans fairly on the cool side when I wear it on its own, but paired with Soar's deep rosy-mauve tones? They're best friends for life. Truth be told, Soar is that kind of shade that would simply get on well with just about any pink-toned lipsticks. It's also the perfect companion to Patisserie. It looks amazing when put in a tandem with a nude, but looks equally beautiful and wearable on its own. Defining and making lips appear fuller in an instant.

I am madly in love with this lip combination, hence why I am getting through them at a worrying speed. Must I try to put a stop to this love affair for the sake of the well-being of my purse? I don't think so.

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