The emotional stages of breaking a beloved make-up item

Have you ever lost something you loved? Chances are you have and you'll remember that dark, sinister place of not knowing what to do. As a lover of all things beautiful, I take pride in looking after every single item in my make-up collection. I like keeping my products in pristine condition. At any given time, I can pinpoint their exact location. Well....usually. I did lose Mac Cherry and my Nars Casino bronzer (let's not dwell on it. I've shed enough tears) So imagine not only losing, but witnessing first hand, the fall of a much loved product? If you follow me on twitter , you would have known that on Dec 22 2015, my fave blush discovery of 2015, Too Faced Love Flush in Baby Love accidentally fell to the floor of my gym. It all happened so incredibly fast. One minute I was applying my make-up after my workout. Then in an instant, it was on the floor, in small, teeny tiny crumbs.  I miss it terribly, but rather than dwell on what I'd lost, I decided to see the funny side of my predicament. Below are the stages every girl goes through when a make-up item decides to say farewell too soon.

When you see your favourite make-up item fall to its untimely demise and you can't catch it quick enough to save it , the shock will hit you first. 

You're confused and you are rendered speechless.  ''What the F*** JUST HAPPENED?!?!? Is your clumsiness to blame? Course not. It wasn't your fault. Life just hates you.

The initial shock will only last for a few seconds and then it hits you. The soul crushing realisation that you just witnessed something tragic.

At this stage, you're going to start pleading for help and pray for a miracle. To borrow the words of Rose from Titanic, you're going to hear yourself scream out the following words '' COME BACK!!!!!!!'' as you watch it shatter into a million pieces.

But no amount of tears or shout for help will bring it back to its former state, it's a huge mess on the floor. And when you realise it's gone forever, the cycle of depression begins.

Depending on how long you've had that make-up product in your life, this stage will either last a few mins, hours, days. Or god forbid, a month.  You'll try desperately to keep it together, but you'll end up failing miserably. Just let it all out, girl. Don't deprive yourself the time to wallow in self-pity. Get the girl some kleenex.

After you've shed some tears (crying silent tears on the inside counts too), you're going to start feeling VERY ANGRY. Why me? Why you? What have we done to deserve it? You're going to start with these reactions:

With all that anger and frustration, things get pretty UGLY.  Don't be surprised if you no longer recognise yourself in the mirror.

You think you're mad at the world. You think you've been wronged, but no. Deep down, you know you can only be mad at yourself because you had one job. To keep it safe and you FAILED.....

Your loved ones think you're crazy for over-acting, but they don't know the trouble you went through to get that product in the first place. What if it was a limited edition? If it's only available in the United States? THE FRUSTRATION AND STRUGGLE IS REAL, people...... So as you stare at the mess on the floor for the last time, Blair Waldorf's words will resonate with you. Baby Love, I freaking LOVED YOU. Why leave me?

The last stage? Acceptance. You realise that crying and being mad won't bring it back. You have been acting like a fool the entire time, so you wipe away the last remaining tears.

And put on the rest of your make-up. You're going to smile because......

Now you have a reason to head to Sephora/Boots/Space NK/Brown Thomas and find a replacement. And you don't have to feel guilty. YASS. Score!

Losing/breaking your make-up is no fun. If you went through this recently, I'm sending virtual hugs your way.  But don't forget, it's not the end of the world. Mmkay?

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